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A Biometric Screening will award up to 2,000 Points for completing all four categories and up to an additional 2,000 Points for having the results within healthy range. For your first completed Biometric Screening with Go365, you can view the breakdown below When you have a Biometric Screening completed, you will earn 2,000 Points for the screening itself and up to an additional 2,000 Points if those measurements fall within a healthy range

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This includes part of the Biometric Screening that has in range results. If your glucose and cholesterol were within the healthy range, they would have rolled over when your plan year rene***** Since you had already earned the Points for this activity, it will list on your Go365 Statement the second time with 0 Points Your dependents under 18 years old who are part of your Go365 program can earn Points that contribute to your family's Points total and Status. Points listed are per program year unless stated otherwise. 1,000 maximum Points per program year Go365 is a personalized wellness and rewards program that helps your employees make healthier decisions. Learn how Go365 can benefit your workforce. Biometric screenings. Members with an average of 5,000 Points or more per year in the analysis period were classified as medium-engaged and those with 8,000 Points or more were high-engaged Ages 18 and older only. Please Note: If you are not able to provide self-reported measurements on the consent form (height, weight, waist, and blood pressure) you will not be eligible for the Go365 Points for completing a biometric screening, however you will receive Go365 Points that are applicable based on your results

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Healthy living Activity Points Blood donation 50 each (up to 300/ program year) Nicotine test (in-range results) 400 Virtual well-being coaching ongoing interactions 10 weekly (up to 520/program year) Weekly log 10 weekly Sleep diary 25 weekly (up to 150/ program year) Daily health quiz 2 daily Fitness habit up to 25 per month Biometric screening (in-range results Go365 is a great program for the City of Jacksonville because it's brought a lot of our departments together, created some competition, some friendly camaraderie. It's developed walking groups and fitness programs and things our employees may not have known were even available. Tara Johnson, Employee Services, City of Jacksonville In Kansas, Humana agents and sales representatives are prohibited from conducting pre-sale conversations with clients regarding Go365, EAP or other value-added services. This website is intended to provide information to Go365 customers about their wellness and about the products and services associated with the wellness program GCHJLWKEN 0518 Page 3 of 5 biometric screening, only individuals who do so may be eligible to receive the Points associated with those activities.2 Additional Points are3 awarded for individuals who participate in health-related activities or achieve certain health outcomes. If you are unable to participate in any of the health-related activities or achieve any of the health outcomes required.

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  1. The primary Go365 account holder will earn 1,000 Bonus Bucks for reaching Silver Status (1,000 Bonus Bucks are awarded the first time the primary Go365 account holder reaches Silver Status) and 1,500 Bonus Bucks for reaching Gold Status. In the primary Go365 account holder's next program year, the highest Status reached is Gold Status
  2. Go365 awards Points for in-range results in your current and next program year for blood pressure, blood glucose and total cholesterol Go365 members must get their BMI checked every program year Adult children are not eligible to earn Points or Bucks for biometric screening completion or in-range results. What to know and what to brin
  3. UPDATES TO POINTS SYSTEM WAYS ADULT DEPENDENTS CAN EARN Go365 POINTS While adult dependents (age 18 and older) cannot earn points for a Health Assessment or biometric screening, they can still contribute substantially to your total number of Points and help your family reach Silver Status. Check out the list below for a few examples
  4. Submit via Go365.com only: Biometric Screening- 2,000 Points/Bucks (In-Range Bio Results - up to 2,000 Points/Bucks) Pap Smear-400 Points/Bucks Mammogram-400 Points/Bucks Prostate Exam-400 Points/Bucks Colorectal Screening-400 Points/Bucks How to Earn Go365 Points/Bucks for Prevention Activities & Screenings Via Go365 App: menu (for Apple.
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  6. Pinnacle is providing free at home biometric screening kits to all associates! This order site is for Pinnacle associates that are on the Go365 plan. Complete an at home biometric screening at home and earn Go365 Points! Please review the important information in the description section at the bottom of the page

Go365 is not an insurance product. Not available with all Humana health plans. This website is intended to provide information to Go365 customers about their wellness and about the products and services offered by Go365 associated with the wellness program. Information contained in this site is general in nature A biometric screening is a clinical set of laboratory tests and measurements that are completed to give individuals a clear picture of their overall health. Biometric screenings can help identify individuals with health risks before they become high-cost claimants, giving those individuals an opportunity for health improvement 1/1/2020. Go365 by Humana™ Terms and Conditions for Medicare members. For those eligible to participate in Go365 by Humana, the following Terms and Conditions apply: Go365™ (referred to as The Program) is a wellness and rewards program offered by Go365, LLC (Go365, we, us and our) that encourages a healthy.

