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Overview. In this tutorial, we will show some additional useful keyboard shortcuts which will help you be more productive when developing your Scala applications using IntelliJ.. Steps. 1. Open IntelliJ and our allaboutscala project If you do not have IntelliJ installed or our allaboutscala project, please follow the previous tutorials.. 2 IntelliJ IDEA provides a debugger for Java code. Depending on the installed/enabled plugins, you can also debug code written in other languages. During a debugging session, you launch your program with the debugger attached to it

There are a number of ways to start the debugger: You can click on the Run icon in the gutter area and select the Debug option. You can invoke context actions on the class or main method by using Alt+Enter and choose the Debug action. You can also start it from the Run menu, or by pressing Shift F9 1. In a normal java project with e.g. JUnit 4 test classes: I want to debug either the whole test class currently open in the editor, or one specific test case. I know Ctrl+Shift+F10 will run the relevant test when the cursor is on the class declaration or test method declaration, and I know I can click on the little green arrow to debug or run. Set breakpoints in your grails app. This is most easy - just click the left gutter at the line you want the script to suspend. Run grails app in debug mode Select run menu and click on debug, now your application start in debug mode IntelliJ allows creating field-level breakpoints to track that. They are set as usual - left-click on the left editor gutter on the field line. After that, it's possible to open breakpoint properties (right-click on the breakpoint mark) and configure if we're interested in the field's reads, writes, or both: 5

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In debugging, I often found it useful to be able to go back to some point before the current cursor and re-debug a block of code that I already debugged once, because I need to debug multiple times to understand the logic. Now in order to do this, I have to stop the application and start all over again, this seems not that efficient Start program in debug mode You can run the current open script by: Debug Alt + Shift + F10 or run the last executed script by Debug 'Program1' Shift + F9 This will start debugging and if you have any enabled breakpoints which can be reached you program will stop at this breakpoint The last two keyboard shortcuts need no explanation as they map to two of the most commonly used functions of an IDE - making projects, debugging and running them. 20. Make project - Ctrl + F9 21 How to Debug Java with IntelliJ: Breakpoints, Evaluate Expression, Watches, and Variable View This post has a look at how to effectively debug code in the IntelliJ IDE (hey, not everyone uses. 141 Shortcuts for IntelliJ. 1. Productivity. Ctrl + N. To quickly open any class. Ctrl + Shift + N. To quickly open any file. Ctrl + Shift + F12. Toggle tools (maximize/minimize code window)

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  1. 1. Run debug. After you have configured a run configuration for your project, you can run it in debug mode by pressing Shift + F9. In Debug tool window you can see the list of frames and threads with their states, variables and watches. When you select a frame, you see the variables corresponding to the selected frame. 2. Useful debugger shortcuts
  2. Its interesting that I found this feature in Intellij IDEA only after I started to use Visual Code, one day I was pissed off because I couldn't debug using my preferred IDE and I came across to Visual Code that was free and served with tons of plugins, but the problem was that I didn't get used to the interface and I missed some shortcuts that Intellij IDEA provide, so I came back to Intellij
  3. IntelliJ Shortcuts. The list of IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts is extensive! And, while we've provided a number of them below, they only represent part of the key bindings at your disposal. For a one-page version of these IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts, be sure to skip to the end of the page and download our one-page IntelliJ cheat sheet

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Keyboard shortcuts help you get work done so much faster, and they're just so fun to use. If you're looking to hunt down the keyboard shortcut for a particular action in IntelliJ, you can check out Help > Find Action and see if there's a keyboard shortcut associated with the action you're looking for Note that in Eclipse you can also get the list of shortcuts by hitting Ctrl + Shift + L If you want to look (or even print) at the entire set of IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts, instead, you click the Default Keymap Reference element on the Help menu.. Importing the Eclipse Keymap in IntelliJ IDEA. From the Settings dialog box, you select Keymap from the IDE settings block Getting used to the shortcuts of IntelliJ will be difficult but it is not impossible. You will also learn the shortcuts more with the experience as well as with the help of your colleagues. Hope you have liked our blog on IntelliJ Shortcuts for Windows. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hear from us In the IDE, add debug points where you want the debugger to pause during execution. Then in the terminal, enter your Maven execution command, replacing mvn with mvnDebug. Execute the command, and you should see the following output: In IntelliJ, make sure your debugging configuration is selected, then press the Debug button IntelliJ debugging shortcuts. How to jump to next break point in IntelliJ?, In this Scala Tutorial, you will learn keyboard shortcuts for IntelliJ IDEA: compile, debug, run Scala application, and how to inspect an If you close the Debug Window by mistake, you can always reopen it using the shortcut Alt+5 ( Win/Linux) or ⌘ 5 (macOS). As usual, there are multiple ways to access the Debug Window

