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  1. If you can't remember your passcode, you need to erase your iPod touch, which deletes your data and settings, including the passcode. If you backed up your iPod touch, you can restore your data and settings after restoring your device
  2. When you forgot iPad password, you can go to iCloud.com and sign in with your iCloud account and password. Then choose Find My iPhone > All Devices to locate the iPad you want to bypass its password. Now you can click Erase iPad option to erase all data on it including passcode
  3. Unlock disabled iPod. Step by step guide on how to restore the password for your iPod Touch if you forgot the passwordHow to install iTunes - https://yout..
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  5. The software iOS Unlocker feature can help you to gain access to your iPod when you forgot iPod password. Luckily, the software is available for both Mac and Windows computers. Here are the main features of dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS

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  1. Step 1. Connect the iPod touch to your computer via the USB cable. Step 2. Navigate to 'My Computer', and then go to your iPod's drive (the one with the symbol of an iPod). Step 3. Windows Users. (Up to Windows 2000) Go into the tools menu at the top of the screen and follow the given path -
  2. Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Apple ID. Click Password & Security. If you're asked to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or password and follow the onscreen instructions. You can skip the final steps below
  3. If you failed to find the right way to solve how to unlock iPod without password, FoneCope iOS unlock is the best but simple solution. However, you must be warned that the process will remove all applications, settings, and data on iPod touch. Therefore, please regularly use iTunes or iCloud to back up iPod touch content
  4. No matter your iPod touch is disabled due to multiple wrong password attempts or locked by others, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker can come to rescue. Aside from the basic and common 4-digit and 6-digit passwords, it also powerfully supports Touch ID and Face ID. Main Features of Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker: Bypass 4 kinds of iOS screen passcode

This video will help you remove the passcode from your iPad, iPhone and iPod. I made a popular video for this in 2017 link here: https://youtu.be/2KD_DD1XGyE.. Set iPod touch to erase all information, media, and personal settings after 10 consecutive failed passcode attempts. Go to Settings > Passcode, then turn on Erase Data. After all data is erased, you must restore your device from a backup or set it up again as new. Turn off the passcod try putting wrong password first then hold the lower left button for 5 seconds, then press 3 and hold the lower left button for 2 seconds and repeat... and afterwords when it says wrong password press cancel a message will come up and it will tell you your password is — — — — Answer: A forgotten password is a common occurrence on iDevices, so Apple has a few ways to help get you past your locked iPod. This also works for iPhones and iPads. As you may have discovered, once you try the wrong password 6x, you will be locked out of your device and have to wait before you try again

Summary iPod touch forgot passcode and locked out of iPod, find out the best tip to unlock an iPod touch without knowing the password: EelPhone DelPasscode is the quickest and most effective method to open locked iPod without screen passcode, or you can restore from iTunes if locked iPod can be scanned out by iTunes automatically, or use iCloud feature to unlock iPod without computer but apple. In conclusion, how to factory reset iPod Touch without password is not a very difficult problem to solve. You can reset your locked iPod Touch via PassFab iPhone Unlocker, iTunes and iCloud, or even you can press two buttons meanwhile to factory reset your iPod Touch. Therefore, you do not need to worry about this question Method 1: How to Reset iPod Touch If Forgot Password With Ease-EelPhone DelPassCode EelPhone DelPassCode is the best way to unlock an iPod touch if forgot password till now, it's easy and effective, only with clicks you can get into iPod. Locate the easy steps from the article below, keep connection during the fixing process.. The most convenient way to factory reset an iPod Touch, especially when you don't remember screen password, is to use UltFone iOS System Repair. It's a feature-rich repairing tool for iOS that's designed to tackle more than 150 iOS issues If you don't know the password of your iPod touch and cannot access a computer, this particular method is specifically meant for you. Press both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time and hold them for around 10 seconds. Once the Apple logo shows on the screen of your iPod touch, release the two buttons

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Part 1. Apple Support's Solution to Forgot My iPod Password When you forget your password for iPod or when your iPod is locked for too many attempts with wrong passwords, Apple's official solution is to connect your iPod to a computer and restore the device to remove the iPod password Here is how you can reset your iPod touch 5 or 6th generation! Enjoy!-----­-----­-----.. Unlock iPod Touch without iTunes. Simple operations to unlock iOS device without passcode. Factory reset any iDevice whose passcode is unknown. Compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and the latest iOS version fully! Intructions provided for step-by-step guidance