Available for Go365 members with Humana medical coverage only. 50 once/lifetime. Prevention . Activity Points Health screening * 400 per eligible screening Dental exam. 200 per exam (up to 400/program year) Vision exam. 200 Flu shot. 200 Nicotine test ** 400 . Biometric screening completion Body mass index (BMI) 800 Blood pressure 400 Blood. 2 Points are not rewarded for eligible adult and minor children of Go365 members who complete the HA or biometric screening, and who achieve certain outcomes on the biometric screening. 3 See footnote 2. Humana Inc. and its subsidiaries (Humana) comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on th

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how to complete the activity and how many points the activity is worth. 5 5. Decide on a screening location for your prevention activity. Contact a provider below to schedule your biometric screening and print the appropriate screening voucher or form. Coinsurance, copays or other costs may apply. Go-365 Subject * Forms/Activity. Points for Health Assessment or biometric screening completion, bonus Points or in-range results. There are three ways. employees can move out of Blue Status and start section online or on the Go365 App 2 Get a biometric screening 3 Log a verfied workout Unlock activities to earn more Points and move up to a higher Status 5,000 PTS 8,000. Points, you may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard. You may request a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard by calling the number on the back of your Member ID card. The information from your HA and the results from your biometric screening will be used to provide you with information to hel At Home Biometric Screening Kit Complete your biometric screening from the comfort of home Go365 January 20, 2021. This simple process to get measurements, a small blood sample from the comfort of home and earn Go365 Points too! The blood test will analyze— Cholesterol (total, LDL, HDL, ratio), Triglicerides, Glucose, BMI, and VLDL.

Points are not rewarded for eligible adult and minor children of Go365 members who complete the HA or biometric screening, and who achieve certain outcomes on the biometric screening. Maximum of 500 Points for Health Assessment completion per program year. Health Assessment Points are awarded the same online and on the App. *Activities will award Points under Personalized Activities on your Go365 Statement. Reach Silver Status Completing your Health Assessment and getting your biometric screening gives you a grea At the beginning of the year, Go365 may have given you points for completing a screening last year and biometric values that were in range (except BMI) If your new exam is in 2018, you will receive points for a BMI screening, BMI in range (if applicable), and other screening values that are in range in 2018 that were out of range in 201 getting a biometric screening is the second way you can reach bronze status and it's the fastest way to earn a large number of points this activity is free for go 365 members who visit a clinic on the list in a biometric screening a clinician will take your blood pressure as well as your height and weight to calculate your body mass index or BMI and take a small blood sample to measure your. Bring fingers to the middle point where the numbers intersect and record the BMI value. (See blood values on the Go365 Biometric Screening Form. k. Screening Step 9: Biometric Screening Booklet. Transfer biometric screening results to the Trilogy Biometric Screening Booklet. 4. Results Submission: a. Go 365 Forms should be sent directly to.

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Biometric Screening Basketball league Blood donation 6<3) Flu shot Daily step (10,000 per day for 30 days) First verified workout of program year Calculator 6<4) CPR certification 500 500 2,000 350 150 200 300 750 300 125 5,000 Points total (individual plan) Make it count with G0365. Earn Points for your everyday activities - everyday! 036 Points Earned Adult Dependent Health Assessment 0 learn about your health & unlock recommended activities Update/Confirm Contact Information 50 once/program year Calculators x4 300 75 pts each Conversations x2 200 100 pts each Monthly Go365 Sign-In 80 10 pts/month for 8 months Biometric Screening Completion* 0 learn about your health & unlock recommended activitie 5. Decide on a screening location for the biometric screening. This can be your primary care physician, or one of the providers on this screen. If you choose a provider from this list, you must print and fill out the walk-in voucher, found next to each clinic. After the tests, they'll send results straight to Go365 - you're done! W Monthly Go365.com, Humana.com or Go365 App sign-in 10 (up to 120/program year) First time Go365 App sign-in 50 once/lifetime Accept online statements Available for Go365 members with Humana medical coverage only. 50 once/lifetime Prevention Activity Points Health screening* 400 per eligible screening

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2 Points are not rewarded for eligible adult and minor chi ldren of Go365 members who complete the HA or biometric screening, and who achieve certain outcomes on the biometric screening. 3 See footnote 2 As a LivingWell health insurance plan holder, you'll need to complete the StayWell health assessment or get a biometric screening (see note below) between Jan. 1 and July 1. LivingWell Promise Incentive. Earn up to $480 a year ($40 a month) in premium discounts in 2022 by completing the health assessment or biometric screening by the deadline 2) Select the GO365 tab at the top of the humana.com homepage. This takes the employee to www.GO365.com. 3) At the top of the page, click on Health Assessment. This assessment takes 15-20 minutes and by taking the assessment, the employee immediately earns GO365 points. 3) Additional points are earned for a biometric screening As part of the LivingWell Promise, you must take the Go365 Health Assessment (HA) or complete a Biometric Screening. It is your choice - do whichever one you prefer. If you choose to do both, you will earn more Go365 Points! If you enroll in either the LivingWell CDHP or the LivingWell PPO for 2018