IntelliJ is currently one of the leading IDEs and supports many programming languages. In this tutorial, we'll start with some of the basic configurations in IntelliJ, focusing on the Java programming language. We'll also list the most common shortcuts in IntelliJ for boosting developer productivity. 2. Installing IntelliJ Still trying to get used to Intellij IDEA. One of the major gripes I still have: keyboard shortcuts. Not only that they differ from what I am used to (how dare they). Quite often they are not working! I am using a MacBook Air with OS X Lion and many of the shortcuts used by IDEA (especially for debugging) are already claimed by OS X

Contents:00:00 - Intro02:50 - Presentation assistance plugin04:42 - Navigation basics05:47 - Symbol lookup06:51 - Find in path07:26 - Search everywhere09:27. IntelliJ IDEA is a Java integrated development environment for developing computer software. IntelliJ IDEA is developed by JetBrains and works under Windows, macOS, Linux

2. Starting from 2019.3 version you can do it with Show List of Tabs action CTRL + ↓ (⌃ + ↓ for Mac). It allows navigating between any debug toolwindow tabs with any tabs layout. answered Dec 4 '19 at 18:09. Viktor Shatrov These IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts will allow you to focus on writing code, by letting your hands stay on keyboard. These are the Mac shortcuts. Jump to header. Useful shortcuts. General. Debugging. Search and replace Open the HTML file that references the JavaScript to debug or select the HTML file in the Project tool window. From the context menu of the editor or the selection, choose Debug <HTML_file_name>. IntelliJ IDEA generates a debug configuration and starts a debugging session through it. The file opens in the browser, and the Debug tool window appears Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if there happens to be a debug mode in ideavim, like there is normal mode and visual mode? The reason I'm asking is because I would like to remap the default debug shortcuts for 'Step Over' & 'Step into' to single keys like 's' : step into, 'S' stepover etc, but I would like those remappings only to be enabled, when I'm in an active debug session All of a sudden my tried and tested Eclipse keyboard shortcuts didn't work any more. I'm still in the process of learning the IntelliJ Shortcuts but here are my favourites up to now (with equivalent Eclipse shortcuts). This may be of help to anyone else switching over from Eclipse to IntelliJ

Show 1 more comment. 49. To remove all breakpoints in IntelliJ Idea press following sequence of shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + F8 (open Breakpoints dialog) Ctrl + A (select all breakpoint) Alt + Delete (remove selected breakpoints) Enter (confirm) If you press Ctrl+Shift+F8 and your cursor is at code line with breakpoint, instead of Breakpoint. Tag: intellij debug shortcuts. 100+ IntelliJ Shortcuts for Windows | Download Shortcuts PDF. Posted by Crazy Shortcut 10 Min Read Archives. May 2021; October 2020; September 2020; May 2020; April 2020; March 2020; February 2020; January 2020; December 2019. Five-Minute Friday #005: Debugging Java Concurrency Issues, Popular IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts [Video] Tricks and shortcuts on how to debug Java concurrency issues and IntelliJ IDEA. b

To start debugging? Open the HTML file that references the JavaScript to debug or select the HTML file in the Project Tool Window. From the context menu of the editor or the selection, choose Debug <HTML_file_name>. IntelliJ IDEA generates a debug configuration and starts a debugging session through it. Click to see full answer I created a JSR45 IntelliJ IDEA . 2020.2. Shortcuts: Windows Debugging; Deployment; Testing Support for developing web applications based on the JBoss Seam framework is not . Alfresco debug intellij. Remote debugging using IntelliJ, Remote debugging using IntelliJ. Here you'll see how to create and manage a configuration to remotely debug your. How do I get the keyboard shortcut to automatically run Debug configuration *without* prompting everytime for the configuration that I want to run? I only have one configuration and it's the active one - I just want to be able to press Shift+F9 and have it start debugging. Right, now when I Shift-F9 it does the following Check that these shortcuts are not conflicted with global OS shortcuts. Can you find actions by these shortcuts in Keymap settings? What results do you see: Try disabling all custom plugins if you have any installed this post tell you about every shortcut, keymap and cheatsheet about jetbrain intellij idea on Windows, Mac OS and linux