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  1. Otherwise I wouldn't be sitting at my little brother's computer at 3:24 am trying to unlock some password. Anyway I have forgotten my ipod touch password over the years and can't seem to reset the password or find any kind of apple support to assist with this issue. Please help
  2. Step 4: In your iCloud account, click on All Device and then choose your iPod among the list of devices. Step 5: Now, choose the option Erase Device. Step 6: After that, your iPod will be completely erased along with the password. This is how to unlock iPod Touch/Nano/Mini/Shuffle. Now, you can safely use your iPod to listen to music
  3. Here are some quick tips about how to unlock an iPod Touch without the password or if you forgot the passcode. For those who are having trouble, follow these steps. I have done this many times using the exact instructions detailed above. The entire process happens with the iPod plugged into the computer and it is very simple to unlock 1
  4. Turn off iPod. Hold power button for 3 sec. Hold power and home button for 10 sec. Continue to hold home button until iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. The screen should remain black. This should reset your password

So basically, I have an iPod Touch (4th generation) and I can't remember the passcode. - I have incorrectly entered a passcode enough times now that when I turn it on it says iPod is disabled. Connect to iTunes. - This would be fine, but I threw out the computer that I last synced it with a few years ago, and so cannot connect to iTunes On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > Notes > Password. Tap Reset Notes Password. Enter your Apple ID password. Tap Reset Notes Password again. Enter your new password and password hint. On your Mac: Open Notes. In the menu bar, click Notes > Reset Password > OK Well, don't worry as we are here to list 3 most effective ways to resolve forgotten password on iPod touch. Way 1. The Easiest Method to Unlock Forgotten Passcode iPod Hot. Way 2. Using iTunes to Unlock iPod When Forgot iPod Password. Way 3. Remotely Unlock iPod If Forgot iPod Password via iCloud. Way 1 3. Your iPod. Method: 1. Connect your iPod to a computer running iTunes using the USB cable. 2. Make sure your iPod is turned on, the hold both the Home and lock buttons simultaneously and hold for 10 seconds. 3.On your computer go to iTunes and click Restore iPod 4. Wait for iPod to restore and enjoy! Hope this help

2. Found it and putting it here for reference, simply hold the home and power button down for 10 seconds (ignoring the power off slider when it comes up) then keep the home button pressed down and release the power button. This needs to be done while connected to iTunes. At that point iTunes will offer to restore it. Share Part 1: Reset Locked iPod Touch without Password with UkeySoft Unlocker. Rather than using iTunes, UkeySoft Unlocker is the best way to reset a locked iOS device without a password. When your iPod touch is locked or disabled, UkeySoft Unlocker helps you restore iPod touch to factory resetting in a few simple clicks without using passcode. Therefore, you enable to access to your iPod when you. To restore a password-protected iPod Touch: 1. Plug iPod into computer. 2. Hold down the power (top) button for about 5 seconds until you see the slide to power off button 3. Slide the red button. 4. Immediately hold down both power (top) and home buttons until you see the apple logo. 5 Basically what you're trying to get is data. Without the passlock, you'll never get in. Even if you restore it, you'll need the email and password. You can try some combos, but the device will lock you out for a period of time. The time will continue to increase after each false answer. If you... - iPod Touch 6th Generatio Reset iPod Touch to Factory Settings Without the Password via iTunes If Way 1 doesn't resolve the issue, restoring your iPod from iTunes is another standard troubleshooting step. This will erase all data and content, including songs, videos, photos, and other information, and take your iPod to their factory condition

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iPod Touch is disabled, try again in 22, 656, 990 minutes. iPod Touch is disabled, connect to iTunes. This was what you saw after leaving an iPod Touch to a little kid for a couple of minutes. The iPod has been disabled after too many wrong passcode entries Launch the Settings app on your iPod Touch. Step 2. When the Settings app launches, find the option that says General and tap on it. On the screen that follows, tap on the option that says Reset to open reset settings menu. Step 3. On the reset screen, you will have an option that says Erase All Content and Settings

Recommended: Forgot iPhone Passcode - How to Unlock iPhone Passcode. Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod via iCloud Find My iPhone. For those people who want to reset iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad password without iTunes or without iOS unlock, they can reset their iOS device with iCloud How to unlock iPod Touch when you forgot the screen passcode? You can use Renee iPassFix to remove the passcode. Renee iPassFix is the powerful software for iOS recovery. It can help you quickly unlock the disabled iOS device and remove the screen passcode. You can fix any iOS problem without any professional skills If You Forgot the Passcode for Your iPhone, Ipad, or iPod Touch, or Your Device Is Disabled 2019-05-14 12098 Posted by 3uTools If you forgot your passcode, or if a message says that your device is disabled, follow these steps to remove your passcode