Biometric screening completion (2 adults; 2,000 Points x 2) 4,000 In healthy range biometric screening results (1 adult): BMI 800 Calculators ( 1 adult; 75 Points x 4) 300 Blood donation (1 adult; 50 Points x 2) 100 Sports league participation (1 adult) 350 Monthly Go365.com visit (1 adult; 10 Points x 12 months) 12 Go365 will NOT impact the 2019 contributions. The results of the biometrics taken in 2018 with Interactive Health will be loaded into your Go365 website. Completion of biometrics results in 2000 points in Go365. In addition, you can earn up to an additional 2000 points if your results are in the ranges defined within the Go365 progra - Go365 will have a new Points earning structure for your verified daily workouts: 3 ways to get to Bronze 1. Complete at least one Health Assessment section online or on the Go365 App 2. Get a Biometric Screening 3. Log a verified workout Here's how many Points you need to move up in Status art her e and ove up 5,000 One adult per policy 8,00 Complete a biometric screening or Go365 Health Assessment. Biometric screening Screenings are offered at no cost to you at a number of convenient locations. Find locations here. Take your (HumanaVitality/Go365) ID card, or obtain your Go365 ID online or on the Go365 App. Fast for at least eight hours prior to your appointment Paragon Elite locations, select PCA Pharmacies, and Trilogy Home Office employees have two ways to submit their biometric screenings Option 1: Submit a recent health provider visit (90 days or newer) on the Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form. Follow the steps below to access the required Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form. Visit Virgin [

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Your Go365 program renewal date can be found online, in your Go365 Statement. What happens if my biometric screening results were in range in my current program year and then not in range the following year? You will still earn Points for getting your biometric screening, and additional Points for those measurements that are in range Ways to complete a biometric screening. Option 1) All eligible (Full-time, Part-time, Age 18+) Trilogy Health Campus (includes Rehab teams) and PCA Pharmacy Employees should be screened as part of the campus Onboarding process and once annually during our January/February Open Enrollment Biometric Screening events. Employees (regardless of medical coverage) should be screened within the first. The trail will be marked and you can complete the walk at your own pace. Your local Go365 team will be there to share a map of the walk route, give race bibs, and answer any Go365 questions. In addition, we are offering FREE Biometric Screenings (for Humana Members) at this event worth up to 4,000 Go365 Points Tampa Heights Go365. 19 likes. Since we are stuck working from home...it's VERY easy to get behind on our mental and physical health. Let's use this page to help motivate one another to keep MOVING..

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Your annual biometric screening is a way to say you care about your health and your family. It can lift you from Blue Status to higher Status levels. And it's worth 2,000 Points and Bucks in your Go365® account. The screening is a set of quick checks • Cholesterol • Blood glucose • Body mass index (BMI) • Blood pressure • Waist. Your annual biometric screening is a way to say you care about you health. It will automatically earn you between 2,000 - 4,000 points into your Go365 account. For individuals who were unable to attend an onsite biometric, the screening can be done at your Primary Care Physician or at a number of other locations Biometric screening outcomes analysis As part of the Go365 program, employees are awarded points for having in-range biometric screening outcomes. In order not to bias or skew engagement results, biometric screening outcomes points were excluded and the points threshold used to classify members as engaged was reduced accordingly, down to 3,900. Go365 Steppin' Up Your Status. Aug 15, 2017 | Health. Did you know you can earn up to 4,000 points for a biometric screening? You have the ability to earn points for biometric screenings once per program year; you will receive points for getting the biometric screening and additional points for those measurements that are in-range..

Go365 makes it easier to get moving along your path with more ways to start, more Activities to unlock, and more ways to rack up rewards. Say hello to Go365. It's your personalized wellness and rewards program. 3 ways to get to Bronze 1. Complete at least one Health Assessment section online or on the Go365 App 2. Get a Biometric Screening 3 Earning Points Rewards Biometric Screening-Instructions for offsite screening; Biometric Screening-Instructions and form for PCP screening . Healthy Living. How to Start Eating Better Healthy, Hassl e-Free Lunches 8 Sneaky Things that Damage Skin Go365 health articles (updated monthly) Support. Select a device; Mobile app. (Go365 Points) for completing a range of activities promoting health. An additional incentive of reduced medical payroll contributions can be earned once Silver Status is achieved. Although you are not required to complete the HRA or participate in the biometric screening, only employees who do so may b Your annual biometric screening is a way to say you care about you health. It will automatically earn you between 2,000 - 4,000 points into your Go365 account Say hello to Go365. It's your personalized wellness and rewards program. 3 ways to get to Bronze 1. Complete at least one Health Assessment section online or on the Go365 App 2. Get a Biometric Screening 3. Log a verified workout Here's how many Points you need to move up in Status art e and ove up 5,000 One adult per policy 8,000 combined.