Shortcuts for everything − IntelliJ IDEA has keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything, including rapid selection and switching between tool windows and many more. Inline debugger − Inline debugger allows you to debug application in IDE itself. It makes the development and debugging process seamless Starting the Debugger. To debug your application, select a Java file with a main method. Right-click on it and select Debug As Java Application. If you started an application once via the context menu, you can use the created launch configuration again via the Debug button in the Eclipse toolbar. Similarly, how do you debug a breakpoint in eclipse

Jump to Any Line While Debugging. The IntelliJ IDEA debugger is very helpful when it comes to improving your code. Not only does it help you to identify inconsistencies, but it also makes navigating to the responsible lines much easier. There are many ways to set a target execution line during debugging. You can use breakpoints, or step to the. Intellij's custom keymap is not a full copy of its parent keymap. It inherits unmodified shortcuts from the parent keymap and defines only those that were changed. If you use a plugin like Emacs or Vim, only your changes will be exported in the XM Thanks, but it didn't help. I am trying to do something extremely simple. I opened a file called gridWorld in PyCharm. When I right-click, the only run/debug option I get are to run/debug Doctests in gridworld, not run/debug gridWorld. I was able to copy the contents of the file to another file called gridWorld2, which I could run Ctrl+ [ looked promising but failed to find matching square-bracket for me on Windows 10, IntelliJ 2017.1. Possibly intended for curlys. ^M might be a Mac key-map (?). I found Ctrl+W useful to (increasingly) select the block where caret was found, then right or left arrow to place caret at beginning/end of block. 2. Lance To remove all breakpoints in IntelliJ Idea press following sequence of shortcuts: Click to see full answer. Moreover, how do I remove all breakpoints? Once you select the Delete All Breakpoints option / press Ctrl+Shift+F9 from the debug menu, it will ask for for the confirmation Do you want to delete all breakpoints?. If you select.

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  1. Example Make project (compile modifed and dependent) Windows: Ctrl + F9 OS X / macOS: Cmd + F9 Compile selected file, package or module. This is useful to know, as when debugging this shortcut can be used to quickly reload / hotswap classes
  2. IntelliJ IDEA provides a debugger for Java code. Depending on the installed/enabled plugins, you can also debug code written in other languages.. During a debugging session, you launch your program with the debugger attached to it.The purpose of the debugger is to interfere with the program execution and provide you with the information on what's happening under the hood
  3. These were just a few tips on how to debug ONOS as a remote application with IntelliJ IDEA. I hope you found this screencast useful. I encourage you to become closely familiar with your work-bench and its various shortcut keystrokes. It will make your debugging sessions far more efficient. Have a great day and I wish you productive debugging
  4. The debugger offered by IntelliJ IDEA helps you to debug anything and everything right from the simplest code to complex applications. Using the inline debugger of IntelliJ IDEA, you can perform various operations like Stop the execution of a program at any point, Step in and step out of any function, Set various breakpoints, Inspect and keep a.
  5. Click icon in the left gutter, and then choose . Click on the toolbar. Select Run | Debug 'selected configuration' from the main menu. Press Shift+F9. note. Upon the first debug session in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, you will be prompted to install the Native Debugging Support plugin and download the debugger binaries. Follow the IDE instructions

In IntelliJ IDEA you need to use the File | Project Structure dialog (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S). IntelliJ IDEA uses a concept of facets which is more flexible than NetBeans, because in NetBeans you need to choose the type of the project you want to create upfront and then you can configure a Web framework Permalink. I had this issue too, running 2020.2. Was missing an Azure DevOps plugin update. After this update, the Azure toolkit for Rider, pop-up notified me for an update, even though I was running v3.40..897. Still after the update, I'm no longer able to debug the single functions. 1. Kirill Filin

