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Rock gardens are a hot trend in the gardening world, as they can infuse a modern element into any landscape design. Whether you are looking for an easy to care for landscape or you would just like to create a mini rock garden on your property, we have a fantastic collection of ideas for you below Rock gardens are an easy, sometimes plant-free way to give any property a little extra personality, while also being environmentally friendly. Read on for rock garden ideas that are as effective. 18 in. x 23 in. x 13 in. Gray Medium Landscape Rock The Outdoor Essentials Medium Landscape Rock The Outdoor Essentials Medium Landscape Rock is a strong, lightweight fake rock that looks like the real thing. Because it is hollow, it provides the perfect cover for vent pipes, electrical boxes, wellheads, septic clean outs and other unsightly areas of your yard

The height of the fence is better kept short for it might otherwise become a bit difficult to hold the rocks and stones you may fill in. Other garden decorations DIY style for you includes the wire and stone heart decoration. You can also have a wire and stone dining table in your garden, where you can enjoy an outdoor meal with friends and family. . Another brilliant garden decor idea that. Mar 29, 2021 - Explore Pamela Wardlaw's board Landscaping with rocks, followed by 316 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about landscaping with rocks, backyard landscaping, garden design 18 Simple and Easy Rock Garden Ideas That Won't Cause Any Headache. Rock garden can be interpreted as a small garden that have rocks, both big and small, as the main attraction. Another interpretation of a rock garden is using rocks as the garden base or border. While having some small plants around the garden

Modern rock landscaping ideas from gallyroom. Slate rocks garden from onechitecture. Virgin mary garden ideas from derrydiocese. Hillside rock garden from kayabaparts. Dry river rock bed from pimphomee. Succulent plant with old fountain from plantcaretoday. Patio container garden ideas from recognizealeader MAGGIFT 3 Pack Solar Rock Lights, Solar Powered Garden Stone Light Outdoor Decorative Waterproof LED Spotlight for Decor, Ground, Driveway, Pathway, Walkway, Landscape, Yard and Patio. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 14. $26.99. $26. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 30. FREE Shipping by Amazon Rock Garden Design Ideas. June 09, 2015. Skip gallery slides. Save Pin FB More. View All Start Slideshow. rock garden. Rock gardens can bring a natural, rugged beauty to any yard, including those with steep hillsides or other difficult growing conditions. Take a look at these stunning gardens for a wealth of color and design inspiration Rock Garden Designs Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard - With unpredictable weather patterns and the business of 21st-century lifestyles, the traditional garden and the maintenance that comes along with it is starting to lose its appeal. With that in mind, there are five benefits of having a rock garden. 5 Benefits of Having A Rock [

rock garden ideas Keep rocks in scale with the yard. In this small space, rocks are stacked to create a sculptural water feature, while a single boulder placed strategically on the other side of the path helps balance the composition A Japanese rock garden, often called a zen garden, is a carefully stylized landscape of rock arrangements, water features, moss, and gravel or sand that is raked to resemble rippling water. Zen rock gardens are intended to imitate or symbolize parts of nature (such as the sand imitating water) and inspire deep meditative thought on the nature. Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit 11x8 inch Beautiful premium Japanese Mini Rock Garden Meditation Decor Gift Set for home, office desk-top. Zen Sand Garden, 6 Tools, 12 traditional features. Zen Decor. 4.6 out of 5 stars 204. $39.97 $ 39. 97 $44.99 $44.99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 14 20 Rock Garden Ideas That Will Put Your Backyard On The Map. Organic and natural materials should be anyone's first choice when decorating the outdoors and having a rock garden should definitely be on your wishlist this summer. Use rocks to transform your plain and boring backyard into a beautiful and relaxing oasis Rock garden designs can range from to sprawling, naturalistic creations to faux dried river beds to rustic mounds of stones, soil, and plants.It all depends on your preferences and the amount of space (and rock) you have to work with. If you have a small area, often the best design is a simple, round raised bed made of select rocks.This design can fit neatly into any well-chosen nook and will.

