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Range: The range of an XBee device is affected by several factors including the transmit power of the device, the type of antenna connected and the surrounding obstacles or conditions. The range listed here reflects the maximum range of the device in ideal conditions and in open air, line-of-sight Supporting RF line-of-sight ranges up to 28 miles* (with high-gain antennas), and data rates of up to 200 Kbps, these modules are ideal for extended-range applications requiring increased data throughput The world-renowned XBee module is part of a family of cellular modems and RF modules that provide ultimate flexibility for IoT application developers, with three programmable form factors, and a range of popular wireless protocols. The XBee family also includes IoT gateways and management tools to connect, monitor and manage your XBee network Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router, with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (1 router + 1 extender) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 2,449. $199.00. $199. . 00. Join Prime to save $70.00 on this item. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 10

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  1. XBee®/XBee-PRO® RF Modules are optimized for use in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Contact Digi for complete list of government agency approvals. Long Range Data Integrity XBee • Indoor/Urban: up to 100' (30 m) • Outdoor line-of-sight: up to 300' (90 m) • Transmit Power: 1 mW (0 dBm) • Receiver.
  2. Since my hexakopter will be operating at a range of 1-2 miles, I needed a long range Xbee. The 2.4GHz modules top out at a one mile range under ideal conditions. These range specs are usually made under ideal conditions and only represent line of sight distance
  3. XBee is not the same as ZigBee—instead, XBee is a brand of radio communication modules (made by Digi) that can support a number of protocols, including ZigBee, 802.15.4, WiFi, etc. Its range is 10 to 30 meters. ZigBee is often used in home automation products, though it is not the only option
  4. The XBee board is 24.38 mm (0.960 in) wide. Digi XBee is the brand name of a popular family of form factor compatible wireless connectivity modules from Digi International. The first XBee modules were introduced under the MaxStream brand in 2005 and were based on the IEEE 802.15.4 -2003 standard designed for point-to-point and star communications
  5. An XBee embedded module is really three things in one: a form factor, a host interface, and a group of different protocols. It is designed for a variety of uses, ranging from ZigBee to high-throughput, low latency applications
  6. From this example, it is shown that operating at 900 MHz exhibits a significantly longer range than is possible at 2.4 GHz. a little computation reveals that r=11848 meters, or a little over 7 miles. system closed May 6, 2021, 10:51am #
  7. The Digi XBee-PRO XSC 900 MHz RF module features two times the throughput and 20 times less current draw than the previous XSC module, making it ideal for long-range sensor applications. The RF module features an ADF7023 transceiver from Analog Devices, delivering best-in-class distances up to 28 miles Line-of-Sight (LOS)*, along with low power.

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  1. However, for experimentation I have been surprised at the distances that can be achieved with an XBee with a cheap patch antenna added on. Here are a couple of tips for people wanting to achieve maximum range.. - Minimize antenna cable length. My XBee is mounted on the back of my patch antenna and I run a long USB to my laptop
  2. Short-Range XBee Modules Our short-range modules operate on 2.4 GHz and support various protocols. One of these is 802.15.4, which allows for fast, low latency point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications. This can be useful for remote control applications, and when all devices are in direct range of each other
  3. For a typical series one board, a chip antenna will get you an outdoor range of 140m. The whip antenna is an additional antenna option that can connect to the SMA connector on your Xbee module. For the same module used in the first example, the addition of the whip antenna will increase the range to 258m in outdoor environments
  4. @thekidb The specs says this Extends signal strength and range of an XBee Zigbee mesh network Maybe someone with the knowledge of how these Xbee devices work could take a look at the specs for this device and tell you if it will work. njanda. May 30, 2019, 8:55pm #14. That looks to be the goods, eh..