IntelliJ IDEA includes and lets you customize frequently used shortcuts. To view the keymap configuration, open the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S and select Keymap . IntelliJ IDEA automatically selects a predefined keymap based on your environment Step 3: Start a REPL with Tools / Start Clojure Console or a keyboard shortcut - Ctrl-Shift-D by default: If the REPL is already running, it needs to be stopped and started again. Step 4: Start Remote Debugger configuration created in step 1 with Run / Debug 'Clojure REPL Debugger' or a keyboard shortcut - Shift-F9 by default Debug Your Java Apps. Setting breakpoints in apps and debugging them is a valuable skill for software engineers, regardless of language. In IntelliJ IDEA, you can click in the left gutter next to. Using DevTools, a suite of debugging and profiling tools that run in a browser and include the Flutter inspector . DevTools replaces the previous browser-based profiling tool, Observatory. Using Android Studio's (or IntelliJ's) built-in debugging features, such as the ability to set breakpoints. Using the Flutter inspector, directly. IntelliJ Idea universal command and options search. Ctrl + Shift + a will be your master key to open all the doors. It will find any command available or any option in the IDE. It's useful when you have the same keyboard shortcut defined in the system, like Ctrl + Alt + F1-7 in Linux Os, and you don't reconfigured to avoid the collision

Top IntelliJ plugins, settings you should customize, shortcuts you should know, and more IntelliJ IDEA is an incredibly popular cross-platform IDE developed by JetBrains. Used frequently for Java development, IntelliJ now supports dozens of different languages and frameworks, such as Dart, Go, Kotlin, and Rust Read this post in other languages: Français, 日本語, Deutsch, Русский, 简体中文. Though IntelliJ IDEA is a fully capable IDE, you may want to personalize it. The JetBrains Marketplace has plenty of plugins with useful features that can address your personal or business-specific needs Launching and Debugging. In order to launch and debug SNAP you need to create a run configuration. Before doing so you first need to build the project via maven. You can either do this from the command line or from the Maven window in Intellij IDEA. You simply need to invoke mvn package for each of the projects you have checked out. This is. Plus, when implementing the advantage of multiple IntelliJ shortcuts, the word processing is swift. Especially if you write your text in .html, .adoc or .md format. Overall, IntelliJ IDE comes in all versions with Git support, which is an additional advantage against traditional word processors Remote Debugging. Go to Run --> Edit Configurations. Click on the + sign and select Remote. Add impalad-debug configuration to debug impalad with a port number of 30000. Add catalog-debug configuration to debug catalog with a port number of 30030. Set a breakpoint. Run impalad-debug. Execute a command in Impala shell

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Eclipse is yet another popular Java IDE. If you are a current user of Eclipse and want to migrate from it to IntelliJ, then this is a good starting point. This chapter discusses how to import Eclipse projects in IntelliJ, its terminologies equivalent to Eclipse, popular shortcuts and frequently asked questions. Import existing projec To debug your gateway based code, you'll use Java remote debugging to connect IntelliJ to the running Ignition instance. Ignition will be running your module, so you must have the most recent code deployed, but you will then be able to set breakpoints, examine variable values, etc. Step 1 - Enable Remote Debugging in Ignitio IntelliJ IDEA debugger cheatsheet. Published on 17 Feb 2021 in intellij-idea debugging. I love cheatsheets. Recently I've built one for the powerful debugger included in JetBrains IDEs. This example uses JavaScript code, but the functionality is equal among all supported languages. The current debugger position (execution point) is on line 4

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  1. IntelliJ Shortcuts Enjoy this cheat sheet at its fullest within Dash, the macOS documentation browser. General CMD+0..9. Open corresponding tool window. CMD+OPTION+Y. Select configuration debug. Usage Search CMD+F7. Find usages in file. OPTION+F7. Find usages. CMD+SHIFT+F7. Highlight usages in file. CMD+OPTION+F7. Show usages. VCS / Local.
  2. How to debug Roller with IntelliJ IDEA. There are 2 methods you can run Apache Roller. 1)Test Run using maven goal (mvn jetty:run). 2) Deploy the war file in a webapp , configure and then run. It is important for a developer to Remote debug the instance with maven goal without deploying to the App server.This tutorial shows how to debug the.
  3. Manning recently released the book IntelliJ IDEA In Action and the following is an excerpt from the book. It deals with the different kind of errors encountered during development and how best to use IntelliJ IDEA to debug your Java J2EE applications. Although some portions of the excerpt are IntelliJ specific, there's a lot of info.
  4. Click the Debug Hadoop button from the toolbar as shown in the screenshot. If all goes well, you will get expected output in Console tab of the bottom dock as shown in screenshot. Next let us see how to put breakpoints and step through the code. Step #5: Add breakpoints in source code. Press Ctrl+Shift+R and type RunJar

