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Games, puzzles, and other fun activities to help kids practice letters, numbers, and more! 10,000+ learning activities, games, books, songs, art, and much more Worms are the perfect springtime life science theme. Here are 16 classic and creative activities with Earthworms or ideas to take learning about worms further. You'll love the ways to teach observation, creating worm habitats, writing about worms and Earthworm crafts too. Observing Earthworms 1. Can Worms Smell - Set up a creative experiment to see if worms really can smell

Though worms may not be everyone's favorite animal, they are readily available for kindergartners to find. You can instill an early interest in biology and curiosity about how organisms live with worm lessons. Write a whole unit about worms and incorporate multidisciplinary lessons revolving around the theme.. Worm Games and Activities. A collection of worm games and activities for kids. Enjoy worm crafts, worm themed snacks, worm themed science projects, and fun worm facts. Table of Contents. Worm Themed Arts and Crafts Ideas Worm Themed Game Ideas Science Facts About Worms Worm Themed Snack Ideas Worm Themed Songs; Worm Themed Arts and Crafts Ideas 1 WORM GAMES. MEASURING YARN WORMS. You can make some nice fussy worms by cutting thick brown yarn into sections. Cut each section a different length. Mix up the worms and let your children take turns sorting out the worms by length. Have your children look for the smallest worm and set it on a flat surface Worms LESSON ACTIVITIES - EXPLANATION Science Worm habitat - Make a simple worm tower using a cylindrical glass jar or vase. Place a plastic wrapped cardboard tube in the middle. Alternate layers of sand and dirt. Add the worms once they've been collected. Add food for the worms (bits of vegetables). Be sure to mist the tower every few days t

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The story chronicles the activities of the worm, and it can serve as a reference for different creative-writing activities. Furthermore, the ecological themes of the book can be drawn on to celebrate Earth Day in the springtime, or any day of the year! This classroom activity sheet i (From this activity it would be great to talk with children about composting). Twinkl delivered again on this topic and we used numbered leaf cards to count out quantities. We looked at tape measures and the children enjoyed finding numbers on the tape and lining up their worms Teaching Kindergarteners About Worms. Wriggly worms often get a strong reaction from kindergarteners -- either squeals of delight or screams of disgust. A unit about worms fits into the kindergarten science curriculum as a life-science component. A mix of activities gives the kids a well-rounded view of the.

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  1. A Worms Preschool Theme?! How cool and gross and fun! Even those who don't like them will learn to appreciate them through this theme! You'll see the words critters, crawlers and wigglers used often! This page has activities, ideas and preschool lesson plans for each Interest Learning Center in your preschool classroom
  2. g, sorting, and more.Also included are ideas for creating a science observation center with worms.
  3. When I taught preschool, we would empty our water table, fill it up with dirt, fake worms, buckets, scoops, fake flowers and let the children explore. Sensory bins are a great way to encourage language development, fine motor skill practice and provide children with the sensory input they need
  4. Once the worm becomes a pupa, take it off the card, take the silk off the card and you'll have a silk woven shape like a heart or cross or star. Of course, the worms don't care much for corners on shapes, so there will be rounded corners instead of sharp ones. You can put more than one worm on a shape to make it thicker
  5. Each mat says, There are [#] worms in the dirt. Children will identify the numeral on each page, and count out the correct number of worms to place in the dirt on the mat. To make the worms, children can pinch off pieces of play dough and roll it in their hands to form a little worm

Today I'm going to share a couple more worm activities and ideas. Observing Worms: Hands-On Activities. This is what we saw the first time we removed the black paper from our worm house (wormery.) It was like a big I Spy worm bottle! We were able to see the worm burrows and how some of the layers of dirt and sand were mixed together Earthworm Farm Activity (b/w) Worm Observation Activity (b/w) Sediment Observation Activity (b/w) Soil Classification Activity (b/w) Mud Exploration Activity (b/w) Labels and Tabs for Organization; Make learning about Soil and Worms fun with 57 pages of done-for-you science lessons for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergartgen students Letter W - Worm Theme for Tot School and Preschool. As we approach the end of an alphabet, we reached the letter W. For letter W, we picked worm theme. After all, there are not many things more fun than wiggly worms! Like in our previous tot school themed weekly themes, we gathered week worth of play-based activities with worms for toddlers. 21. $11.50. PDF. Compatible with. This set of lesson plans, resources, and activities is for use with Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin. It can be used for whole group, small group, and independent instruction - which makes these resources a smart choice for literacy centers or Reader's Workshop Welcome to my Worms, Snails, and Slugs Lesson Planning Page. On this page you will find fun lesson planning ideas for learning all about creatures in the garden! You will find: links to preschool activities, book recommendations, suggested items to add