Introduction. Digi's XBee WiFi modules are a nifty, all-in-one solution to get your project connected to a wireless network and up into the \ Cloud\<\wavy hands>. These modules may look just like normal XBee's -- they're even the same size and pinout -- but they're built to seamlessly connect to 802.11b/g/n networks XBee S2C RF Module Features. It can communicate up to 400ft in the closed area but in line to line sight, it can communicate up to 4000ft without any interference. The module act as a mesh network with each other. It uses a frequency range of 2.4-2.5GHz and has 16 sequences of channels

The Digi XBee® 2.4 GHz series of modules are available in through-hole and SMT form factors and offer multiple interfaces including 802.15.4, Zigbee® and DigiMesh®. Additional RF modules are available for applications in noisy, urban and remote environments that require long-range. Featured (3) Mature (4 Have you ever wanted to test the strength of connections in your Digi XBee network? This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to perform a range test with the.. 90 m range outdoors (with line of sight) XBee DigiMesh 2.4 RF Module. Hardware Setup Required. Zigbee Voltage Supply Constraint: 2.8V - 3.4V Typical Current Usage Idle/Receiving: 50mA Transmitting: 45mA Powered-down: <50uA Hardware Setup: Power 3.3V Regulator 9V Batter

Beacon intervals depend on data rate; they may range from 15.36 milliseconds to 251.65824 seconds at 250 kbit/s, from 24 milliseconds to 393.216 seconds at 40 kbit/s and from 48 milliseconds to 786.432 seconds at 20 kbit/s. Long beacon intervals require precise timing, which can be expensive to implement in low-cost products Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits XBee Module - Series 1 - 1mW with Wire Antenna [XB24-AWI-001] : ID 128 - This is our most popular XBee wireless module: the series 1 802.15.4 protocol 1mW with wire antenna. Its good for point-to-point, multipoint and convertible to a mesh network point. We suggest this module for those starting out as it is the easiest to get going.

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XBee 3 not only handles 802.15.4, and ZigBee, but also BLE protocols and you can now talk to the modules over UART or SPI as well. With a 200ft indoor range, or 4000ft outdoor/line-of-sight range, you can set up a mesh network to talk to or communicate with various devices around your house, work, or other area The XBee S1 802.15.4 modules seamlessly interface with compatible gateways, device adapters, and range extenders providing developers with true beyond-the-horizon connectivity. These RF modules come in two power levels and ranges, a 100 foot line of sight range for the standard module and a 1 mile line of sight range for the Pro version DIGI XBP24-AWI-001 Extended-Range Module, RF TXRX Module, XBee-PRO 802.15.4,63mW, Wire Antenna, 250000 BPS;Higher Transmit Powe

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  1. Specification XBee Series 2 Performance Indoor/Urban Range up to 133 ft. (40 m) Outdoor RF line-of-sight Range up to 400 ft. (120 m) Transmit Power Output (software selectable) 2mW (+3dBm) RF Data Rate 250,000 bps Serial Interface Data Rate (software selectable) 1200 - 230400 bp
  2. g signal strength, called RSSI value, is read from the XBee with the range tester, also. an Arduino with Wireless SD Shield, XBee and an I2C LCD display. In this test, a certain byte string is sent from the range tester or SpaceSeed Search Device to the. address of a specific dummy seed. This checks whether the byte.
  3. Link to Part II XBee Range Test. Write-up: 091021 Proposal: To test the ranges of the various XBee models in different conditions. Initially, XBee range-testing appeared to be a simple experiment involving mostly legwork. Initial Testing Grid: Measure transmission distance for each model 2.4 GHz Series 1 Series 2 900 MHz Antenna Type Integrated Whip
  4. The xbee zb pro has a los of 2 miles but only 300 ft in urban area. I suppose I could always use a 2.4 ghz repeater for better range but it would be bulky and very expensive. Would a high gain 2.4 ghz antenna help at all bc its only a 60mw signal

Xbee Range I am using a pro module as a base station in my basement with a standard (non-pro) series 1 out in my garage. They are about 70 feet apart, but of course have a few concrete walls and some framed walls between them Also, check the power setting from X-CTU (PL & PM) with API and AT firmware. Its possible that the API firmware set a lower power level to startup with. You can dump (Save Profile) the XBee parameters and post them here. Since the range came back with the AT firmware the XBee hardware is fine. Just need to discover what is different between the. xbee; xbee-pro; digi international; xtend; digimesh; digi mesh; smart energy public profile; zigbee; zigbee pro feature set; smt; point to multipoint; surface mount; through hole Created Date 1/16/2013 4:41:13 P