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  1. IntelliJ IDEA comes configured with a set of keyboard shortcuts to speed up development. This video shows you how to select alternative shortcut sets or set up your own custom shortcuts
  2. This guide assumes you have Intellij IDEA Community and Maven installed. Download Apache Tomcat 9 and unarchive the zip to a folder you have permissions to. Suggested location i
  3. Overview. In this tutorial, we will show some of the most common IntelliJ search keyboard shortcuts which will help you be more productive when writing your Scala projects.. Steps. 1. Open IntelliJ and our allaboutscala project If you do not have IntelliJ installed or the allaboutscala project, please follow the previous tutorials.. 2
  4. : IntelliJIDEA, In IntelliJ IDEA, type sout and press the Enter or Tab button from your keyboard to generate System.out.println() automatically. P.S. Tested with IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts. IntelliJ IDEA has keyboard shortcuts for most of its commands related to editing, navigation, refactoring, debugging, and other tasks

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  1. How do I debug a web service in IntelliJ? 1 Answer. When you need to remotely debug an application, go to the settings ( Run->Edit configurations ) in IntelliJ. Now click the + sign and add a Remote configuration. It tells you the command line to add to the startup of the JVM you start on the remote machine. Click to see full answer
  2. However, having a common IDE with a powerful editor, refactoring tools, and keyboard shortcuts to debug the backend and frontend at the same time will boost your productivity a lot without question. IntelliJ IDEA comes equipped with a fully featured JavaScript debugger. It's bundled as a JetBrains plugin and is enabled by default
  3. Cursive starts all debug REPLs with locals clearing disabled, and all REPLs provide a toolwindow button () which will toggle it in the REPL server. Note that this is a feature of the compiler, so it only affects code when it is compiled - it's not a run-time flag. This means that if you toggle it you must recompile any code you'd like to debug

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Intellij shortcuts keys : Save All. Intellij shortcuts keys : Save All. Press Key : Ctrl + s. Posted by Ritesh on October 01, 2018. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Labels: intellij Tiba-tiba saya dicoba dan diuji keyboard shortcut eclipse tidak bekerja lagi. Aku masih dalam proses belajar Keyboard Shortcut IntelliJ tapi ini adalah favorit saya sampai sekarang (setara dengan keyboard shortcut eclipse). Ini mungkin membantu orang lain yang beralih dari Eclipse ke IntelliJ

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Then, to debug the GWT client code from IntelliJ. Launch the server. Launch mvn gwt:debug -Pidea. Remote debug (from IntelliJ) using port 8000. Hope it someone out there! Category: gwt, intellij, java, maven. Leave a comment. How to Change the Commit Message in Subversion As a former Microsoft MVP, I availed the complimentary subscription for Resharper then. I haven't used Resharper that much lately but I have been hearing/reading how good Rider is for .NET development and Jetbrains having other IDEs for other platforms as well To find the correct row faster, I have added another column with Eclipse shortcuts. So let's say I want to see a class outline. I know it's Ctrl + O in Eclipse. Now I just have to look for this shortcut in the first column to find the IntelliJ equivalent. For a shortcut junkie like me this is a lot faster than reading the action descriptions To create a remote debugging configuration in IntelliJ IDEA, go to Add Configuration > + > Remote and give it a name. Then change the port to 8000. Debug via Gradle in IntelliJ IDEA. Gradle has a similar ability. For example, if you created a Spring Boot app with Gradle, you could start it with the following command to run in debug mode