Find out more about preschool math skills and one-to-one correspondence here. There are two ways to play this game. Children can participate alone as a counting activity where they roll the dice, then remove the appropriate number of worms from the can. Preschoolers continue rolling until they run out of worms There are many fiction books about worms, spring, and baby birds that preschoolers will love to read, but the best nonfiction book that we read about what worms do in preschool was Wiggly Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer. There is a lot of on-level, easy to understand information in the book that my preschoolers easily picked up on Home > Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids > Animals Crafts > Bugs / Insects Crafts > Book Worms and Inch Worms Crafts . WORM CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Ideas to make bookworms & inchworms with easy arts and crafts decorations, instructions, patterns, and activities for children, preschoolers, and teens. Worms are long, soft, slender and legless creatures Diary of a Worm - An hilarious account of a worms daily activities in the form a a journal. Label the Earthworm Activity Sheet. The printable earthworm picture takes a full-sized sheet of paper. The earthworm is about eight inches long so it gives children plenty of room to label the parts Procedure. Add the worms to your pot. Select a number of healthy looking worms; we recommend 15 smaller worms (about 5 cm long) or 5-10 if your worms are bigger. The figure shows small worms (left) and huge worms (right). Remove the damp newspaper for now and place your worms on the moist soil

Activity 3: Build your own compost bin. A great follow-up to this activity is to build your own vermicomposter. Kids love worms! Building your own worm bin is a simple project that they can make an ongoing contribution to in the family home or in the school community Filed Under: A, Arts and Crafts Ideas, Bird Activities, Construction Paper Crafts, Creepy Crawlies, Ideas for Parents, Ideas for Teachers, Paper Crafts for Kids Tagged With: paper worm craft, worm craft, worm craft for kids, worm craft for kindergarten, worm craft for preschoolers. Reader Interaction

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  1. Worms Snails and Slugs Activity Pack. Children love to learn about creatures in the garden. Inside my activity packs you will find a variety of Math, Literacy, Fine Motor, and Science activities perfect for creating centers, file folder activities, or morning work for the preschool aged children in your care. This 59 page activity pack includes.
  2. Worm Tracks Activity. Have the kids wear old clothing that won't be ruined if they get paint on it. 1. Cook spaghetti and add some oil to the water so that the noodles do not stick together. 2. Drain and place in a small container for the kids. Wait for the spaghetti to completely cool. 3
  3. Then, paint those two pieces green. You can recycle the middle section of the plate for this paper plate worm craft project. While the paint dried, we talked about worms and what their purpose is. Earthworms are great for composting. Some years we even had a small composting bin and added worms to the bin. The kids loved the hands on learning

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Ww worm day- preschool style. When the kids arrived on W w worm day they found worms on a window for some above and below viewing. I propped the window up on two teacher chairs and stayed close to hold it steady. the kids crawled under to watch the wiggly worms and watched from above to see their funny friend (and worms) through the window. Lou. Today, I've collected over 50 great STEM activities for kindergarten children aged around 5-6 years (though many of them are fun for older kids too). For convenience, the list is divided into the four main STEM categories however these activities all integrate learning across two or more of the four subject areas - plus they're simply. Finally, add gummy worms for a great, tasty snack. Links! Preschool Worm Theme - Everything Preschool Snail Theme - First School Worms - Perpetual Preschool Wiggle Worms - Preschool Express Worms Theme for Preschool - Preschool Plan-It Snails and Worms Preshool Activities, Science, and Crafts - KidsSoup Snails - Theme and Activities - Educatal Worms . The most fun part of this activity will probably be the worms, for kids. Enticing them out of the earth is a task in itself, but if it's taking too long for you, or you're having no luck, you can actually order composting worms on the Internet to arrive at your home by post or simply buy some from your local garden centre

