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I'm seeing a young sunset mickey mouse platy that is developing a curved spine. Tail is curving upward from the dorsal to the tail fin. S/he was not born this way, but has developed over the last week or so, so I'm convinced it's not really a birth defect. I have seen this randomly with a few.. Gold fish with scoliosis...?Or the coolest fish ever...? Piscine scoliosis is defined as a congenital nutritional deficiency resulting in curvature of the dorsal spine of fish. It is thought that scoliosis in fish is caused by several diverse agents that possibly act on the central nervous system, neuromuscular junctions, or ionic metabolism

my beta fish has a curved spine and i got him from petbarn, he was the most expensive ($36) and he cant swim properly and hes quite small When I was first starting out with fish I had a couple of guppies that developed curved spines. Despite them swimming and eating fine I doctor googled myself into a paranoid frenzy thinking they had fish tb and euthanized them on the reasoning that it was highly contagious and ultimately fatal and could potentially spread to the whole tank

Aquarium fish sometimes suffer from bent spine disease, which is often called TB. I'm not quite sure what the relationship is with human TB, but people usually don't get the disease from fish. In fact, I know of no long time aquarist who has ever acquired a disease from an aquarium fish. The one possible exception is MTS (multiple tank syndrome) Fish tuberculosis (Mycobacterium marinum) is characterized by skin lesions, missing scales, wasting, spine bending, and loss of color. It IS contagious to humans to please sanitize any equipment you use for this fish. Treatment is generally kanamycin, though the survival rate is low from what I've read If a fish has a bent or curved spine, it is most likely infected with a Gram-positive mycobacteria (Mycobacterium marinum or M. fortuitum). This is commonly referred to as fish tuberculosis, piscine tuberculosis, acid-fast disease or granuloma disease. Tuberculosis is a chronic, progressive disease that may take years to fully develop If a fish has a bent or curved spine, it is most likely infected with a Gram-positive mycobacteria (Mycobacterium marinum or M. fortuitum). This is commonly referred to as fish tuberculosis, piscine tuberculosis, acid-fast disease or granuloma disease. Remove any fish that appear affected curved spine . Another photo of the cichlid with a curved spine. Can this be curred? It has its apetite, and it's not bothered by the other fish more than it was before. always has itn nose down, as if it's loosing its balance otherwise

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The key symptom is curved spine - the fish looks hunchbacked - and this usually shows up with a caved-in belly, as though the fish is starving to death. Other symptoms are listed below under comments Fish tuberculosis is caused by bacteria in the tank called Mycobacterium Marinum. Once one guppy is infected with it, it can spread extremely quickly to the other fish in your tank. As well as noticing a curved spine when your guppy is suffering from fish tuberculosis you may notice the following symptoms as well Guppies can develop a sudden bent spine, be born with it, or it may occur during adulthood. The main causes of a bent spine are scoliosis and tuberculosis (TB). The main identifying element of the diseases is a curvature in the spine when the fish is viewed from above or the side

Scoliosis is quite a common fish disease, characterized by spine curvature. There is no unanimous opinion about the aetiology of this disease. Some scientists consider that scoliosis results from inbreeding (breeding between close relatives) which causes various mutations i Scientific Name: Dependent on the cause. Secondary symptom. Cause: Usually caused by gastrointestinal problems, overfeeding, parasite activity, a birth defect, egg-binding in female fish, physical trauma, and shock. Visual Betta Symptoms: Buoyancy issues, swollen belly, s-shaped curved spine If a fish has a bent or curved spine, it is most likely infected with a Gram-positive mycobacteria (Mycobacterium marinum or M. fortuitum). This is commonly referred to as fish tuberculosis, piscine tuberculosis, acid-fast disease or granuloma disease. Furthermore, why is my koi lying on its side