Refactoring. Can use automated refactoring features of the IDE. This video explains how to automate the 'Extract parameter' refactoring using Intellij IDEA. Most other refactorings available works similarly. i.e. select the code to refactor → find the refactoring in the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut. IntelliJ IDEA This is some of keyboard shortcuts which I'm using. Many of these are common in different programs. Also, there are probably many other useful shortcuts which I haven't met with. Be free and write out what your favorite keyboard shortcuts are. Keyboard shortcuts for: Eclipse; IntelliJ - Eclipse compared with IntelliJ. Debugging keyboard shortcuts Port of IntelliJ IDEA key bindings for VS Code. Includes keymaps for popular JetBrains products like IntelliJ Ultimate, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHP Storm, etc. ctrl+space ctrl+space Basic code completion (the name of any class, method or variable) ctrl+shift+space ctrl+shift+space Smart code. IntelliJ supports this feature (shortcut: Ctrl + Alt +Maj + Insert) with many kinds of files such as JavaScript and SQL. Plugins can help you to run those files. I recommend you to try Quokka which runs JS scratch files. Install plugins. Plenty of plugins exist for IntelliJ — almost every popular framework and language has one

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3. Choose a folder to install IntelliJ IDEA to (In most cases, leave this as the default) Choose a start menu folder to crete IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts (In most cases, leave this as the default) 4. Choose whether to create a desktop shortcut, and choose whether to associate various Java files with IntelliJ IDEA 5. 6. Press next, and wait for it. Debugger. IntelliJ Elixir allows for graphical debugging of *.ex files using line breakpoints. The icons serve as convenient shortcuts for managing breakpoints. Clicking an icon removes the breakpoint. Successive use of Alt - click on an icon toggles its state between enabled and disabled. The settings of a breakpoint are shown in a tooltip.

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IntelliJ IDEA Migrating From Eclipse. Eclipse is a popular IDE for Java Developer. If the current Eclipse user wants to switch from eclipse IDE to IntelliJ IDE then it requires the understanding of some basic differences between these two IDEs IntelliJ IDEA Migrating From NetBeans with IntelliJ IDEA Introduction, IntelliJ IDEA Feature, IntelliJ IDEA Installation, IntelliJ IDEA First Java Program, IntelliJ IDEA Window Elements, IntelliJ IDEA Code Editor Elements, IntelliJ IDEA Scratches, IntelliJ IDEA Running Projects, IntelliJ IDEA Debugging, IntelliJ IDEA Testing, IntelliJ IDEA Version Control etc Intellij IDEA Documentation: Debugging Basics - Can be used as a reference document when you want to recall how to use a debugging feature. Refactoring . works similarly. i.e. select the code to refactor → find the refactoring in the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut Android Studio includes keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. Table 1 shows the default keyboard shortcuts by operating system. Keep in mind, because Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, you can find additional shortcuts in the IntelliJ IDEA keymap reference documentation.. Note: In addition to the default keymaps in table 1 below, you can select from a number of preset keymaps or.

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Build  To build your project, use one of the following options:. Run the cargo build command. Press Ctrl/Command + F9. Click the hammer icon on the main toolbar: Run  To run a selected target, do one of the following: Select Run from the gutter menu next to the program entry point: . Run the cargo run command. Double-click the target in the Cargo tool window. Run with Code Coverag Read IntelliJ - Reformatting Source Code on ways to do that. Java Imports. In order for IntelliJ to order the java imports according to the OpenMRS style and remove unused imports do the following: Open the IntelliJ preferences like you did when you configured the formatter. We are using the the Eclipse defaults which are different from IntelliJ's To use the debugger in IntelliJ: If your application is still running from the previous step, click the red stop-button to terminate it. Start your application in debug mode, by clicking the bug icon next to the play button To see your history changes, you can do shortcut cmd + shift + a to bring up the action window. And type in local history, press enter. There is no workspace in IntelliJ. What is called project in IntelliJ is like workspace in the Eclipse. project in Eclipse is like module in IntelliJ Get code examples like intellij implement interface methods shortcut instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension Click the Debug icon in the toolbar, or invoke Run > Debug. The bottom Debugger pane shows Stack Frames and Variables. The bottom Console pane shows detailed logs output. Debugging is based on a default launch configuration. To customize this, click the drop-down button to the right of the device selector, and select Edit configuration