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Worms in the Mud Counting. Worms are cool! We love finding them out in our yard and garden. For this counting activity we used plastic worms, but you can also buy rubber ones in the fishing supply area of your local Wal-mart or sport store. Bug Words Writing Center. These write-the-room word strips are a great way to practice early writing Silly Worm Counting to 10 with Stickers. August 17, 2020. by Yara. Your kids are going to go nuts over this really fun, hands on math activity for toddler, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age students. Grab the Silly Worm printable and any stickers you have on hand. Now get ready for some silly count to 10 practice with this counting activity Activity 2: Worm Pecking. As I mentioned earlier, my preschooler loves watching the birds in our yard as they use their beaks to find and peck out worms from the soil. I recreated that scenario with a fun sensory tray. I used brown crinkle paper and pink pipe cleaners in a tray from Target Forest School Activities Science Activities Kindergarten Science Preschool Lessons Worm Crafts Preschool Garden Worm Composting Earthworms Science For Kids Wormy Worm-Earthworm Unit and Craft If you are studying Earthworms this unit is perfect to guide your instruction

Best time and place to find a worm colony - under a pot, rocks, or bricks after it has rained. Bring magnifiers, clipboards with pencils to make a life drawing, a container to bring a couple of worms inside to observe body and movement closely. Emphasize respect for living things First remove the top of the bottle. Use tape to cover the edges as they might be sharp. We don't want any fingers or worms to get hurt. Place a water bottle in the middle of the pop bottle. This is to force the worms to move to the outside of the bottle, instead of hiding in the middle. Make sure the bottle is filled with room temperature water

Preschool Worms Snail and Slug Activities. by . Pre-K Printable Fun. 7. $5.00. PDF. Children love to learn about the creatures in the garden. This 59 page activity pack includes the following 18 Worm, Snail and Slug themed activities. Inside my activities you will find a variety of Math, Literacy, Fine Motor, and Science activities perfect for. What You Do: Make dirt by crushing chocolate sandwich cookies in a plastic bag. Put about one third of the crushed cookies into the bottom of an empty yogurt container. Spread fruit yogurt on top of the cookies. This represents kitchen fruit scraps. Follow the yogurt with grass cuttings—a sprinkling of coconut that has been tinted. Diary of a Worm Classroom Activities. Enhance pupils' enjoyment of Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin with a wide variety of classroom extension activities that connect reading, ecology, and creative writing. This is a great resource for spring, Earth Day, or any time of the year

Inside: Easy measurement activity for preschoolers Mom, this worm is 4. And that worm is 2. When my 3yo could tell me the lengths of these worms in her own simple words, I knew this activity is a winner.. An effective way to introduce measurement to young children. In particular, this activity introduces children to the concept of non-standard unit measurements, a prior-knowledge for. Make a worm farm out of a plastic bin by drilling several holes in the top, sides, and bottom. Make bedding for the worms out of newspaper torn into strips and then soaked in water. Wring it out until it is the consistency of a damp sponge and then fluff it up to form a layer about 6 inches (15 cm.) deep in the bottom of the bin Educational video for kids to discover another group of invertebrate animals: worms. Their body is long and soft, they breathe through their skin, they have. Many preschoolers love learning about worms, and these squirmy, slimy, worm crafts will give them the opportunity to make a wiggling creature of their own. Preschool worm crafts reinforce learning about earthworms and provide children a sensory experience

Here are my favorite caterpillar and butterfly activities for preschool. What I like about this book is that it goes on to explain that the earth worm's digging is vital for the trees to grow so that the caterpillar can eat the leaves and turn into a butterfly. I like the lesson about how we all play a part The cute little worm clipart image we colored green. Finally, the sign the apple worm holds telling students how many holes to punch in the apple we colored orange. Hole Punching Activities. Again, the coloring part of this preschool counting activity is optional, but makes it super cute! Then, cut apart each square - there are 6 apple.

This simple kids' science activity is perfect for little scientists who like seeing creatures come alive before their eyes. Like our fizzing popsicle paint and magic balloons, this kids' science experiment uses baking soda and vinegar to make gummy worms dance.. Follow the simple step-by-step below and then grab 30 more easy-to-follow science experiments kids will beg to repeat (plus a no. When the worms dig through the container, they will leave a trail of sand behind them that your child will be able to see mixing into the dirt. For the most worm activity, place the worm farm in a dark place or tape a piece of paper around the worm farm to keep the light out. Worms do most of their work at night