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These rock garden ideas will inspire you to create your very own rockery - and it's just as well that now is the perfect time to start building a modern rock garden - big or small. The rock garden has had a long run of popularity over the years Jardin Bowed Wall Trellis. $239.00. Allium Starburst Stake. $39.95. Solar Northern Lights Sphere. $34.95. Queen Anne's Lace Garden Stake Set of 2. $34.95. Diamond Trellis 26 Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones If you have a garden but you don't want to spend a lot money to decorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocks and stones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them

More details and credit-related to 10 awesome and stylish rock garden ideas:Detail: https://bit.ly/2UfrzJ2-----Highlight:10. Dress Up your Pathway9. Sm.. Rock garden ideas for small spaces: plant in containers like Monty Don. Even a tiny garden can still have a rockery - you can easily start one in containers. To create a rock garden effect. 21 Exciting River Rock and Stone Garden Decorating Ideas for Your Outdoor Space 0. By Homebnc on 2021-01-05 Garden, Outdoor decorations. There are many ways to add structure and definition to your garden. One of our favorites is the use of river rocks. These beautiful stones come in many colors, shapes, and sizes A rock garden—sometimes known as a rockery or alpine garden—is a planting area designed with a hardscape featuring a selection of gravels, rocks, and/or boulders.It typically includes softscape plants suitable to those. The beauty of a well-planned rock garden is the rocks and plants work together to enhance the total impact 20 Rock Garden Ideas That Will Put Your Backyard On The Map Organic and natural materials should be anyone's first choice when decorating the outdoors and ha..

When developing a rock garden for shade, make sure the site drains well. Rocky crevasses that hold boggy water are not suitable for most plants. If necessary, install perforated pipe through the center to move excess moisture away from plant roots. All shade plants will need supplemental, regular water as they establish Rock gardens are a fantastic way of adding unique shapes and textures of rocks and garden landscape ideas that give a natural feel to your backyard or front yard decorating. The combination of rocks, plants and flowers is an inexpensive way to enhance the beauty of your rock garden design Rock Garden Ideas - people adore the most about having a garden is that it can be a cheap therapy for them. It has a nice smell and appearance of colorful flowers that can reduce the amount of stress people get from work. Rock garden ideas will be a perfect addition to the garden

32 Backyard Rock Garden Ideas. Gardens and Landscaping / Backyards. Rock gardens are an amazing way to build texture and depth into your backyard. Find 32 awe inspiring rock garden ideas and designs to play with! Welcome to our gallery of marvelous rock gardens! There are many directions you can take your garden Decorative Rock Garden. Rocks don't always have to be slowing the movement of water or stopping soil erosion. You can use them for purely decorative reasons as well. Create eye-catching rock formations in empty spots that need ground coverage. Let their natural beauty show or paint them fun bright colors In fact, rock gardens are gaining popularity, as they can bring a modern element to landscaping and be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you're waving goodbye to the lawn in favor of pebbles or you'd like to create a mini rock garden in a contemporary large planter, today's ideas will spark the imagination. Enjoy! Planning Your Rock.

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25 River Rock Garden Ideas for Beautiful DIY Designs. 01-15-19 Joe Hats Decor, Featured. River rock is highly versatile - it can be used for art or for landscaping, and so it remains one of the hottest garden trends. Often sold as Beach Pebbles in hardware stores, they are great for unique and creative garden DIY projects Oct 6, 2017 - Explore Sonya Felkins's board MyRockGarden on Pinterest. See more ideas about painted rocks, rock crafts, stone art

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  1. A rock garden can be any size that you want and it can have rocks of any size that you want. This is a great DIY rock garden if you have a lot of huge boulder sized rocks in your yard. Instead of trying to move those rocks, just build a little garden around them
  2. 25 Beautiful Front Yard Rock Garden Landscaping Design Ideas. Taylor Grey July 26, 2019. Share Share . Front yard landscaping may be quite different from the backyard since the people that you want to show off is also different. This may a challenging task and you can opt to get a professional landscaping team to get the job done. Your backyard.
  3. Rock Garden Ideas for Year-Round Landscapes. From rock garden ideas for front yard to patio planning with select boulders, here are some concepts we love for enhancing outdoor spaces with stone. Rock Gardens with Plants. Plants are traditional elements in gardens and landscaping, and combining them with rich stonework is a win-win
  4. gardenideaz.com - The concept of rock garden ideas came into being in the twentieth century. Travelers to the majestic Swiss Alps were impressed by the exquisite flowers and foliage which grew among the snowy heights. The desire for this exotic flora and feel, they transported the theme of rock garden idea from the Alps to their homelands
  5. Landscaping with stone - 21 ideas for garden decorations. A landscape with rocks is very decorative and popular with many gardeners. Maybe you do not want to create an actual rock garden but you like the idea of combining the stone with plants and other elements in your garden to frame and structure the space in a way that appeals to you
  6. Landscaping Rocks for Rugged, Low-Maintenance Gardens. Lowe's has a broad range of small decorative landscaping rocks and pebbles for use in gardens and outdoor features. Rock pathways are easy to maintain and stand up to heavy foot traffic without showing wear and tear