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A bent spine in fish (and humans) is known as scoliosis.This is caused by inbreeding and causes slower growth and trouble swimming.Not curable, and not infec.. As additional muscle tissue is affected, the pale coloration expands. Damage to the muscles can cause curvature or deformation of the spine, which may cause the fish to have difficulty in swimming. It is not unusual for the body of the fish to have a lumpy appearance as the cysts deform the muscles It could be genetic, or maybe she's showing the curved spine because she's just skinny. I've had corys live for a couple years, always showing the curved spine and people told me they could just be underfed. I don't know if that was the exact cause but unless your other fish are showing signs of TB I wouldn't worry Fish With Creepy Curved Backbones Could Help Explain Scoliosis. One of the most striking is curly, a mutation so severe it bends the fish's spine into a permanent C. It looks like an extreme case of scoliosis—a sideways curvature of the spine—most common in teenage girls

If you notice your bettas spine is curved, it's either because the organs are so damaged they've begun to swell, bending the shape of your betta's spine, or because the spine itself has become infected Curved spine caused by muscle damage, making it difficult for the fish to swim [1, 3] What Does Neon Tetra Disease Look Like with Loss of Color and Curved Spine A fish affected by neon tetra disease is also prone to secondary infectious diseases, including fin rot and bloating [1, 3] As I mentioned earlier, the reason why your Neon Tetra has a curved or crooked spine could be that your Tetra has NTD. However, it could also be due to a genetic issue and you are just now noticing the bent spine, or because of fish tuberculosis The team named the mutant zebrafish spondo, from spondylos, the Greek word for spine.. A normal zebrafish (top) compared to spondo (bottom). Images: Harris lab. When the researchers first discovered the mutant, they did some digging and realized spondo's spine resembled those of ancient fish. The mutation revealed that spondo's genome.

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The curved black line in the picture (with the anterior region on the left--same as the fish) represents the scoliosis. The front end of the fish curves to the right and the tail curves to the left. The midline of the fish is where the two curves meet. Yes this fish is in a tank. The fish is around 6+/- years old About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Fish TB is an incredibly unpleasant zoonotic illness. By zoonotic, what we mean is that it can transfer from animals to humans, a bit like Swine flu but without the resulting media frenzy (aside what I'm doing right now, that is). That means that if our fish can carry it, which they can, then we can get it from them, which we sometimes do

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- Imbalanced body, most likely due to curved spine - Pop-eye, swollen bellies, and fin rot as signs of secondary infection As you have better knowledge about the types of Phoenix Tetra fish disease and their common indications, now it is your turn to take the necessary preventive measures before visiting an expert Fish suddenly has curvature in spine affecting swimming. Possible fish TB? Help appreciated. 1/2. 72. 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. Continue browsing in r/Fish. r/Fish. This subreddit is dedicated to the 33,600 species of fish from all across our planet and primarily focuses on the identification of them. 26.6k. Members. 54 Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine (backbone). There is a natural, forward-and-backward curve to the spine. With scoliosis, the spine rotates and develops a side-to-side curve. Curves may be as mild as 10 degrees, or as severe as 100 degrees or more. Most cases of scoliosis are mild and don't need treatment

There are three main types of spine curvature disorders, including: Lordosis. Also called swayback, the spine of a person with lordosis curves significantly inward at the lower back. Kyphosis. Scoliosis may cause the scales to pinecone at the curve of the spine. Scoliosis has no cure in fish. Scales. 33. Scales sticking out all over (pineconing): This is dropsy, a condition where the buildup of fluids in the goldfish causes the body to swell in such a way as to make the scales stand out and prickle. Dropsy itself is not a disease; it.

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Ulcers on the entire body, especially along the fish's lateral line; A curved spine; Clamping together of fins; Redness of the fins and skin; General lethargy; Loss of appetite; Swimming close to the surface; The symptoms become more serious as the infection spreads. In most cases, the fish's internal organs such as the kidneys and liver. The symptom; bottom sitting is an effort made by the goldfish to equalize oxygen levels. The fish may exhibit bent positioning in the final stage; much like the scuba diver that swims in too deep of waters, or surfaces too quickly develops a disorder called decompression sickness (DCS) better known as 'the bends' or caisson disease Affected fish may have a curved spine, a swollen body, or no signs at all. Fish may be infected from spores in tank debris. Neurologic disorders may also be caused by ammonia toxicity. This is common in fish with new tank syndrome. Ammonia and pH should always be tested when neurologic disorders are observed