\$\begingroup\$ Like any RF communications system, range is chiefly dependent on signal-to-noise ratio. A directional antenna, low interference, and good line of sight can get up to 10km on ZigBee, but whether or not you'll be able to do this in your actual application will require math. \$\endgroup\$ - Peter Apr 11 '14 at 8:4 Step 1: The XBee Mesh Kit. The kit being used for this project is the XBee mesh kit (Part Number: XKB2-Z7T-WZM) from www.digi.com. The XBees used are the Series 2 model (this is critical as a series 1 model only allows communication between a maximum of 2 modules). This kit comes with 3 XBee radios included and since the system is modular in. Configure the XBee with the source route using Create Source Route (XBee API frame type 0x21) Transmit request (XBee API frame types 0x10 or 0x11) Interpretation of the Transmit Status (XBee API frame 0x8B) When source routing is used, the 16-bit addresses in the source route are inserted into the RF payload space The XBee family of ZigBee/802.15.4 RF modules is the premiere choice for OEMs looking for excellent wireless performance in a cost-effective, small form factor solution. Each XBee module comes in either a regular or long-range -PRO version*. All XBee modules are pin-for-pi XBee Smart Energy Range Extender XBee Smart Plug XBee Sensors a. New customer deployments should not use the ZNet 2. 5 protocol. Instead, use the ZigBee-certified ZB protocol. ZNet, an older protocol based on a Designed for ZigBee stack, should only be used where required for compatibility with previously deployed ZNet 2.5 products

Item XBee XBee Pro Range, indoor/urban 30m 100m Range, outdoor/line of sight 100m 1 mile Transmit power 1mW 100mW Receiver sensitivity -92dBm -100dBm TX current (@3.3V) 45mA 137mA RX current (@3.3V) 50mA 55mA Power-down current < 10µA < 10µA Sequence channels 16 12 Table 1.1: Differences between XBee and XBee Pro. 1- XBee Series 2 (ZB) does not offer any 802.15.4-only firmware; it is always running ZigBee mesh firmware. It is the new XBee module that we are carrying now. XBee S2 have better performance when you talk about mesh networking where it involve quite a lot of nodes: Coordinators, Routers and End Devices. You can read the datasheet if you want to.

Performing a Successful XBee Range Test posted Jun 22, 2012, 11:06 AM by Ben Holden [ updated Jul 13, 2012, 11:19 AM by Ben Holden ] To do this we had to get 2 (or more) XBees, 2 (or more) XtremeBee boards, and the X-CTU software. Basically the XtremeBee Boards allow us to connect the XBees to the computer through a serial port so any sort of. Re: Lora vs Xbee. By using high gain antenna, you can achieve much better performance than by using more powerful transmitter. But the high gain antenna needs to be properly directed. Higher antenna gain = better precise of antenna direction is needed. Also high gain antenna is more complicated and more expensive Originally, this tutorial was written to configure an XBee Series 1 to communicate in transparency mode. However, this can apply to the XBee Series 3 module as long as you configure the firmware to the legacy 802.15.4 protocol. For more information, check out the Exploring XBees and XCTU tutorial. The XBee Shield gives your Arduino a seamless. XBee S2C is a RF module designed for wireless communication or data exchange and it works on ZigBee mesh communication protocols that sit on top of IEEE 802.15.4 PHY. The module provides wireless connectivity to end-point devices in any ZigBee mesh networks including devices from other vendors. Please note that XBee is a module designed by 'DiGi' and ZigBee is the name of the protocol.


The following table contains specifications for the XBee-PRO 868 RF Module. Specification XBee-PRO Performance Indoor/urban range Up to 1800 ft (550 m) Outdoor RF line-of-sight range Up to 25 miles (40 km) with 2.0 dB dipole antenna Up to 50 miles (80 km) with high gain antenna Transmit power output 85-500 mA, depending on power level settin The XBee 900 and XBee DigiMesh 900 operate at 900 MHz and so they cannot communicate with the 2.4 GHz frequency XBees! The DigiMesh & ZNet 2.5 modules are preconfigured for mesh networking, not point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity. The XBee 802.15.4 operate at 2.4 GHz but are not compatible with the ZNet/ZB/series 2 modules The famous XBee is actually from Digi International. I wrote a few articles about XBee (Is XBee ZigBee? Using XBee module, Recovering Your XBee, XBee Series 2 point to point communication) to introduce the product and as you might have know, there are many wireless module that mimic XBee, tapping to the ecosystem. Example i

