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Front slide pin bolt is 20 ft-lb Rear slide pin bolt is 32 ft-lb Front Caliper Slider Pin Bolt 20 ft-lb Front Caliper Torque member mounting bolt 98 ft-lbs . 2007 Altima 3.5 SE 6MT Winter Frost Mods : Injen Short Ram, Racingline Sway Bar, DDM Tuning 5000K HID Low and Fog Torque the slide pins as follows: TMC made (Japan): Torque the caliper slide pin 25 ft-lb (34.3 Nm) TMMK made (Kentucky): Torque the caliper slide pin 32 ft-lb (43 Nm) Install new gaskets and connect the brake hose to the caliper with the banjo fitting bolt. Torque the fitting bolt 22 ft-lb (29.4 Nm) I've got to do an emergency rear brake job can anybody give me the torque specs for the rear caliper and slide pin bolts. Jay 2013 Accord EX Sedan - 2.4L/Stick - Alabaster Silve Based on my manual (2009 - 2012), For the front, the caliper slide pin bolts are 24 Ft/Lbs. The rear are 22 Ft/Lbs. (not sure why the small difference). For the caliper mounting bolts, the front calls out 130 Ft/Lbs, the rear are 120 Ft/Lbs. Those seem a little high to me, but that's what is says

Also, some bracket bolts can be torque-to-yield or require liquid tread lockers. 7. Over torquing the caliper guide pin bolts: Caliper guide pin bolts typically need a 13mm wrench to remove. It is a rookie mistake to go nuts on these bolts and break the heads off. Typically these bolts require only 25- to 35-ft/lbs of torque. Be gentle! 8 Slowly guide the brake caliper bolt into the spindle. Do not use air tools for this job. Doing so will likely cross-thread the bolt and overtighten it as well. Step 5: Use the recommended torque pressure to tighten the brake caliper bolts Joined Jan 17, 2015. ·. 35 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 19, 2016. Hi All, I am replacing my front brake pads and rotors and would like to know the torque for the 13mm caliper bolts (the ones holding the caliper on). My search shows between 11 and 30 ft lbs. There has to be one torque setting, does anyone know what it is Please subscribe One of the most common problems that people have when they are doing breaks is over tightening the boltsHope the video was helpful please li.. In the 2006 Disk Brake Manual Front Guide Pin Torque 80 ft-lbs (seems high for that small bolt?) Rear Guide Pin Torque 31 ft-lbs Front Caliper Mounting Bracket to Knuckle - 129 ft-lbs Rear JC5/JH5 Caliper Mounting Bracket to Backing Plate - 148 ft-lbs Rear JH6 Caliper Mounting..

Install the rear brake caliper with the slide pins. Torque the slide pins as follows: TMC made (Japan): Torque the caliper slide pin 25 ft-lb (34.3 Nm) TMMK made (Kentucky): Torque the caliper slide pin 32 ft-lb (43 Nm) Install new gaskets and connect the brake hose to the caliper with the banjo fitting bolt. Torque the fitting bolt 22 ft-lb. Torque the caliper slide pin bolts to 42 lbs-ft. Torque the caliper mounting bolts to 166 lbs-ft. Install the rims and tires on the hub and torque to 150-165 lb-ft. Reinstall the hub caps. Start the engine and pump the brake pedal to fill the caliper pistons. Put the truck in gear and test the brakes Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 9, 2013. I'm trying to finish installing my front brakes and rotors (first time doing it). I have everything put back together and the main caliper bolts torqued down, but I'm having trouble with the 2 slide bolts. I loosened them to take the caliper apart, but now when I try to tighten them, the nut just spins Loosen the upper and lower caliper bolts on the back side of the caliper by turning them clockwise (as seen from the outside of the car) with the 14mm socket and the 3/8 drive ratcheting wrench. Remove Bolt / Pin: Top Bolt / Slider Pin: Two Bolts / Slider Pins: The caliper bolts also act as the caliper slider pins or guide pins 1999 Maxima GLE w/ABS - Installing new brakes pads, rotors: - Does the slide pin (front and rear assemblies) with the rubber bushing go in the top, or bottom hole of the caliper bracket (torque member