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Fish with pointy spines, such as catfish, may introduce bacteria through a puncture when handling. This disease is also known as fish handler's disease or fish tank granuloma. It commonly presents in humans as a localized rash or pustules. Wear proper protective equipment when handling pointy fish or you have an open wound on your hand As the disease progresses, the muscle tissues around the spine start getting affected. This eventually leads to the curvature of the spine. Also, you can see the cyst on any part of the fish. The fish even starts showing secondary infections such as rotten fin and bloating, which are not directly linked to the disease itself. Treatment

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So when the fish suffers from swim bladder disorder, it starts floating in water in the nose down and tails up position or upside-down position. Also, the fish can appear floating on top or the bottom of the tank. Symptoms. Abnormal buoyancy of the fish. Curved spine. The fish floats at the top or bottom of the tank For instance, having a curved spine and big swollen belly can be quite painful. That is because the internal organs are moved away from their natural place due to the disease, and your fish will feel quite bad during this process

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Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is characterized by three-dimensional spinal curves and affects 3% of the world's children. However, the biological basis of this condition is unclear. Grimes et al. studied zebrafish models that likewise display a curved spine. Defects in the formation and function of motile cilia in the central nervous system perturbed the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF. Curved Spine . As parasites continue to attack your fish's body, bits and pieces of its muscular system begin to waste away. This causes the spine of your fish to take on a bent appearance. This is one of the final signs of neon tetra disease Kyphosis diagnosis requires a health care professional to confirm the spine's curve. They will also check for neurological changes such as paralysis, weakness or other changes in sensation below the spine's curve. Tests may include X-rays, pulmonary function tests, an MRI and a bone density test to check for osteoporosis

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Tropical Fish Diseases, Medication and Treatment Guide. All the tropical fish owners out there, face fish diseases at some point. Bookmarking this guide just might be exactly what you need to read at some point to prevent or treat disease occurrences Fish may have curved spine; I've had to reduce my flow because if he swims to close to my mp10 he gets pulled to it. I haven't done anything new besides my routine maintenance and adding dosing calcium and reefbuilder for alkalinity. Rest of my fish, corals, starfish, crustaceans and BTA look fine. Parameters from today's tests were as follows Scoliosis, or an abnormal curvature of the spine, can be quite painful. If you regularly struggle to manage scoliosis pain, adopt these six daily habits to reduce your discomfort. Stretch Every Morning You can improve spinal health and restore some of the imbalances of scoliosis with daily stretching. One simple option is to lean your [ Spine Curvature. With scoliosis, the spine may curve to the left, the right or both. Levoscoliosis is the term that describes when the spine curves toward the left. Dextroscoliosis means the curve goes to the right in the shape of the letter C. Scoliosis usually occurs in the lower back or lumbar spine but it may also affect the thoracic spine. As the internal swelling increases, the fish's spine begins to curve outward sideways. Causes. Dropsy has a variety of causes: Stress: Stress in betta fish that often leads to dropsy is often caused by poor water quality, incorrect diet, and other illnesses. Continued exposure to stress weakens the fish and damages his immune system until he.

If one side of a vertebra (spine bone) compresses more than the other side after it fractures, the spine may curve as a result. Scoliosis is a long-term (chronic) disease that can worsen over time. Sometimes a curved spine that develops during infancy or early childhood may go unnoticed and untreated until the teenage years These peakless mountains and curved-spine fish are the hidden consequences of coal extraction and use. The impacts are present on the landscape even before the coal is burned and remain for. To explore how ptk7 mutations lead to spine curvature in zebrafish, Curtis Boswell, a graduate student at the University of Toronto, examined the brains and spinal cords of fish with mutated ptk7 One particular trait Balloon Mollies have is their curved spine. This is a genetic defect that the species adjusted to by developing a balloon-like shape to survive. Instead of getting shunned, the Balloon Molly gained a lot of popularity for this 'cute' appearance, urging breeders to produce more Here are 6 important facts that you must know if you plan to take muscle relaxants for back pain: 1. Muscle relaxants are typically a second-line treatment for back pain. Scientific evidence and medical consensus indicate that back pain must be treated first with pain-relieving medications, such as acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti.