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  1. In modern gardens you can utilize stones with rocks of various materials, for example, rock or marble that will help secure flowerbeds. In the gardens with an oriental style is fundamental the utilization of stones, that join huge and little stones, causing a delightful visual picture. You can utilize rock. Rock can be plain or with improvements
  2. Rock gardens are a great way of utilizing any barren rocky corners of your garden and backyard. Sometimes synonymous with an Alpine garden, a rock garden comes to life when you transform the otherwise useless area into a lovely place of kaleidoscopic extravaganza by growing eye-catching rock garden plants
  3. Some rock garden designs use plants and water features to create a tranquil space. Rock Garden Ideas: 7 Ways to Design a Rock Garden To submit requests for assistance, or provide feedback regarding accessibility, please contact support@masterclass.com
  4. 5. A Raised Rock Garden - Garden Rockery Ideas. source. You may be familiar with raised flower beds. They are just another way of adding dimension to your garden, by raising the garden beds. This is an alternative to letting them grow on the same level as the rest of the ground in the garden

19-1/2 in. L x 29 in. W x 30 in. H Resin Landscape Rock The Emsco Group Outdoor Resin Landscape Rock The Emsco Group Outdoor Resin Landscape Rock is made of high-density plastic resin. Use this decorative landscape rock to add beauty and definition to any landscape design or to hide unsightly elements such as well covers, pumps, pipes and sprinkler valves Check out some more rock garden ideas to help your kids get [] Reply. 40 Amazing landscaping and DIY garden decorations with natural stones | My desired home March 24, 2021 - 8:19 pm [] Rock gardens, flower beds, corridors - garden paths, landscaping but also useful constructions such as seats, fountains, etc. are some of the elements.

Simple Rock Garden Designs. There are many kinds of garden designs that a person can choose from, depending on the atmosphere and temperature of a particular place. For people who live in the suburbs, or somewhere high up the mountain, rock garden design is one of the best options. Rock Garden Design with Perennial Check out our how-to guides and videos for easy backyard ideas like building a DIY arbor and bench. Beautiful Arbors and Trellises Garden arbors and trellises make a big impact in a backyard and are perfect for avid gardeners. Arbors can help create a visual walkway in a garden while also providing a vertical space for climbing plants and flowers By Blythe Copeland. January 15, 2021. 00:00. 00:59. Creative Rock Garden Ideas to Consider for Your Own Yard. From a rock garden to gravel accents, use these ideas to pair landscaping with hardscaping for a unique look:.A hilly outcropping offers the ideal place for an array of boulders that can play host to a small waterfall.In a Japanese Zen.

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The beautiful rock garden design ideas shared here will equip you with more insight on how to come up with that beautiful garden. Types of Plants that Thrive in Rock Gardens The first thing that you will want to learn about if you want to create the perfect rock garden is the type of plants that will thrive in this environment Garden With Rock Retaining Wall After Landscaping Makeover. Give the illusion of a level yard by incorporating stone steps and a stone retaining wall. Keep your wall under 4 feet tall; otherwise, a building permit may be needed. Creeping phlox or other trailing plants add an interesting waterfall effect to your wall A well-decorated garden can become a quite relaxing space, which in turn allows full contact with nature, giving us a chance to put aside the daily routine and eliminate stress. Try one of the rock garden design ideas above, and get yourself a garden decoration that is original and welcoming You can re-purpose exiting stones from your garden, colors, wires etc. Rock gardens are very popular nowadays. The biggest advantage of rock gardens is its low-maintenance. With these DIY garden decor ideas, transform a simple looking stone into colorful strawberry, Caterpillar, lady bug etc. Hard to Believe then have a look. Enjoy . 1. A rock garden is ideal if you want to create a corner of nature even if you have little space and, even if making it is not within everyone's reach, with the right advice you can get a harmonious and natural result.You don't need to have specific knowledge or special technical skills, but only imagination and patience. In addition, you can follow our tips to avoid making mistakes