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DIY: Infiniti QX4 (01-03) Caliper Slide Pins & Bolts. How to change the caliper sliding pins, bolts, and dust boots on an Infiniti QX4 (01-03). This DIY may apply to the R50 Nissan Pathfinder. Tools Needed: 14mm Socket TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Torque Wrench, 10-80 Feet Pound. Torque Wrench (up to 32ft-lbs You can buy the torch used in the video here. http://amzn.to/WkDoK

Brake Caliper Installation Tips to Follow: Double check the caliper guide pins for proper torque. It's important to tighten the caliper guide pin slide bolts to your vehicle's recommended torque specification before completing the installation. If your kit doesn't include a caliper bracket, be sure to clean the original bracket thoroughly. 14. Install caliper. Torque the two bolts to 34.3 n/m or 25 ft/lbs. 15. Torque the lug nuts to 103 n/m or 76 ft/lbs. Note: If the caliper was replaced, the torque for the union bolt is 29 n/m or 21 ft/lbs. Always install a new copper washers with the union bolt. Rear Disc Brakes 1. Remove the clip, anti-rattle spring no.1 and anti-rattle spring. I'm in the middle of a brake job and want to torque bolts to the correct spec. Bracket - 79 ft-lbs. Caliper pins - 25 ft-lb. Lug nuts - 76. I got the above from the toyota parts department... We found the diagram. I installed a powerstop brake kit and rotors. I have a moderate clicking noise from the driver's rear when everything heats up Brake Caliper Bolt First Pass 80 N.m 59 lb ft Second Pass 30-45 degrees Brake Caliper Bracket Bolt First Pass 100 N.m 74 lb ft Second Pass 15-30 degrees Brake Caliper Guide Pin Bolt 34 N.m 25 lb ft Brake Hose Fitting Bolt 34 N.m 25 lb ft Brake Rotor Bolt 9 N.m 80 lb in Prepare the brake caliper bolts and caliper threaded holes for assembly: 1 Caliper bolts are the bolts that hold caliper to mounting bracket. For coupe they should be torqued to 54 lbs/ft for front caliper, 19 lbs/ft for rear caliper. For sedan they should be torqued to 54 lbs/ft for front caliper, 17 lbs/ft for rear caliper. Those numbers came from Helm manual for 6gen Accord V6

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Spray the caliper bolts with penetrating spray and allow the lubricant 10 to 15 minutes to soak in. Choose the suitable sized socket, hex-head bit or Torx-head bit to remove the caliper bolts. Light up the torch and apply heat around the bracket the bolt threats into on the back of the brake assembly Disc brake caliper pin bolt 56 / 42 / — Front brake hose bolt 35 / 26 / — Front disc brake caliper anchor plate bolt (Excursion, F-250, F-350) 225 / 166 / — Front disc brake caliper anchor plate bolt (F-450, F-550) 400 / 295 / — Front wheel hub extender nuts 176 / 130 / — Front disc brake rotor shield screws 11 / — / 9 The inside calipers are used to measure the internal size of an object. The upper caliper in the image (at the right) requires manual adjustment prior to fitting. Application Torque(Nm) Torque(FtLb) Notes Brake caliper bleed nipple 5 3.685 Front brake caliper mounting bolts 28 20.636 Front brake caliper pad retaining pin 18 13.26

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Brake, caliper bolts and slide pin torque settings. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. S. S400SPY · Registered. Joined Jun 20, 2013 · 16 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 8, 2014. Hi Greetings from the UK !. Front and rear caliper brackets are both 80 lbs ft. Front caliper bolts are 16. Rear caliper bolts are 17. the just in case cause it makes me feel better 20 for the calipers lol. It would be peace of mind for me personally. that is if i were to actually torque them. by these numbers im sure i over-torque all of the calipers i removed Elizebethtown, PA. These are for the 2010 model year. Torque Specifications. Description Nm lb-ft lb-in. Brake caliper anchor plate bolts 250 184 —. Brake caliper flow bolt 40 30 —. Brake caliper guide pin bolts 37 27 —. Brake disc shield bolts 18 — 159. Brake flexible hose bracket-to-frame bolt 17 — 150 What's up peeps! Quick question here. I'm going to do a front and rear brake job on my 2015 DRT, but there's one thing I need to know. The tourque specs. I need the TS for the front caliper bracket bolts as well as the TS for the slider pin bolts. I also need the TS for the REAR as I know..