1. Practice doing fish first. Google Fish Coloring Pages and use those simple fish as reference. Start with the curved backbone. Draw two circles, one large and one small with the backbone dividing them. Add flesh by smoothing over the circles. Add tails, fins and eyes I opened at 3.40am (still not recovered) with a 14lb 2oz fish with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). I then had an 11lb 2oz very pale fish followed by an 11lb 8oz very dark fish before closing out with the biggest of the bunch at 16lb 12oz. Nothing big but I am happy, my changes of rigs seem to be working :) +5

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  1. From top to bottom, an ideal spine has an outward-inward-outward curve, thus taking the shape of an S. First and foremost, proper curvature of the spine gives it flexibility and creates support. The offsetting curves of each section create a spring-like structure, enabling the spine to act as a natural shock-absorber
  2. Curved spine: tmdavies: Freshwater & Brackish - General Discussion: 10: 11-09-2019 02:12 PM: Fish TB? curved spine? Will I have to euthanize all? missmonday: Freshwater & Brackish - Unhealthy Fish: 14: 12-30-2015 06:37 AM: Curved spine: fishyperson3010: Freshwater & Brackish - Unhealthy Fish: 3: 03-30-2012 12:41 PM: curved spine? wilmo.
  3. This Fish May Be The Answer to Curing Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that affects 3% of children and 8.3% of adults worldwide. For a long time, scientists and doctors couldn't figure out why this spinal curve only happened to a handful of people. Now, a lab in Princeton has gotten one step closer to curing these.
  4. Those mutant fish developed a curved spine and a brain-swelling condition known as hydrocephalus, which is also associated with defects in motile cilia. While the researchers did not directly measure the movement of those defective cilia, they injected tiny fluorescent beads into the fish and saw had almost no CSF flow
  5. betta lover22. Jan 20, 2011. I have posted this to other forums, and so far, no one can help. My female betta has had a curved spine for a couple days now. I have been watching her, and she now has lighter coloring, and dropsy like symptoms. Her scales are standing out as of this morning, and the curved spine

Then the fish can get all sorts of other diseases which you see some obvious sign of. Swollen/Dropsy like abdomen can be from MB, or from other issues. I would add Epsom salt to the water with the sodium chloride and see if this helps. Bent spine is common with MB, but can also be from other causes, most of which show up in younger fish It sounds old-fashioned, but dropsy is a common problem in modern fish tanks. An antiquated medical term for a fish health issue that is probably more accurately described as swelling or edema, dropsy causes the inflammation of the soft tissues in a fish's stomach or similar body cavity. Curved spine; These symptoms can occur together or. Abnormalities in fish include any changes that are obvious by looking at the outside (external) or inside (internal) of the fish. External abnormalities include growths, lesions, wounds, unusual scale patterns, body colour changes and physical deformities such as curved spine or blindness. Examples of internal abnormalities include such things. A bent body with a curved spine where the fish looks curled up; Here's a photo of a fish with a bent spine which signals a severe poisoning from high nitrate in the aquarium water: By iknowcraig. If the nitrates did not violently spike overnight, then the long-term exposure has started to take its toll

Method 2: The stun and stab. Step 1: Grab your fish. Step 2: Hit your fish with a blunt object. Step 3: Stab your fish. How NOT to kill your fish. Flushing your fish to kill it - Don't do it. Carbon dioxide. Using an ice bath to kill your fish. Leaving your fish to suffocate - Don't do it Healthy Fish. Smooth and clean. Healthy fish have streamline bodies with no signs of infections, defects, or hitchhikers. Unhealthy Fish. Missing scales (possible injury). Open sores (possible injury or infection). Curved spine (possible injury, birth defect, swim bladder problem, or tuberculosis). White spots (possible ich/ick, a parasitic. Fish have been used extensively as a vertebrate model in the study of human spinal conditions, including Zebra fish, which demonstrates their similarity. There is no reason to believe that fish would somehow be an exception to the pain factor. Another balloon variety doesn't have the curved spine, but rather a shortened one