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A rock garden is a plot of well-draining soil decorated with rocks, stones and boulders with small drought-tolerant plants growing between the rocks. Also known as alpine gardens or rockeries, they're more than a pile of gravel A rock garden is a wonderful way to add a unique and exotic touch to your outdoor décor. A decorative rock comes in many different types, shapes, and sizes so there are numerous ways for you to design your hardscape. No matter what size yard you have there are countless rock garden ideas to choose from so you can have a beautiful exterior Rock garden design ideas vary in sizes, types of green and flowering plants and color combinations, but they all allow to create beautiful backyard landscaping centerpieces and hide unappealing spots. Rock garden is ideal for slopes or natural terraces, areas with rocks and little topsoil. Rock garden design ideas are popular and beautiful A Rock garden landscaping idea 3 of the best rock garden and yard landscaping ideas Another amazing modern rock garden idea An amazing rock garden design idea A beautiful rock garden design idea shelterness for 2020-2021 Building rock garden ideas | Youtube | for 2020-2021. A Rock Garden Landscaping Idea That Will Inspire Your Rock Garden A. Orange gaillardia brightens the flagstone path and marshlike plantings in this Morro Bay, CA garden. Here, landscaping with stone and concrete is softened not just by these dreamy plants, but the hazelnut shells offer an organic counter to the hardscaping. Photo by Jennifer Cheung. 13 of 49 Photo by Jennifer Cheung

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rock garden ideasSelected and edited by Zoltan Eberhart https://www.facebook.com/zoleesworld Music 01 Front Porch Blues - Chris Haugen02 Hurts So Good Blues. A rock garden, recognized as an alpine or rockery garden, is a planting space composed of a hardscape highlighting various boulders, gravels, and rocks. In addition, it generally has softscape plants that are suitable. The attraction of a thoughtful rock garden is the plants and rocks work mutually to improve the impact The Rock Garden offers a variety of beautiful stone options for all residential and commercial projects throughout Truckee, CA. Call us today at 530-582-3610 Rusty Metal Robin - Steel Robin Decoration - Rusty Bird - Wild Bird Art - Woodland Creatures - Christmas Robin Garden Decor. RustedBanana. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,178) $8.64. Etsy's Pick. Add to Favorites. Small Copper and stained glass garden Plant stake. Free Shipping You pick the colors you want Nowadays, there are so many products of large garden rocks decorative in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for large garden rocks decorative in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. You are in RIGHT PLACE. Here are some of best sellings [

These 12 Rock Garden Ideas Will Bring Tranquility To Any Home. You likely wouldn't be surprised to learn rock gardens originated in East Asia, but many of the modern iterations we see today have. In general, there are a number of kinds of Japanese gardens, including paradise gardens, tea gardens, dry rock gardens, and a few others. Paradise gardens and dry rock gardens are the types of gardens that would be the best option for making a stunning backyard garden. Find more backyard ideas in our definitive guide to backyards! Paradise Gardens Rock Garden Ideas. There is no rock garden design that is set in stone. Your garden can be what you want to make it, given the space and budget you have to work with. Landscaping rock costs will vary by the type and amount you get for your garden

Looking for rock garden ideas? Rock gardens have existed for years, first appearing in the British aisles and designed to mimic an alpine landscape. As people learned to care for the alpine plants typical of rock gardens they became more popular. Today, rock gardens exist across the world in a variety of styles Rock gardens are designed to recreate the free-draining dry conditions of alpine meadows. While rock gardens can be expensive to build and are labor-intensive, a pleasing rock garden can be created and enjoyed even when space and resources are limited, by filling crevices between paving stones or using carpeting varieties at the front of a mixed border Shop our best selection of Rabbits Garden Statues to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Find the perfect patio furniture & backyard decor at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way