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When reinstalling the caliper, be sure to tighten the slide pin bolts to the porper torque. 1500 front 74 ft-lbs rear 38 ft-lbs 2500/3500 front 80 ft-lbs rear 80 ft-lbs Tighten the wheel lug nuts 140 ft-lb Has anyone found a decent replacement option for the 10mm allen caliper guide pins used in the 2011+ trucks? The older generation used a T-55 torx which was problematic, but there were tons of aftermarket (and even ACDelco) replacements that were standard hex head bolts.The first time I did brakes on my old truck I removed all the T-55 torx slide pin bolts and replaced them If the threaded hole stripped, it is simply in the caliper mounting bracket, which Toyota will sell you separately from the caliper (or you can get one from a recycler for less). Simple replacement, no opening the hydraulic line or bleeding, just attaches to the knuckle by two bolts and the caliper by two slide pins. If you buy an aftermarket caliper, the bracket is usually included (and the. Lost my elearn CD. (Found this using the search function but don't trust it.) Finally got round to replacing the front brakes this Easter Weekend. For future reference, the caliper carrier bolts are 19mm and torqued to ~80 ft lbs or just over 100Nm. Pretty easy to remove with an 18 breaker bar

bores in the caliper for .040 clearance, all the bushings and pins need to be replaced on the caliper. Note: You must always replace the slide pin bolts and torque the new bolts to 205 ±15 ft. lbs. 7. The in-service inspection interval should be every 6 months. Inspection can be performed less often if the clearance is foun DISC BRAKE ROTOR REPLACEMENT REMOVAL Edge Brake Torque Specs make contact with the slide/abutment clips. The torque specification is 55 Nm (41 ft/lbs). 5. Install the two brake pads, shims and new slide clips to the brake caliper anchor plate. Position the brake caliper on the anchor plate and install the two guide pin bolts REPLACEMENT. DISC BRAKE ROTOR REPLACEMENT REMOVAL Edge Brake Torque Specs make contact with the slide/abutment clips. The torque specification is 55 Nm (41 ft/lbs). 5. Install the two brake pads, shims and new slide clips to the brake caliper anchor plate. Position the brake caliper on the anchor plate and install the two guide pin bolts

Reinstall brake caliper, align flats of caliper with flats of slide pins. 13. Apply blue threadlocker to new mounting bolts and torque to 25 ft-lb. 14. Reinstall wheel and tighten lugs to 98 ft-lb. Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Ryan Maguire 9.1.2014 Rear Brake Caliper Anchor Bracket Bolt 128 N-m / 94 lb ft; Rear Brake Caliper Pin Bolt 27 N-m / 20 lb ft; Where would the mounting bolts fit on the 2003 Buick LeSabre front brake caliper? The bolt with the bushing is the upper caliper pin bolt whereas the solid one is the lower caliper bolt Slide the brake caliper back onto the rotor. Ensure that the rotor is positioned between both pads before installing the caliper mounting bolts. Torque the caliper mounting bolts to 28 to 38 ft/lbs. Tighten the brake pad pin (s) and install the retaining clip if applicable. Repeat for the other side I attempted to clean and lube front brakes this past weekend. When I tried to loosen the caliper bolt (12mm) I noticed the slide pin on the other side of the caliper was also turning the same direction as the caliper bolt, so the caliper bolt doesn't come out. By looking at others doing this on Youtube seems they didn't encounter this problem