The xBee - series 1 - modules take the 802.15.4 stack (the basis for Zigbee) and wrap it into a simple to use serial command set. These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between micro controllers, computers or other systems by using just a serial port A wide range of engine additive packaging to serve all users. XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is available from dosing bottles for cars and yachting to pails for buses and trucks to drums for fleet of vehicles and vessels. XBEE will reduce technical problems caused by the presence of water in the tank or reservoir XBee-PRO Range Extender - Side Digi XBee-PRO Range Extender - Top (North America unit only) Digi XBee-PRO Range Extender - Side Digi XBee-PRO Range Extender - Front PART NUMBERS DESCRIPTION XR-M14-CW1P1 Digi XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 Range Extender, US Plug XR-M14-CW1P2 Digi XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 Range Extender, EU Plug XR-M14-CW1P3 Digi XBee-PRO. Has anyone used the XBee WiFI modules? Done a range check on them? With my laptop i get a range of around 400m on industrial level Accesspoints on a football field, well how good are these devices ? If i get a SMA Connector version and use a higher gain antenna am I looking at ranges from 250-500m ? (Talking 18-22dBi gains here) The pins on an XBee are 2mm spacing, not 0.1 so they will not fit into a breadboard. For that reason, they work best in our XBee adapter module kit (which has a 250mA 3.3V regulator) or with the USB XBee adapter. This module comes with a wire antenna, its the same price as a chip antenna but 50% more range because of the improved antenna, awesome

Arduino Wireless Programming With XBee Series 1 or 2: Hi. This Instructable will guide you through the process of wirelessly programming your Arduino using two XBees. I just finished designing a wireless EEG system with the XBee modules, so I've become quite flu looking for cheap, but they'll also have less range. XBee WiFi modules with PCB antenna (left) and whip antenna (right). No external antenna needed! If you need more range, consider going with the modules with a U.FL connector or an RPSMA connector. Either of these will require an compatible external 2.4GHz antenna. Page 3 of 1 XBee Radios Radio module eXtra Long Range (XLR) + Antenna 176,00.

Hi, I had bought XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 and XBee Starter kit on 18/7/2015 but just using the items today. When supplied power, I noticed something wrong with XBee 1mW Wire Antenna. Firstly, I thought there are short connection between breakout board pin Xbee even works witht eh Zigbee network of SmartThings; If it can be configured as nothing more than a mesh network extender (they say they have once which can push the network up to one mile! It would certainly extend the range of the SmartThings hub which seems to be more like one brick one in my house! Important: Changing or upgrading the XBee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the XBee module.Only advanced users should use this application. Libelium supplies the XBee transceivers with the desired firmware version (802.15.4, ZigBee, 868, 900, DigiMesh) and is not responsible for the XBee modules damage when changing or upgrading firmware

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MR/LR/XLR XBee Radio Getting started Some notes regarding the range of the XBee radios: The MR Starter Kit lets you send corrections up to 1200m, in perfect conditions. In practice, this means with RF line of sight: 250m in urban environment. 600m in rural environment. 1200m in rural environment with perfect installation. The LR Starter XBee antenna installation guide Read More XBee modules used as Endpoints need AT Endpoint firmware downloaded using X-CTU software and the XBee USB Adapter. If a Router is needed, the XBee needs to have AT Router firmware downloaded to it using X-CTU software and the USB Adapter. Unlike the 802.15.4 XBee, the addresses of XBee ZB modules are NOT configurable by the user The XBee/XBee-PRO ZB (S2C) introduces the SPI serial interface to Digi's through-hole ZigBee radio. Please refer to the XBee/XBee-PRO ZB (S2C) product manual for more information. Note1: If you are looking for a simple point-to-point configuration, you might want to try the Series 1 instead. The Series 2 requires considerable setup and.

The XBee modules provide wireless connectivity to devices. XBee and XBee-PRO RF modules are embedded solutions furnishing wireless end-point connectivity to systems. XBee modules are for extended-range applications and they are intended for high-throughput applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing Configuring XBee Modules using XCTU. As we have learnt in previous tutorials that the XBee module can act as a Coordinator, Router or an End device but it need to be configured to work in desired mode. So before using the XBee modules with Arduino, we have to configure these modules using XCTU software.. To connect XBee module with the laptop, a USB to serial converter or specifically designed. XBee & XBee-PRO ZB ZigBee embedded RF modules deliver low-cost, low-power wireless connectivity using ZigBee PRO Feature Set. Keywords: XBee; XBee-PRO; ZigBee; ZigBee-PRO; ZigBee-PRO Feature Set; ZigBee 2007; Long Range ZigBee; xbee programmable, programmable xbee, zigbee module, rf module, mesh module, XBee-PRO ZB Created Date: 5/20/2011 10:17. XBee 3 not only handles 802.15.4, and ZigBee, but also BLE protocols. Talk to the modules over UART or SPI as well. 3.3V power regulation and level shifting on-board. With a 200ft indoor range, or 4000ft outdoor/line-of-sight range Digi XBee-PRO 900HP embedded modules provide best-in-class range wireless connectivity to devices. They take advantage of the DigiMesh® networking protocol, featuring dense network operation and support for sleeping routers, and are also available in a proprietary point-to-multipoint configuration. Supporting RF line-of-sight ranges up to 28 miles (with high-gain antennas), and data rates of.