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10 Captivating Rock Garden Ideas. There are many rock garden ideas to choose from when thinking of a creative way to spruce up your yards. A garden should be fresh and full of life and a rock garden is a perfect way to add a freshness and unique touch to your outdoor décor. Check out these 10 Captivating Rock Garden Ideas and get inspired now. 1 20 Beautiful Rock Garden Design Ideas Rock gardens are amazing, they look chic every time and are low maintenance features. There are different types of such gardens, with various flowers and plants, today I'd like to share the most popular kinds of them, let's have a look A Rock Wall Garden is a great way of making your garden unique; it will stand out from those of your neighbors. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of your home, a Rock Wall Garden will add privacy and security to your home. See your landscaping designer today for ideas on what type of wall you should have But if you're interested in creative rock garden ideas, it's worth debunking one common misconception right off the bat: That is, that rock gardens are composed entirely (and exclusively) of rocks. Not so. While traditional Japanese rock gardens employ stones, sand, and brushed gravel as foundational elements, moss, pruned trees, and bushes are.

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In fact, rock gardens are gaining popularity, as they can bring a modern element to landscaping and be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you're waving goodbye to the lawn in favor of pebbles or you'd like to create a mini rock garden in a contemporary large planter, today's ideas will spark the imagination This rock garden features a xeriscape garden design, so plants need very little water to thrive. Santa Fe Inspiration. Cat mint, nasella grass, shrub roses and other plantings make an appealing centerpiece in this southwestern garden with Santa Fe crushed gravel pathways. Natural Synchronicity Shop our best selection of Cast Stone Garden Statues to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Find the perfect patio furniture & backyard decor at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way The Rock Garden offers unique natural stone and natural stone products to landscape contractors, architects, builders, and homeowners. We mine beautiful Colorado stone only a few miles from Fort Collins, and carve it for you in a variety of shapes, from landscape boulders and stone veneers, to custom stone fountains and specialty rock art

The garden bed is sited just beyond our decks and because it is part of the primary view of our backyard, the rock garden is designed to provide visual interest all year round. The colors and textures of the conifers contrast with the lichen-covered rocks, creating an attractive combination A rock garden is a good way to display plants in a natural-looking setting. Rock gardens tend to be low maintenance once you set them up and can be fit to any size yard, including small spaces or yards with natural slopes. In an area where.. 1920's Portland Cement Garden Sculptures Of Putti Representing The Four Seasons. BUY NOW. Follow. Buy Now: $6,000.00. Rare Antique Zinc Coated Cast Iron Settee By Peter Timmes 1895 Brooklyn, NY. BUY NOW. Follow. Buy Now: $2,650.00. Large And Notable Cast Iron Fountain With Putti 5. A clean rock corner. Some rock gardens are quite clean and minimalist to look at, and we love the modern touch it adds no matter how big or small your yard is! Choose a corner and create a boxed off rock space made of straight, clean lines, just like this one from Housely. 6

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16. Rock Garden Under the Stairs. Use the space under your stairs to create an indoor rock garden. Check out more such ideas here. 17. Under Stair Rock Garden Idea. If the space under your stairs is open and receives indirect light, you can grow plants like crotons and succulents When it comes to front yard landscaping ideas with rocks, there's no rule that says all rocks need to be the same. Try mixing it up by creating a rock garden with large rocks, river rocks and small stones for a layered look. Get inspired with these garden and lawn edging ideas and tips A flagstone pathway, a raised plant bed, a stone wall or garden bench or pond with river stones at the bottom are beautiful examples of just how diverse all these rock garden ideas can be. Rocks and water make a great duo so be inspired by this when shaping your garden

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The final step is to add mulch (Image 2). Although the mulch's main function is to decorate the area, it also helps retain water for the plants, as well as prevents weeds from coming through. Once in place, your rock garden is complete Explore garden decor in a range of sizes and styles, then browse beautiful and functional pieces to make your outdoor space even more enjoyable. Enchanting Lawn Ornaments. Craft your own charming secret garden and enhance the natural feel of your space with yard decorations incorporating faux outdoor greenery A rock garden, glowing with brightly colored perennials, can add a splash of color to an otherwise dark corner of your landscape. Planted with perennial culinary and medicinal herbaceous plants, the homestead rock garden adds value to the property