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Fullsize Truck & SUV - 1999-2006 GMT800 & 2007-2013 GMT900 Platforms. 1999-2013 Silverado & Sierra 1500. Front Caliper Bolt Torque. Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks.com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs Torque specifications on a 2007 Chevy 1500 HD classic. Need to know what to torque the caliper bracket bolts in caliper slide bolts to Re: Torque specifications. Mar 27 2018, 11:10pm Brake Caliper Guide Pin Bolt, Front (JH6, JH7) 108 N·m 80 lb ft Brake Caliper Guide Pin Bolt, Rear (JD9) 38 N· Spin In Upper Caliper Bolt: Replace Lower Caliper Bolt: Tighten 14mm Caliper Bolt: Line up the bolt holes in the caliper with their corresponding holes in the slider pins within the bracket. Spin in the two caliper bolts in the counterclockwise direction (as seen from the outside of the vehicle). Torque To 20-25 lb-ft: Rubber Valve Ca In circumstances where a torque specification from either the vehicle or aftermarket brake system OEM is absent, one is left with no alternative but to fall back on judgment. At such times it can be immensely helpful to know a bit of generally rel..

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Slide the caliper into position on the adapter and over the rotor. Align the caliper and start the pins in by hand. Tighten the pins to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm). Connect the brake hose to the caliper. Use new washers to attach the hose fitting if the original washers are scored, worn or damaged 1 - Torque plate 2 - Carrier 4 - Caliper Assy. 5 - Retaining bar screw 6 - Retaining bar 7 - Pad retaining spring 8 - Pads 9 - Slider boot 10 - Boot retaining ring 11 - Slider bushing 12 - Slide pin 13 - Slider pin bolt 14 - Slider pin cap 17 - Flat washer 18 - Hex head screw (torque plates to frame) 20 - Air chambe

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5.) Once the 14-mm bolts are removed, you can pull the caliper off the torque plate and away from the brake pads by hand. The slide pins will still be in place on the torque plate. Hang the caliper up on wire, suspended from the strut or another suitable spot -- do not let the caliper hang on the brake line, as it will likely damage the brake line There is no need, to gorilla torque the slide pins. 35-45lbs. The caliper fits snug in the bracket. The piston holds the pads, with a small drag. My 93 Vette had no fasteners, just a pin removed by a pair of pliers. You pull them and caliper would rotate up. The easiest brake job ever Order Jeep Liberty Brake Caliper Bolt/Guide Pin-Front online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. Use Code : TIME2SAVE Discussion Starter • #11 • Jan 29, 2017. plano-doug said: To be clear, the front bracket bolts are 133 ft-lbs. The bolts for the front guide pins are 26 ft-lbs. Rears are: bracket 88 ft-lbs, guide pins 32 ft-lbs. Data for 2006-2010 Impalas, Haynes Repair Manual. I assume it still applies to the 2014 models Floating caliper movement is normal behaviour. You can easily check if the caliper is secure. It is fixed to the brake carrier using two slide pin bolts, the torque setting is usually about 35Nm, and you'll likely need to remove the pin bolt dust caps to check. Fixed Calipers. Fixed calipers, the name gives the story away really

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  1. Does anyone have the rear brake torque settings for the caliper slide pins and the caliper bracket bolts? I have the front ones from the front brake TSB. Searching brought up the settings for the 2011 and on that the front differs from the 2014 TSB ones, so I suspect the rears are different as well
  2. Grease your slider pins up. Use the high quality silicone grease that you used on the back of the pads, and then slide them back into the boots. To do this I put the bracket and caliper together and then put it on the truck to be bolted on. The Caliper pin bolts should be torqued to 23lb ft and the brake Caliper bracket bolts torqued to 89 lb ft
  3. Disc Brake Caliper Guide Pin Bolt. Pin Slide. EPB, DISK. Nissan Altima. Genuine Nissan Part - 44140-JA01A (44140-8J100, 44140JA01A, D4140-JA01A
  4. The brake calipers on a Toyota Corolla should be torqued to 34 ft-lbs. Caliper bracket bolts should be torqued also. Loss of torque in caliper bolts can lead to catastrophic failure of the system. A torque wrench is a must-have when tightening calipers. Youre never supposed to use an impact gun to put lug nuts on because theres no way to accurately control the torque thats being applied
  5. 3. Align the caliper guide pin bolt holes with the adapter bracket. Install the upper (with special sleeve) (2) and lower (3) caliper guide pin bolts. Tighten the guide pin bolts to 43 N·m (32 ft. lbs.). 4. Install the banjo bolt (4) connecting the brake flex hose (2) to the brake caliper (5)
  6. Install the brake caliper in place over the new brake pads. Tighten the front caliper bolts to approximately 25 ft/lbs, and the rear caliper bolts to 15 ft/lbs. If a new brake caliper was installed, attach the brake hose to the caliper. Be sure to use new copper crush washers between the brake hose and banjo bolt. Torque to approximately 20 ft/lbs