Suitable for all grades, Digging For Worms lets you dig up worms while looking for money. Find 5 coin caches to win. Play Digging For Worms online, here Letter W Worm. Posted on March 20, 2012. by Creative Preschool Resources. Whew! What a week we've had! This is a simple idea, but the kids REALLY enjoyed it! We made giant letters out of brown paper, added some brown string to represent sections of the worms body and googly eyes. Who doesn't love google eyes Where can I find a prepositions activity for children? This PowerPoint covers prepositions in a fun and colorful way! See if your children can work out the position of the worm. The above video may be from a third-party source. We accept no responsibility for any videos from third-party sources. Please let us know if the video is no longer working

Kindergarten children look forward to spending time with their older buddies. In this recycling activity all the children first listen to stories/books about worms, worm castings, and worm burrows. Then the buddies and kindergartens go outside armed with clipboards, pencils and the worm observation handout to look for worm homes Digging for Spaghetti Worms in Dirt is a simple sensory activity that only takes a few moments to set up. It's exciting, it's messy and the kids will have so much fun catching all the slippery and slimy spaghetti worms with tweezers and putting them into a jar Stir well. Step 3: Drop the skinny gummy worms into the cup of baking soda solution, stir, and let them soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Step 4: While the worms soak, fill a clear glass or jar with vinegar. Step 5: When the 20 minutes are up, ask your child to fish the gummy worms out of the baking soda solution with a fork, and drop them into the. Amber is a former preschool teacher turned stay at home, homeschooling mom of 3 and the creator of From ABCs to ACTs. She loves sharing crafts, activities, and printables that encourage children to learn through play, creativity, and exploration. Learn Mor

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These worms build more than just fine motor skills—the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set is packed with 5-in-1 preschool learning fun! With the included spinner and activity cards, kids can turn learning into a game as they master color identification, sorting, critical thinking, and early math skills! Best of all, the Wriggleworms Kindergarten math games are a great way to practice math skills your kids are learning. By playing math games for kindergartners, you're giving your child a hands-on and tactile way to master the skills they'll need each year in school.We have free kindergarten math games to help kid practice counting games for kindergarten, addition, subtraction, shapes, printable kindergarten math games. Preschool Letter W Snack: Wormy Apples. This is a super fun snack for the letter W. Make a hole in your apple with a small peeler or small knife. Put a gummy worm in the middle and voila! You have a simple and creative snack that kids will love! Want to Print the Preschool Letter W Activities The preschool years are a wonderful time to explore the environment. Nature provides young learners unlimited possibilities for discovery. Most preschool curriculum objectives require environmental science lessons, including developing an awareness for conservation. Hands-on environmental science activities will.

Learning to sort and classify by color is an important skill your students can learn prior to, or during their preschool year. We've created a wide variety of free color sorting games to help you teach your little ones at home, including this colorful and silly worm sorting game. This free printable file folder game.. Weather Songs @ Preschool Education; Weather Song, by Mrs. Jones; Mr. Sun, by Raffi (Download from iTunes or Amazon) Find more Weather Activities for Pre-K. Little Wiggle Worm Fingerplay. The little wiggle worm (wiggle pipe cleaner worm) Went crawling underground. (wiggle worm under hand) Down came the rain; (wiggle fingers downward) Soon mud. Use the permanent marker to give each worm a cute smile (optional). Place them on the plate. Using the dropper (or by sprinkling with your fingers), moisten each worm. Watch the colors mix and mingle as the worms grow, wiggle, and squirm. ⒺⓃⒹⓁⒺⓈⓈ ⒼⒾⒼⒼⓁⒺⓈ Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction. Directions: Cut the top off an empty clean soda bottle, or use an empty aquarium. Fill the container with soil, leaves, and twigs. Add water and the worms! Emphasize respect for living things. Explain that the worms are just having a short visit at your hotel