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Rock Garden Design. Building a rock garden is not at all difficult. In fact, it's basically just a variety of low-growing plants nestled into an outcropping of rocks, though they may vary depending on the space. The best way to create a rock garden design is to take a look at Mother Nature's natural handiwork, and then copy her ideas. The. 50 Best Engraved River Rock Ideas and Gift Inspirations. 10-13-20 Joe Hats Decor. Engraved river rocks are not just for memorials. You can use them for garden decoration, as pendants, pet memorials, garden markers, home and front porch decor, lucky charms, and more. They can be quite fun to play around with and are actually quite popular Rock placement is an important design issue if you're building a rock garden from scratch. While you can certainly pick up ideas by observing natural sites, I find it's easier to learn from other rock gardens where the scale is more similar to that in my own garden

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Find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor space with furniture and décor from At Home's spring assortment. Grab some shade and sophistication with patio umbrellas designed in every style under the sun, and brighten your nights with stylish lanterns, string lights and pathway lighting options 26 Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones. If you have a garden but you don't want to spend a lot money to decorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocks and stones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them. They are everywhere and you can spend no effort to find them Fireplace and sitting area in the courtyard Colorful flowers - flower beds on either side of the bridge Posted plan and design the garden Well maintained landscaping Rustic design - contemporary accent to insert the red chair Pebbles and stones Art atmosphere Garden decoration ideas for you Touch of the exotic palm trees add here Rattan chairs Roses delicate garden Stone steps Succulent. A Japanese rock garden is also commonly referred to as a Zen garden. The purpose of the Japanese rock garden is to bring peace, serenity and tranquility to your life. The rock garden is a basic kind of symbolism: the sand symbolizes the sea, rocks are the islands and the rake is a means for you to traverse rocky waters

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A flower garden is a great option, but if ongoing care is a concern, you can simplify the process by opting for low-maintenance succulents, bushes or hedges instead. If you don't have a green thumb, consider simple and easy-to-implement landscape design ideas, such as grass, gravel pathways, water features, statues, wood fences or stone walls For a level rock garden you will not need to change the soil if the drainage is good but it can be a good idea. Dig out the soil to a depth of 6 inches or more. Place a layer of small rubble over the area and then replace the soil. This will create a slight elevation to the bed and improve the drainage. To make a hummock, use a pile of larger. Rock gardens afford dimension for the eye while also providing interesting textures and color. They are easy to upkeep if properly prepared and a long-lasting feature of interest in the garden. Before you install succulents in a rock garden, consider the size, shape, and height of your rockery. The first steps to building a succulent rock. You must plan your garden first and when doing so, also consider garden ornaments. Developing your own zen garden may seem like a very simple idea, but actually, it is an art form that must be learned to be perfected. The first type of zen garden that you need to take into account is the rock garden, which often contains elements of sand Add dramatic impact to your rock garden by choosing a variety of fast-growing groundcovers with attractive blooms. In this composition, the vivid purple blooms of Aubrieta deltoidea (Rock Cress) offer a lovely contrast to the shining blossoms of Aurinia saxatilis (Basket-of-Gold) or the pure white clusters of Iberis sempervirens (Evergreen Candytuft)

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a challenge that nearly everyone will experience during his or her lifetime. While the only way to heal from a loss is with time, creating a memorial garden in honor of your loved one is an inspirational way to pay tribute to their life while giving you a quiet place to remember your loved one Please take a closer look at all of our Patio Accessories and Garden Decor options below, and click on any link for additional information. DekoRRa Garden Box / Water Basin. Price: $377.99. Sale Price: $301.95. Paraclipse Terminator™ Fly Trap. Price: $550.00. Sale Price: $445.95. Garden Bridges The Japanese garden is a miniature and idealized view of nature and hence no matter how small space your garden is, you could always implement this style of garden. The hard rock can be categorized into vertical rock or flat. The vertical rough rock is used to represent mountain while the flat ones serve as stepping stones

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