Torque the two bolts to 34.3 n/m or 25 ft/lbs. Install the rear brake caliper with the slide pins. Eh, when Toyota publishes instruction sheets for their techs to follow and it gives bolt torque specs and the tech doesn't torque them, I call that lazy, incompetent, or complacent I'd suggest that you include the full torque specs, just like in the Service Manual, even if you want to 'highlight' the foot-pounds value. For example, the torque spec shown for the Stabilizer bar mounting bracket on page FSU-5 of the SM is 130 (13, 96), which are the values in Newton-meters, Kilogram-meters, and Foot-pounds Does anybody know the proper torque setting for the bolts that go on the front caliper slide pins? Doing a front brake job. Searched the internet. Seemed that 55 ft pounds was the right number. Snapped the bolt :

Joined Feb 24, 2004. ·. 1,688 Posts. #3 · Mar 15, 2006. 100 ft lbs for caliper slide bolts??? not unless you want to drill out the broken stud.....the torque spec are: Front caliper pins - 24 ft lbs and rears 11 ft lbs 2,897 Posts. #5 · Jan 13, 2014. As has been mentioned above, that 150 in/lbs spec is correct. All the caliper slide bolts do is hold the caliper roughly centered over the rotor; all of the braking force is applied to the ledges the front and rear of the pads ride on. Those are not physically attached to the caliper Loose caliper slide bolt. Howdy, I'm doing my rear brakes on my 2006 Subaru Outback. Putting the caliper back together and the lower slide pin bolt won't fully tighten. I can't get my torque wrench in there but I is way looser than the upper one which I was able to torque correctly. Caliper has some wiggle but it's not bad since I.

Bleeder valve, front caliper 115 in/lbs. Brake hose caliper bolt 40 ft/lbs. Caliper bolts 63 ft/lbs. Caliper bracket bolts (requires loctite) 137 ft/lbs. Rear disc brake. Bleeder valve 97 in/lbs. Brake hose bolt 32 ft/lbs. Caliper bracket bolt (requires loctite) 92 ft/lbs. Caliper bolt 32 ft/lbs Joined Jul 13, 2005. ·. 1 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 9, 2009. I am replacing my front pads and rotors and need to know the caliper bolts (pins) torque spec and the bolts that hold the caliper bracket on (as removal is required for rotor replacement) thanks in advance The M21 caliper bolts to the knuckle are 187Nm or 137ft/lbs. Front caliper pin bolt to caliper bracket are 36Nm or 26ft/lbs Upper control arm ball joint nut is 180Nm or 132ft/lbs. Upper control arm to frame is 161Nm or 118ft/lb Brake Caliper Torque Specs? Tags brake caliper torque. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 15, 2014 (Edited) Anyone have torque specs for the Front & Rear brake pins and caliper bolts? I searched, but have not been able to locate any posts that seem reliable. Appreciate the help! Save Share. Reply. P ACDelco 18H1228 Professional Rear Disc Brake Caliper Bolt Kit with Pins and Bolt. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 10. Automotive. $9.41. $9. . 41. Get it as soon as Thu, May 20