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Betta fish that have Dropsy will have a hard time pooping because its anus gets red and swollen. Aside from sunken eyes, other symptoms also include pale gills, ulcers forming up along the lateral line, and a curved spine. It can also lead to loss of appetite that can turn to starvation in the long run The fish develop a normal spine when the mutation is turned off (top panel) but a curved spine when the mutation is on (bottom panel). (Image courtesy of Science/AAAS) Burdine's lab conducted the study in collaboration with a team led by senior author Brian Ciruna, an associate professor of molecular genetics at the University of Toronto and a. Broken Back or Scoliosis in Koi and Pond Fish. 2019-10-21 Dr Erik Johnson. The three most common causes are: Being carried in a net. Being flown overseas resulting in hyperinflation of the airbladder, which can either break the back, or hyperinflate and deform the back LIKE scoliosis and. Lightning strike or electrocution

To identify molecular mechanisms underlying spine curvature, downstream of brain and/or CSF defects, we performed next-generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) on ptk7 mutant versus ptk7/+ sibling fish at a stage correlating with severe IS progression (~1 cm in length; fig. S3B). Heads were dissected at the level of the gill to remove upstream. If the fish was shocked via a faulty heater, pump, etc. or via lighting (striking a pond or surging through a house), this can result in a bent spine. A severe injury can bend the spine. Normally though if broken, the fish would die right away. Fish tuberculosis sometimes results in a gradual development of the curvature of the spine Scoliosis or Broken Back in Fish and Koi. The four most common causes are: (Rare) Being flown overseas resulting in hyperinflation of the airbladder, which can either break the back, or hyperinflate and deform the back LIKE scoliosis and. (Rare) Less likely causes are organophosphate poisoning and Vitamin C deficiency

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Fish fast-starts are rapid events caused by the simultaneous onset of muscle activity along one side of the body. Spine curvature and the strain and electromyographic activity in white muscle were measured for fast-starts in the common carp Cyprinus carpio. The first bend of the fast-start was power Origin. An August 2016 New York Post article reporting that an elderly New York woman got complete relief from a curved and painful back by doing one month of yoga has gone viral. But a spine. The fish swim bladder, or air bladder, is a significant organ that affects a fish's ability to swim and stay buoyant. Due to their round body shape, and in the case of some fancy varieties, a very curved spine, swim bladder disorders are not uncommon. Sometimes diet is the cause, with excess air entering the gastrointestinal tract during.

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The affected fish will typically display visible signs like a bloated belly or curved spine and abnormal swimming positions [1, 2]. The often-swollen appearance of the fish may lead the owners to confuse between a swim bladder and dropsy, but the latter is characterized by a pinecone-like appearance of the fish due to the scales sticking out Exercise Goldfish helps to restore the curvature of the spine, corrects posture. And, as a result of this, the physiological functions of all the systems and organs of our body are improved, the blood supply to each of our cells improves, blood circulation increases, coordination of the internal and external nervous systems is improved The scales of this fish have been modified into slender spikes, each on a tripod-shaped, bony base embedded in the skin. Normally the tripod lies on its side, with the spike flat against the skin, pointing backward. But when the fish puffs up, the stretched skin pulls two of the tripod's legs backward and one leg forward, snapping the spike. Scoliosis is a medical condition where a person's spine has a sideways or lateral curvature. The curvature usually occurs in a lateral 'S' or 'C' shaped curving. Scoliosis in children occurs in early childhood often due to genetics, but can also happen in adulthood. Scoliosis in adults occurs due to spine or joint surgeries, uneve Ceramic electrical insulators e.g. multiple bore tubes and fish spine beads. We hold extensive stocks of ceramic electrical insulators e.g. high purity alumina and mullite tubes: We carry stock of many sizes in the standard 25, 50 and 75mm lengths and also many options in long lengths, up to 2m, ready to be cut to requirement