Points) + First Lifetime Go365 Health Assessment, awarded once per lifetime (500 Points) + Go365 Health Assessment completed within 90 days of Go365 program effective date bonus (250 Points). • Get a biometric screening Adult children may only move a family out of Blue Status by completing a verified workout Go365 account and program. 2. Take the next step Three easy ways to start earning Points and get to Bronze Status: • Complete at least one section of your Health Assessment • Log a verified workout • Get your biometric screening 3. Enjoy the rewards Keep earning Points by completing healthy activities. The more Points you earn, the more Buck • Positive biometric screening • Passing nicotine test • Sleep diary. Workout Type Point Structure. Steps. 1 Point . per 1,000 steps. Heart Rate Monitor. 5 Points . for every 15 minutes above 60% of maximum HR. Calories. 5 Points. per 100 calories if burn rate exceeds 200 calories per hour. Participating Fitness Facility. 10 Points . per da Points are not rewarded for eligible adult and minor children of Go365 members who complete the HA or biometric screening, and who achieve certain outcomes on the biometric screening. 3. See footnote 2. GCHJT9XE Go365 wellness and rewards program. Go365 ® allows your employees to earn rewards for healthy actions like getting a flu shot or completing verified workouts. Employee engagement in this program has been associated with improved lifestyle changes, higher productivity, and minimized healthcare claims costs. Read the Go365 Five-Year Study

Staff still has until June 30 before the plan year ends, so be sure to do everything you can to increase your status. Here are some easy ways to earn points: Submit a Biometric Screening through the Go365 website. Submit Vision and Dental exams through Go365 mobile app. Participate in an athletic event and submit photo proof through the app • screening takes approximately 10 minutes • take your health assessment at go365.com • earn up to 800 go365 points for a nicotine screening • earn go365 points for the psa screening earn up to 2,000 go365 points for completing biometric screenings and up to 2,000 additional go365 points if your results are in the healthy range Earning Points. The Go365 program year begins March 1st and ends February 28th. At the beginning of each program year, you will start at Blue Status. In order to get to Bronze status and begin earning points, you have to do one of three things: Complete at least one Health Assessment on the Go365 Portal. Get a Biometric Screening. Log a. Onsite Biometric Screening Services Include: Full Lipid Panel (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) Blood Glucose. Cotinine Testing. Body Composition (height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference) A1c, PSA, TSH, Cotinine, and many other lab tests. Venipuncture or finger stick options available Go365 is simply rewarding. With more ways to get started in the Go365 program, employees can choose the first step that works for them - complete a Health Assessment, log a qualifying workout, or get a biometric screening. The streamlined Points and Bucks structure makes it easier for members to earn and redeem rewards

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Go365® is a voluntary wellness program available to all eligible Go365 members. The program is administered 2 Points are not rewarded for eligible adult and minor children of Go365 members who complete the Health Assessment or biometric screening, and who achieve certain outcomes on the biometric screening.. You do not have to complete both the Go365 HA and Biometric Screening, but if you do, you will receive additional Go365 Points. See page 11 for Go365 information. If you have the cross-reference payment option:}}You and your spouse must both fulfill the LivingWell Promise;}}You and your spouse will each receive a $40.00 monthly premium discount i Did you know that Go365 Recommended Activities (i.e. goals) range from 200 to 2,000+ points, depending on your calculated health risks? Recommended Activities are based on the Health Assessment and/or Biometric Screening results and can help you achieve optimal health, these are unique and meaningful to your overall well-being Go365 helps members understand the details of their health and informs them of ways to improve or sustain their total well-being. Go365 is grounded in actuarial science and behavioral analytics, utilizing behavior change models to effectively measure results. We address the reasons why people find unhealthy lifestyles easier and more appealing.

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Go365 is a comprehensive wellness and rewards solution with a diverse employee base and 40,000+ employers. Their robust program options, rooted in behavioral economics, both inspire and engage employees. Their flexibility provides multiple paths to participation and complements your organization's vision and culture with customized activities Increase Go365 Engagement Using New Tools! We've been busy updating and adding new materials to Go365 Engagement Source, our employer website full of strategic Go365 materials.Below are new items that have been added: 100+ Ways to Engage Guide: This guide is full of over 100 ideas employers can use to increase engagement at the workplace.; Clinical Programs Flyer: This flyer explains how. There are multiple ways to earn points, including receiving annual biometric screenings and achieving health goals based on screening outcomes. In order to achieve the greatest outcomes, activities on Go365 are specified to individual employees, dependent on their health history and screenings

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