Re: 2014 Brake torque specs. I just found the info to answer the question. It looks like the caliper bracket bolts get torqued to 221 ft. lbs and the caliper slide bolts get torqued to 77 ft. lbs The caliper mounting bolts 32 ft/lb These are reusable metric hex bolts. Some manufacturers require additional degrees of rotation for the torque-to-yield bolts after the initial torque is reached. I could not find any info for additional rotation required for the brake bolts. If anyone has additional info for these bolts, please post your. Super Moderator. Joined Sep 29, 2010. ·. 6,376 Posts. #2 · May 19, 2014. Not sure if you were looking for front or rear information. Hopefully this helps, it's for the regular Juke. Not sure if Nismo Juke is different. Brake System 185 (19, 136) is 185 N.m, and the values in parenthesis 19 lb/ft for initial pre torque followed to a final torque of 136 lb/ft. Engineers calculate torque for bolts all the time, one needs to know the force desire (pre-load of the bolt) and the friction coefficient. The desire force will depend on the Yield Strength of the material

Caliper slide pins-Caliper mounting bolts-Is there a torque spec for the brake pad retainer pins-is it even a bolt? Is there the torx bolt to hold the rotor on if so what is the spec for that-Lug nut- 140 lb/ft- correct? If possible include torque spec of any other fastener needed to be dealt with for this operation If you mean the slide pin bolts, the tq on them is 24ft lbs The caliper adapter bolts are 250ft lbs. '03 Black 2500 QC/LB 4x4, DRW 6 speed, SB3600DD, Fuel Throttle wheels, 305/70 Terra fronts, 285/75 Terra rears, B&W turnover, air bags, HE351 turbo, 5 pipe, CAI, 2nd gen intake, Pacbrake and Smart Caliper bracket to knuckle bolts are 221 ft.lbs. The pins are not removed from the bracket per GM service procedure. They used to call for that originally, but revised it. You leave those alone and separate the bracket from the caliper. Spec however for the guide pins is 77 ft.lbs

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  1. Also, what is the torque for the caliper slide pin bolts? Thanks SPONSORED LINKS. Do you. have the same problem? Yes. No. Thursday, August 8th, 2013 AT 7:21 PM. 4 Replies. HMAC300 EXPERT; Bracket bolt 63 ft lbs caliper slide pin bolt 38 ft. Lbs Was this . answer. helpful? Yes. No +1. Friday, August 9th, 2013 AT 6:51 AM.
  2. So I reckon it's 115 Nm for the XFR (and 115 Nm is a helluva lot of torque, I doubt if any more is needed!) 2014 F-Type S coupe in Lunar Grey with Red Zone interior and almost all the options. VAP lowering springs, 15 mm spacers, Eurotoys crank pulley and VAP tune (454 bhp), MPS4S tyres, upgraded rear brakes, disabled stop/start, disabled rear.
  3. I just did a front brake job on my 2006 Ford Focus but forgot to find out exact torque spec for the brake caliper bracket bolts. I torqued the caliper sliding pin to 25 ft-lb. On the internet, some say 21 ft-lbs, some say 25-30 ft-lbs. I figured even if the correct torque is 21 ft-lbs, there should not be any adverse effect from tirquing it to 25 ft-lbs. I assume the engineers have built in.

Hold the 2 front disc brake cylinder slide pins and install the disc brake cylinder assembly with the 2 bolts. Torque: 34 N-m {350 kgf-cm, 25 ft-lbf} CONNECT FRONT FLEXIBLE HOSE. Connect the front flexible hose to the disc brake cylinder assembly with a new gasket and the union bolt. Torque: 29 N-m {300 kgf-cm, 22 ft-lbf Coat the new pin with caliper grease and slide it into the bore 11) Mount the pad bracket with the 17mm bolt and torque to 39 ft lbs. 12) Mount the brake pad. 13) Mount the caliper on the bracket and torque the 14mm bolts to 29 ft lbs. I had to hold the pin with a vice grip pliers to keep it from turning. 14) Remount the wheel and torque to 100. Brake caliper mounting bolts: 90 ft-lbs Brake caliper banjo bolt: 22 ft-lbs Leaf spring centering pin: 33 ft-lbs 3rd member to axle housing: 18 ft-lbs (with e-locker), 54 ft-lbs (w/o e-locker) rather than having to dig through a thread just to find the torque specs of a particular bolt. If the mods feel it should be moved into the other. 1. Inspect the caliper assemblies to determine if ZOPS slide pin(s) are installed; and 2. Replace all ZOPS slide pins with ZOH-T slide pins by following the service procedure described in Bulletin Number 50401-C, dated September 15, 2004, on the WOW message board. (See illustrations 1.1/A, 1.1/B, and 1.1/C for identifying ZOPS slide pins, ZOH- Torque Specification. Socket Size. A/C compressor support bracket mounting bolts. 30-41 lb/ft, 40-55 Nm. A/C compressor support bracket mounting nuts. 15-22 lb/ft, 20-30 Nm. Air cleaner assembly mounting bolts. 54 lb/in, 6 Nm. Air cleaner bracket-pickup chassis