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  1. Like this, the iPod passcode will be reset. Method 3: Reset Passcode on iPod via Windows. Is there the other effortless solution to reset iPod password aside from iTunes and iCloud? Sure. Here, an amazing way will be introduced to reset passcode on iPod without the risk of data loss. It just needs a computer running Windows OS
  2. Forgotten password is a common problem and I'm sure that we've all once clicked 'Forgot Password' link at some point in our life. This time, you forgot iCloud password for iCloud email, App Store, iTunes and you don't know where to find the Forgot Password link. If so, follow the these instructions to recover/reset your iCloud password
  3. UkeySoft Unlocker is an amazing disabled iPhone unlocking software, which is able to unlock iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without input a passcode, it not only can remove screen passcode, pattern, Touch ID and Face ID from iOS devices, but also can unlock Apple ID on any activated iOS devices without password. This iPhone unlock software.

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2/16/11 4:53 PM. Gadget Hacks. Have you forgotten your iPhone or iPod touch password, and find yourself locked out? Way to go! In this video tutorial, learn how to get around the iPhone passcode, and start enjoying your device again. This will let you unlock someones password on an ipod or iphone touch. Video Loading Connect the iPod touch to your computer when it is completely off and launch iTunes. Step 3. Now press the Power button and Home button and hold them for a few seconds until iTunes reports that it has detected your iPod touch in Recovery mode. Step 4. Now click the Restore option to start the restore process Part 2. Factory Reset the iPod Touch Without Password via Recovery Mode Apart from the above-mentioned method, you can also do a factory reset on your iPod via Recovery Mode, which deletes your data and settings, including the passcode. Compared with the first method, this one is much more complex Without knowing iPod password, last hope is hard reset iPod touch from EelPhone DelPasscode, within clicks, you can factory reset iPod without password. Step 1: Download and install EelPhone DelPasscode on computer, from the home page of EelPhone DelPasscode, click on Unlock Screen Passcode. Step 2: Link iPod to computer via USB cable of iPod.

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How to reset your Apple ID password with the Apple Support App using someone else's iPhone or iPad. 1. Download the Apple Support app. 2. After opening the app, tap Products at the top of the. 1.Sync the Data with iTunes before Unlocking iPod Touch Follow these very simple steps to sync content on your iPod Touch with your computer. Step 1: Launch the iTunes program from your computer and then connect the iPod Touch to your computer using a USB cable. You should see the iPod Touch appear as an icon in the upper-left corner Removes Apple ID on activated iOS devices without knowing password. Enjoy all iOS features and functions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Removes the iPhone screen lock without a passcode in just seconds. Supports to unlock 4-digit or a 6-digit passcode, as well as Face ID or Touch ID Part 3: How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID in Settings. There is still an easy way to reset iPhone without needing Apple ID and password, but you need to know the screen passcode of your iPhone. Besides, the Find My iPhone option need to be turned off. Open your device, go to Settings. Find General, click it Common Solution: Format iPod touch Without iTunes Let's first get to know the basic way to format iPod touch Without iTunes: Hold the Home Menu and Sleep buttons at the same time until the iPod restarts and the Apple logo appears. If your iPod boots, go into the Settings: General > Reset. There you will find several settings to reset the iPod

iPod touch (7th generation) - up to iOS 14; People Also Ask Can I reset a passcode on iOS 6 or older. If you have a pre-2013 iPhone it is likely to be running iOS 6. This means you can remotely delete and restore your device using Find My. This will only work if you have installed the Find My App on your iPhone before yo At some point my daughter entered the wrong passcode too many times on her iPod Touch 2nd gen. I'm trying to reset the iPod as follows: Unplug the cable from the ipod; turn the iPod off by holding down the sleep/wake button and dragging the red arrow across the screen; Hold down the home button and connect the USB cable to the iPod The best way to erase your iPod touch is making use of a powerful unlocking tool. Developed with professional and technical unlocking features, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker is greatly recommended to you. This software not only erases an iPod touch but also has the ability to unlock a disabled iPod, factory reset locked iPhone without passcode, remove iPad passcode and other such issues This post shows 4 effective solutions to unlock iPod touch 7/6/5/4/3, iPod Classic, iPod nano when you forget iPod screen unlock code. When you are locked out of your iPhone or iPad, an iOS device unlocker tool like iMyFone LockWiper can help you access your device easily without password To reset iPod nano (5th generation, 4th generation, or earlier generation with dock connector) 1. Slide the Hold switch to the locked position, then to the unlocked position again. 2. Press both the Play/Pause button and the Menu button together for several seconds. When the Apple logo shows in the screen, you need to release the buttons