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  1. Frog Crafts & Activities For Preschool. Learning about frogs at preschool is a fun way to learn about the super rad amphibian and life cycles! Frog crafts and activities help to deepen this learning as you explore the science. Here are some of my favorite frog crafts and activities for preschool. This is a great theme to explore in your.
  2. You don't have to do this but it will help make the worm tunnels more visible as they can't go in the inner core of the bottle. Next, layer dirt, sand and crushed up Cheerios and leaves in the bottle until full. We added some compost materials such as strawberry greens and banana peels to the top as well for more worm food. Now dig for some.
  3. Put worms in the center and let them go. Watch to see what interesting art they create as they find and crawl through the puddles. Worm Math- Count the worms. Make up a rhyme about the worms. (ex. one worm twists, two worms turn, three worms stretch.) Make numbers with the worms. (take two worms and make a 5, take two worms and make a 3.
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Part III: Worm Composting 26 Worm composting is an excellent way to introduce living decomposers in the classroom and explore in depth the super-heroes of composting—red worms. Here, students will set up a worm bin, learn about Worm Compost Activities (p.26 Cover the holes with a piece of screen to make sure your worms do not try to explore outside the bin. Fill 1/2 to 3/4 of the bin with strips of newspaper. This newspaper serves as a bed for your worms, and they will eat it too. Use a spray bottle to moisten the newspaper. Worms don't like to dry out. Add red wriggler worms Songs: Includes all of your favorite Preschool Worms related songs Art: Most Everyone's favorite category.It contains a lot of wonderful Preschool Worms projects for your children to Enjoy. Books: Contains great Preschool Worms related books that will help you to teach your children Games: The best way to learn is to do it in a fun way; What better way to do that than with some exciting. Letter I Inch Worm Craft; 28,091 Visits; I is for inchworm! As alphabet animal crafts go, this cute inchworm craft is a fun one to make and our provided template makes it easy. Top 10 Preschool Letter I Kids Activities. Top 10 Kindergarten Letter I Kids Activities. All Kids Network is dedicated to providing fun and educational.

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  1. Preschool Express. A FREE on-line early learning activity newsletter for parents and grandparents of preschool children. Written by Jean Warren author of Piggyback Songs, Theme-a-saurus and 1*2*3 Art
  2. g illustrations complement the entertaining text. Explore classroom activities, puzzles, teacher resources and enrichment pdfs for this book
  3. Wormy Worm-Earthworm Unit and Craft. If you are studying Earthworms this unit is perfect to guide your instruction. Included in this pack is: 1. Parts of a worm (pg. 2) 2. Worm Life Cycle (pg. 3) 3. Worm fun facts (pg. 4) 4
  4. Get fake fur remnants from a clothing or department store. Wheelbarrow. Make a wheelbarrow from a laundry scoop and two black buttons/circles. add some dirt and and a gummy worm! Worm. Use the W cutout from green or yellow construction paper as the worm body. Let the kids go crazy with finger paint, doodads, etc

Developing Pencil Grip - Two to Three Years of Age: From 2-3 years, you will see your toddler holding the pencil more with their fingers. As their hands get stronger and more coordinated, and their wrist will also straighten out.. This period is the time to develop their thumb, index, and middle finger to work together.. Manipulatives that focus on this are: clothespins, tweezers, tongs, eye. Worms get moved around as needed. There are usually a few heated debates about worms that are close in length. Finally, when we're all in agreement, we glue them down! Day 6. Here's the classic comparing names by length activity. I use this activity as a bridge between comparing objects and actually measuring them with non-standard units

Seasonal Science Preschool Activities. Watch these ordinary gummy worms dance mysteriously using just a few household ingredients. Fall Flower Water Science by Teach Preschool - Using just water and flowers, explore the beauty of fall colors and the magic of exploration! Quick and simple to set up, it's perfect hands-on science fun The Adventures of Herman - Students learn about worms and how to make worm bins. Interactive site links to worm facts, fun stuff, and lesson plan source. Worm World - Guide helps teachers use The Yuckiest Site on the Internets Worm World to create a life sciences unit source. Worms - (PRIMARY) A thematic unit for first grade. Includes worm songs, art, experiments, and links to related websites. Scotch tape. How to make your Paper Inch Worm. Cut a few strips of green construction paper that are 3-4 inches wide and 6 inches long. Tape the end of one of the strips to the white piece of paper. Gently push the front edge of the strip back to create a bump and then tape the frong edge of the strip down. Repeat this process two more times. Here are samples of activities that your child may be participating in this week. Monday - Letter W How you can participate: Help your child look for worms in your backyard. Book - Stuck in the Mud (Amazon) Phonics - W says, w,w,w,w,w,w, worm.I can dance and do a squirm. Art - Worm Cheerios Math & Science - Measure with.