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  1. Wilwood Disc Brakes 230-13910 - Wilwood Brake Caliper Bolt Kits. Brake Caliper Bracket Bolts, Stepped Shank Bolt with Washers, M14 x 2.0, 45mm Length, Grade 10.9, Hex Head, Chevy, Corvette, Kit. Part Number: WIL-230-13910. Not Yet Reviewed. Estimated Ship Date: 8/16/2021 (if ordered today
  2. Joined Apr 27, 2017. ·. 2 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 1, 2017. Can anyone confirm the torque spec of front brake caliber mounting bolt, i.e., the M12x29 connecting caliber assembly to the support? My spec says 88.5 ft-lb but I am not sure whether it is correct --- I've already broken one! :crying: Outback 2012 2.5 Limited
  3. the slide pin will come out if you grab the end of it with some mole grips and work it back and forth while giving it a spray with some wd every so often, if not take the carrier of and use a vice to hold the pin and you turn the carrier. once you got it apart run a 10mm drill down through the hole to clear it of rust and old greese, clean the pin with a wire wheel cover it with some fresh.
  4. 19. Take the 17mm wrench and remove the caliper carrier (also know as the torque member, or caliper frame) bolts. These bolts are very tight. You may need to use the 17mm breaker bar you used to loosen the wheels. Make sure you don't damage the caliper slide pins
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Torque Wrench that goes from 10 - 80 Ft Lbs. Jack stands, floor jack, 17mm 1/2 drive socket and breaker bar. Consumables Disk Brake Caliper Slide Pin Grease LOTS of clean rags! Wheel Bearing Grease for Disk Brakes Blue-Loctite Brake Clean (Spray Can) 600 grit sand paper, Wire Brush DOT 4 brake fluid (2 Qts or 2L) Caliper Paint (Optional BTW, while it is much easier to pull the pins to do a brake job, but it is possible to take caliper and bracket off together by pulling the 21mm and 18mm bolts on the bracket to the knuckle, removed the pads from the caliper and bracket while its together, then you have the room to slide the caliper and bracket apart with the pins still torqued.

The brake caliper bolt or pin for your Ford F-Series allows the caliper to slide and apply even pressure to both brake pads. Caliper pins are typically greased during a brake job to keep the caliper sliding freely and prevent binding. Over time and with exposure to water, snow, and road salt, the caliper pins can corrode or become pitted. Not sure if you're confusing the bolts (could be just semantics, as I'm used to calling the slide pin bolts the caliper bolts and the bolts that attach the bracket to the backing plate are bracket bolts to me) but if your objective is just to change pads, the 25 ft lb bolts are really the only bolts you need to mess with torque on front and rear caliper bolts uplander 2005. 1 reply Report. Answer. Popular Answer. badjoe242 on August 04, 2014. you can tightened them without a torque wrench by getting the bolt snug and then a half turn or 18 foot lbs you can also get a chart the will give you standard torques for all bolt sizes just search bolt torque specs Slide the caliper over the brake pads and onto the caliper bracket before installing the guide pin bolts. Using a wrench to counter the guide pin, torque the caliper guide pin bolts to approximately 50-55 ft/lbs (front) or 25-30 ft/lbs (rear). Figure 15. High temp silicone grease applied to guide pins. Figure 16