Method 1: Reset Locked iPhone without Password via UkeySoft Unlocker. Forgot iPhone passcode and locked out of iPhone? UkeySoft Unlocker is the wise choice for resetting the locked iPhone without a password. It is capable of factory resetting locked iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.The software can easily bypass any kind of passcode on iPhones and iPads, such as 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch. To reset a lost iPod password, you'll have to restore the device, which would erase everything from your iPod. If you have backed up the iPod, then the apps and information can be saved. Once you restore, iTunes will put the backed up info into your iPod again. Credit card info will be there in your iCloud account, which you'll have to log into. Step 1 Connect iPod to the computer you have synced with. Step 2 Launch iTunes, if you are asked to enter password, try another computer. Step 3 Sync your iPod with iTunes. If the iPod is recognized by iTunes, click Sync in the right bottom corner of the iTunes summary page to make a backup for your iPod. Step 4 Reset iPod touch and unlock your. Back in the olden days, if a lock was, well, locked, you couldn't get in the door. At least, the average individual couldn't get in the door. But inventive and scheming folk (read: ye hackers of olde) devised crafty ways to pick lock keys and sometimes even created skeleton keys that opened any door or chest. This will let you unlock someones password on an ipod or iphone touch

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Q: I have recently bought a used third generation iPod touch and it has a password on it and I can't reach the last owner. I've tried the solution in your article Reset Passcode after purchasing used iPod touch and it doesn't work. When I connect it to my computer it tells me it can't connect without the password. Please help How to Hard Reset an iPod touch . If your iPod touch is locked up and you're not able to use the instructions in the last section, try a hard reset (Apple calls this technique a force restart, but both terms refer to the same thing).This is a more extensive reset and should only be used in cases where the first version isn't working

Crack iOS password and bypass forgotten passcode on iPhone or iPad. Remove the previous Apple ID password to access Apple account again. Directly erase the forgotten screen password or Apple ID passcode from iOS device. Unlock screen lock, Face ID, Touch ID, digital password on iPhone/iPad/iPod If you have updated to iOS 11, you can directly reset your backup password from the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Before iOS 11, the only way to recover and reset the backup password is to back up the device to iCloud, erase it, then restore it. At that point, you can perform a new backup to iTunes, creating a new password In addition, it's also an iPhone passcode unlocker, removing secured screen lock with simple steps. Forgot iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch password after recently change. Became disabled after exceeding incorrect passcode attempt limits, but iTunes can't restore device. The second-hand iDevice is locked by 4/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, or Face I

Restrictions, also known as parental controls, allows you to use a 4-digit passcode to block or restrict specific apps and features on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, including YouTube and contents from your Music, Podcasts, and iBooks, etc.This is a nice feature for you to restrict your children play games or open other apps on your iPhone/iPad.. Similar to the iPod Volume Lock PIN reset hack we will need to open iPod file-system and change the file where the device stores its lock settings as shown below:. Connect your iPod to your computer. Make sure you have enabled viewing of Hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer, if not Open Windows Explorer -> Tools (Menu) -> Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders

Follow these steps to learn how to reset the password on the iPad via iTunes. Step 1. Launch iTunes on your system and connect the iPad to it. Step 2. As iTunes will detect your device, choose it from the device icon. Step 3. Go to the Summary section on iTunes under your device (from the left panel). Step 4 First, don't freak out, we're human and this stuff happens. Apple provides multiple ways to recover a forgotten ID or password, and you can start the recovery process either directly on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mac, Windows PC, or just about anything with a web browser How To: Jailbreak an iPhone and iPod Touch How To: Reset the password on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch How To: Jailbreak a 4.2.1 firmware iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad with Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 How To: Jailbreak iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch Enter your current passcode. Use the keypad in the bottom half of the screen to do so. You'll be prompted to enter a new, 6-digit numeric code, but there are four types of passcodes available. Tap Passcode Options. It's just above the numeric keypad at the bottom of the screen. Tap a passcode option Sep 5, 2006. #3. If you've locked the screen and have forgotten the code, then connecting the iPod to it's home computer will unlock it. If the iPod has a code set, it asks you for the old combination before you can change to a new one. The only way to reset this would be to restore your iPod

The next page provides additional options to reset your Apple ID password: Reset your password while signing in on a new device, like a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Use someone else's iOS device. The website provides a third option that you can select: Can't get to another iOS device? which walks you through additional steps on the. 2 Methods to reset your iPhone when you forgot the Passcode. 1. Restore using iCloud (without iTunes) This is easier in comparison to using Finder or iTunes ( explained next ). However, this method will only work if the locked iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. We will first erase the iPhone using iCloud.com

Have you forgotten the password to your iPod Touch? Apple equips the iPod Touch with a special passcode feature which allows your data to remain secure in the hands of unwanted individuals. After 6 failed password input attempts, the person is greeted with ?iPod touch is disabled? and prompts the user to try again later How to reset iPad without passcode or iTunes? Since users often face technical issues with iTunes, they look for different ways to reset iPad without the password. To do this, you can take the assistance of dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). A user-friendly and reliable tool, it can remove all kinds of locks like passcode, password, Touch ID, and.