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I recently used that same Xbee module in a project along with a pair of 6dBi omnidirectional antennas that while not identical look similar to the ones you've found and we got a range of 8 km line of sight but within an urban environment. It may have got further but geography limited how far away we could test and remain line of sight XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1. by SparkFun. Price: $57.60. Add to Cart. 3.3V @ 215mA. 250kbps Max data rate. 60mW output (+18dBm) 1 mile (1500m) range As we will make the second XBee as End device so in CE drop down menu, select the End device and hit the Write button. 9. Now, our XBee modules are ready to interface with the Raspberry Pi. We will connect the transmitter XBee to the laptop and receiver XBee with the Raspberry Pi. Then give commands to the receiver part using laptop. laptop

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XBee-PRO 900HP embedded modules provide best-in-class range wireless connectivity to devices. They take advantage of the DigiMesh® networking protocol, featuring dense network operation and support for sleeping routers. Range is up to 9 miles with a dipole antenna (#32410) and up to 28 miles using a high-gain antenna (not sold by Parallax) Xbee radio modules can be configured via simpleRTK2B USB port and Digi XCTU application; Xbee radio modules can be configured via Arduino headers and Xbee protocol; Radios can work either with Xbee transparent mode or Xbee API mode; Connects with Arduino/STM32 boards with 2xUART that can be configured at will; Power status and RTK fix LED XBee and XBee-PRO ZB: These modules use the ZigBee Pro radio protocol for communicating. ZigBee is a layer on top of 802.15.4 that adds mesh routing and extended network management capabilities. Mesh routing allows two modules to communicate even when they are not within range of each other, by letting other modules forward data on their behalf ESP Price: $69.00. XR-Z14-CW1P2. ESP Price: $69.00. Digi XBee ZB Range Extender, US Plug - ZB. Digi XBee ZB Range Extender, EU Plug - ZB Xbee module produces a received data asynchronous serial data stream for the host on its DOUT pin. Essential Connections for working: DIN, DOUT, Power and Ground. Faster Data Then Xbee can Process and Transmit it: CTS (Clear To Send) function to throttle the dat being presented to the XBee module's DIN pin

XBee range calculations. Posted by Adam Conway on June 14, 2010 at 10:14pm I originally posted this as a discussion but given the new guidelines for posting, I thought I would post it as blog. Also anybody who saw this before will find that I discovered a few important things (like the minimum SNR for zigbee). The spreadsheet that I created I. XBee Pro 900 Range problem.. #107531. I just got a set of XBee Pro 900s with RPSMA and the duck antennas. Doing a simple loopback in an open field yields a range of about 300 feet. This is line of sight, each antenna 6 feet off the ground. Clearly something is amiss. If I swap the modules out for the 2.4GHz 50mw Series 2, range jumps to 2000+feet

While the normal has a range of 30 to 40 metres in indoor or urban situations, along the line of sight it works up to 100 or even 125 metres. The pro is effective up to 1.6km on line of sight. However, with a Yagi directional antenna, XBee pro can reach as long as 20km on line of sight XBee-PRO Module (Currently Shipping) Output Power 10-100 mW EIRP Receiver Sensitivity -100 dBm Chip or whip antenna or U.FL connector 1 x 1.3 physical dimensions 6 A/D inputs (10 bit) / I/O Line Passing 802.15.4/Zigbee firmware 2-3 times (28 dB) range of standard ZigBee Worldwide approvals Over the air and pin compatible with the XBee low.