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  1. Brake Caliper Bolt Kit Rear. The brake caliper bolt or pin for your Ford F-Series allows the caliper to slide and apply even pressure to both brake pads. Caliper pins are typically greased during a brake job to keep the caliper sliding freely and prevent binding. Over time and with exposure to water, snow, and road salt, the caliper pins can.
  2. Then locating the brake pads and slipping the caliper over the pads and fastening the caliper bolts to the locating pins. Since these pins are free to rotate a thin 13mm open end wrench comes in handy to restrain the pin while tightening the caliper bolts. Since I had the pins I decided to check the other side
  3. Remove sliding pin bolts and the brake caliper. CAUTION: Do not drop brake pads or caliper. INSTALLATION. Position the brake caliper to torque member and install the sliding pin bolts. Tighten to specification. Assemble the union bolt (1) and the copper washers to the brake hose and install it as an assembly to the brake caliper
  4. Pull the caliper pins out. Once the caliper pins are free, everything should fall out. Step 8: Grease New Brake Pads. Step 9: Grease Disc Caliper Pin. Step 10: Brake Pad inside caliper - line up Disc Caliper Pins. Once you have greased your brake pads and caliper pins, you can place one pad in and then push in the caliper pins. Do not push.
  5. Once you get things back on the wheel bolt things down with the proper torque as indicated at the top of the page. For ONLY the caliper bolts (not slide pin bolts) I would use some Loctite on them. Can't be too careful. Double check everything is torqued properly look to make sure the hoses are oriented OK, and think I only have to do the other.

Use as many shims as necessary to obtain the correct alignment. Finger tighten. Apply red Loctite® 271 to bolt threads (15) an d torque to 30 ft-lb. Safety wire caliper bolts (15). •Install the disc brake pads (17) and secure using cotter pin (18). •NOTE: The caliper inlet hole has a 1/8-27 NPT thread. A steel adapter fitting, straight or. A Bolt used to Mount/lock the disc brake Caliper to the disc brake Caliper guide Pin. A Pin used with a float style Caliper, which Mounts the Caliper to a Caliper bracket through a Caliper guide Pin Bolt, allowing the Caliper to slide freely during braking. AWD. From Chassis/VIN KW240001. FWD. Kit. Outer. Outer Bolt. To Chassis/VIN 8D-V-168-350. It's the head of the fastener that keeps the bolt tight once its torqued, not the threads. Anti-seize won't hurt anything. I havent used a torque wrench on caliper bolts in years. When you wrench for a living you learn how to feel when a fastener is getting stretched too much. No math required.. b_r_o, Dec 24, 2018 The directions tell you to put bottom bolt in loose, screw in repair bolt and torque to specs. Not good. The bolt acted like it was just going to spin almost all the way in and my 6mm started spinning in the bolt. I unscrewed it and the bottom and pulled the caliper off and retreaded the repair bolt all the way in to the shoulder Hang the caliper aside with a bungee cord. Remove the two 17mm bolts from the caliper bracket. Pull off the caliper bracket. Slide off the brake rotor. Remove the brake pads from the caliper bracket. step 3 :Preparing the Brakes. Pry the shims off the caliper bracket with a flat blade screwdriver

He even got me a 14mm wrench so I could remove the caliper from the bracket and pull the pins to check them out. Yes - the caliper guide pin-bolt with the plastic bushing on the end goes in the bottom hole on the bracket. I did clean the pins and the bores and lubricated them with Sil-Glyde Silicone Brake Lubricant. Thanks look at the bolts and there is a ring of lock-tite on both of the bolts! clean the bolts, hardware, grooves in the caliper bracket, slider pins and put light coating of brake lubricant on the hardware... and the pads dont fit...ended up having to grind 1/16th to 1/8 off the pad ends to get them in there so they could move just a touch Use your hammer to tap the old slide pins out with the new slide pins. Dont lose the M-shaped spring that is on one end. Leave the old brake pads in there. Using your 15/32 socket remove the brake line retaining bolt from above the caliper and break the small metal plate loose (this should give you a few additional inches of slack in the line)

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