Apple iPod allows setting maximum volume limit with support for PIN code locking to prevent unauthorized changes, However, if you forgot your volume limit unlock code here is a little trick you can use to remove the lock without restoring your iPod In most cases, you can turn to Apple for help to get around iCloud Activation Lock screen when you forgot the password or Apple ID. Sometimes, if you buy a second-hand or used, ask the previous owner to assist you with bypassing iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. If still not working, you can use a professional tool-Tenorshare 4MeKey to remove Activation. Unlock iPhone without Passcode. Forgot the passcode or your iPhone locked or disabled, it can unlock it; Unlock Apple ID from iPhone/iPad without password; Easy-to-use utility to unlock your iPhone at home, no technical skills required; Support the latest iPhone 12 series, works well with iOS 14/iPadOS 1 Turn off or remove Parental Controls password on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Remove any password (4/6-digit, Face/Touch ID) including Screen Time passcode. Recover or unlock restrictions password when you forgot Parental Controls password. Safely break the Parental Controls limits without any iOS data loss

Step 3: Click Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod. Wait for the restore process to complete as it may take several minutes. Now, your iOS device needs to restore to factory defaults in order to clear your old password. Step 4: In the new window, select Restore from iTunes backup and choose most recent backup in iTunes. Step 5 Here how to erase iPhone data without passcode via recovery mode: First connect your iPhone to computer and then open iTunes. After connected, do ' hard reset '. Simply hold the sleep/wake button together with ' home ' button until see Recovery Mode on your iPhone screen. Then select ' Restore ' on computer

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Download, install and launch FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker on your computer. Connect your device via USB cable and choose the mode that you need. If your device is supported, you can click Start Unlock to continue the process. If your device is not supported, you will see the message The device is not supported iTunes: There are a few places within iTunes you can look for your Apple ID.Open the app on your Mac and do one of the following. Click iTunes > Preferences from the menu bar. On the General tab, if iCloud Music Library is checked, you'll see your Apple ID next to that.; Click Account from the menu bar. If you're signed into iTunes, you'll see your name and Apple ID (email address) at.

Reset Restriction Passcode If You Forgot It. Permanently erase anything from iOS devices. Support iOS data erasing fully or selectively. Rich features to boost iOS performance. Compatible with all iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Method 4: Reset your passcode and lose all your data. The aim of this article is to allow you to reset your iPhone passcode and keep all of your data. However, as a last resort, performing the reset and losing your data may be preferable to being unable to use your device at all. You will need your phone, a computer, and a cable to connect them How can I unlock my iPod, iPod nano, or iPod touch if I forgot the Screen Lock code? Screen Lock is provided by the iPod nano, iPod (5th Gen), and subsequently released full-size iPod, iPod nano, and iPod touch models.Earlier iPods, and iPod shuffle models, do not offer this feature Reset Password Using Email, Password, and Security Questions on the Web If you don't have an iPhone or Mac handy or need to use someone else's device, you can use the Safari web browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone to reset your password. 1. Open a web browser and navigate to https://appleid.apple.com. 2. Click Forgot Apple ID or. iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Keep holding until you see the Recovery Mode screen on your iPhone. iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Home and the Power buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the Recovery Mode screen on your device

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It can turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without password. After that, your device will be factory reset automatically, all content and settings being erased, incl. iCloud Activation Lock. You can then feel free to sell or give away your iPhone to someone else, without any risk of privacy leakage, and also ensure the other person can. Wipe iPhone Passcode Now! For people who forgot iPhone passcode might lose control of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will need FoneLab iOS Unlocker to remove 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID or Face ID in a proven easy way with the highest success rate effectively How to Reset the 7th Generation iPod Nano . The 7th generation iPod nano looks like a shrunken iPod touch and is the only nano that offers features like a multitouch screen, Bluetooth support, and a Home button. The way you reset it is also unique (though resetting the 7th generation nano will be familiar if you've used an iPhone or iPod touch)

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