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My sis-in-law gave me this awesome book for my Birthday called, Making Toys for Preschool Children. It has so many fun ideas and I'll be sharing them on here as we try them. This activity is called Wiggle Worms. Here's what you do: Cut out strips of paper. Draw wiggle worms on some of them. (We also decided to draw hearts on the rest of them. Worms · The Perpetual Preschool. Online Early Childhood Workshops. Coronavirus Resources For Teachers. Fighting Germs Songs. Poems & Humor. High Scope. Daily Themes. Holiday Themes. Bible Themes

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Gummy Worm Measurements. Use this teacher's guide to teach students key mathematical concepts of estimation and measurement. In this article, the activities involve your students using gummy worms to learn about estimation and measurement for science learning. These activities can be implemented within K-3 grade classrooms Instructions for Assembling Your Letter W Craft. Print the W Is for Worm Craft templates. Cut out the templates and trace the letter W and the worm's head and mouth onto card stock. Cut out the letter W and the worm's head and mouth. Attach the letter W to a full sheet of card stock (we used green, but you can use any color you like) 9 Kindergarten Music Lessons Activities. While these activities don't work out to take up your whole lesson time, each of these fun music activities (check out these online ones) are staples in my Kindergarten classroom.. Though these activities aren't pulled from these two books, I love these as great Kindergarten resources

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If you are a kindergarten teacher and are planning to educate your students on this Earth day but do not know how this is the right place. We've made a list of some of the most interesting and exciting earth day activities that can help you teach your children about the importance of keeping the earth clean without boring them! Have a look 3. Worms (music from Spotlight on Music for Kindergarten) - We dance to this song and come up with actions together. Lots of wiggling and squiggling. 4. Vivaldi's Spring (first 1:15) - There is so much great teaching material in the first 1 minute of this piece. I have my learners use colourful ribbons to show loud and soft in the first.

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  1. Keep kids happily engaged in play and learning this spring with a dirt and worms sensory bin. This activity only took me a moment to put together, and my girls had so much fun! The delighted screeches and grossed out giggles as each worm was discovered were enough to make me brim from ear-to-ear.Read on to see how you can easily set this playtime up at home
  2. Kindergarten & Grade 1 math games - mastering fives & tens. I am, as many of you know, a great fan of the games produced by the good folks at BEAM. They are conceptual, strategic and focus on the big math ideas across the grades. One of my favourites is Totally Ten Snake, in which two players take turns covering pairs of digits that add.
  3. Feed The Worm Upper And Lower Case Preschool Printable Alphabet Activity. A fun game to practice the alphabet and letter recognition! Great add in for Fall or an Apple theme! This is just a fun simple little game that is quick to set up and needs very few materials
  4. Kids can play games featuring characters from their favorite Nick Jr. shows. Find racing games, puzzle games, dress-up games, and more--now playable in full-screen! Nick Jr. games entertain and engage your child while teaching math, reading, and social-emotional skills
  5. This Snail Craft And Writing Activity is a fun way to promote creative arts and early writing skills in the classroom and at home! Students use fine motor skills to cut, color, and roll paper into a curly snail shape! Download and print the Snail And Leaf Templates
  6. g. A wonderful thing has been happening at Goodstart Griffith - Coolah Street since the early learning centre introduced its own worm farm last month. Every day, a class of curious preschool students observe nature in action as worms help turn their daily food scraps into rich fertiliser
  7. Pet Themed Preschool Journal Activities On our last day of the unit Mr. 4 completed some journal prompts in his journal. He traced lines I drew on the page to connect the ball to the pet, figured out some simple addition problems, used a feather to paint a letter Pp, number 1, and a pentagon on the page, and then colored fish different colors.
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Spaghetti Activity for Kids #2: Worm Walk or Spaghetti Painting. This spaghetti activity also uses cooked spaghetti. You will also need a piece of white construction paper and some tempera paint or finger paints. The spaghetti is used as a tool to paint with, instead of a paint brush. The cooked spaghetti acts as a worm, dragging paint (or. Squirmy Worms! STEAM Activity. Future Kids Academy at West Palm Beach. June 24 at 10:28 AM · Future Kids Academy/Neighborhood Kids Preschool. 511 Followers · Preschool. The Learning Center Preschool. 505 Followers · Preschool. Seminole Trails Elementary School Directions: First, cover the Ritz cracker with peanut butter. Then put a Nilla wafer in the middle of the cracker toward the bottom. Make sure to leave room at the top for the eyes! Next, take a Nilla wafer and break it in half. Each half will become an ear. Put the ears on the side of the monkey's head Rather than wait on the carpet for other friends to be ready, they find a table top activity to do within the room. There are always 4 choices at our main tables and then books/puzzles as an option. It has been interesting to see which types of activities engage children into play. We do our best to pick a variety of materials that are open ended