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A good way to avoid this is to set the network ID (otherwise known as the PAN - Personal Area Nework - ID) to a unique value. By default all XBee's use PAN ID #3332. The ID is 4 bytes of hexadecimal and can range from 0000 to FFFF. Changing the PAN is easy. If you want to do it with X-CTU simply select a new ID and Write it to the module There are two commonly used versions of XBee, one is XBee series 01 and other is XBee pro. The only difference between the two is in their range.XBee pro has more range to operate than the simple XBee. Its hardly available in Pakistan so if you want to buy XBee Series 01 in Pakistan then use our Contact Form. You will get it within 2 days

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Nowadays all my XBee devices are coordinated by ST, the non programmable variants are just appearing as a Thing but act as a range extenders to the network. Additional benefit for having more range is that the devices themselves can also send ZigBee compliant signals to the network so in the example of The Trigger, it can be operated both. XBee and XBee-PRO ZB are the most advanced ZigBee modules available in the XBee footprint and are ideal for deployment in ZigBee networks. Available in the low-cost XBee or extended-range XBee-PRO, and utilizing the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, these embedded RF modules are interoperable with ZigBee PRO Feature Set devices from other vendors

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While XBee is a product that supports various wireless communication protocol, including ZigBee, Wi-Fi (Wi-Fly module), 802.15.4, 868 MHz module etc. Here we are mainly focused on Xbee/Xbee-PRO ZB RF module which consists of ZigBee firmware. Just think of a calculator in computer, where complex calculations are performed with user friendly. The reader can use any analog voltage source for this application (like an analog sensor). Keep in mind, however, that XBee modules cannot read voltages outside the range 0~1.2V, so proper voltage scaling will be necessary. X-CTU Software - This software is required to configure XBee modules. This software also provides an easy way to double. XBee is the brand name from Digi International for a family of form factor compatible radio modules.The first XBee radios were introduced under the MaxStream brand in 2005 and were based on the 802.15.4-2003 standard designed for point-to-point and star communications at over-the-air baud rates of 250 kbit/s.. Two models were initially introduced—a lower cost 1 mW XBee and the higher power. The X-CTU application can be used to configure the XBee modules. In particular they should be set to transmit at 57600 baud. The following parameters can be set in the XCTU application. In addition, it has a track record of use in XBee ZB(S2C). Example of xbee setting parameters. (if

XBee; XBee-PRO; ZigBee; ZigBee-PRO; ZigBee-PRO Feature Set; ZigBee 2007; Long Range ZigBee; smt; surface mount technology; spi; serial peripheral interface Created Date 11/5/2010 5:01:07 P Long Range, 1.8km, Arduino to Arduino Wireless Communication With the HC-12.: In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between Arduinos over a long distance up to 1.8km in open air.The HC-12 is a wireless serial port communication module that is very useful, extremely powerful and easy to use. First you will le Besides zigbee we also cater xbee module which cover xbee adapters, xbee USB explorer, HC-05 Bluetooth Bee Master Slave 2in1 Module and Bluetooth XBee for Arduino, xbee shield and xbee pro long range wireless module and many Wi-Fi modules and wireless modules with specifications in our subcategories Voltage requirements: 5.0V from USB or VDD pin, 3.3V generated on-board. Current requirements: Varies with XBee Model. Communication: Serial pass-through to XBee module/USB to Host PC. PCB Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.0 in (38.1 x 25.4 mm) Operating temp range: -40 to +158°F (-40 to +70°C) PCB assembled, tested, and completed in Rocklin, California

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This module is series #1 (802.15.4 protocol) 60mW wireless module, good for point-to-point, multipoint and convertible to a mesh network point. These are much more powerful than the plain XBee modules, great for when you need more range. What we like about the Series 1 modules is that they are so easy to get set up DIGI XBee® & XBee-PRO® XSC/900/DigiMesh/868 RF Modules are long-range embedded wireless solutions providing end-point device connectivity. These RF modules include the XBee-PRO XSC series, XBee-PRO 900, XBee DIGIMesh 2.4, XBee S1, and XBee 868LP series. The DIGIMesh networking protocol is an innovative, easy-to-deploy peer-to-peer mesh. The XBee family is designed to make leveraging wireless technology easier with the right combination of expertise and resources. Whether a user needs a ZigBee module or a fast multipoint solution, 2.4GHz or long-range 900MHz, DIGI has an XBee module to meet their specific requirements. XBee modules are ideal for low-power, low-cost applications

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