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18.4in. — The one-day record snowfall for Detroit, Michigan was recorded on December 1st, 1974 as seen in the chart below. Greatest Amount of Snow in One Day. Greatest Amount of Snow in Two Days: 19.3in. — The two-day cumulative snow record covered the period from December 2nd, 1974 toDecember 3rd, 1974 Climate data for Michigan (1898-2010) Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high °F (°C) 73 (23) 72 (22) 87 (31) 9 Weather.gov > Gaylord, MI > Snowfall History. Current Hazards. Storm and Precipitation Reports. Outlooks. Submit a Storm Report. Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook. Current Conditions. Observations. Snowfall Analysis

26.2in. — The one-day record snowfall for Marquette, Michigan was recorded on March 14th, 1997 as seen in the chart below. Greatest Amount of Snow in One Day. Greatest Amount of Snow in Two Days: 31.9in. — The two-day cumulative snow record covered the period from March 14th, 1997 toMarch 15th, 1997 Average Annual Snowfall in Michigan. The tables below give yearly averages for snowfall at cities, towns and parks in Michigan. The numbers are for the total amount of snow and for how many days it snows at least 0.1 inches (0.25 centimetres). The snowfall totals are annual averages based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA. The small Upper Peninsula town of Calumet is the snowiest place in Michigan with a yearly average of 187.4 inches and a record total of 390.4 inches set during the winter of 1978-79. The Snow Thermometer near Calumet displays snowfall totals for Michigan's snowiest location The Michigan blizzard of 1967 has gone down in local memory as particularly shocking. On a cold January day, a fairly heavy snowfall began. Over the course of 24 hours, circa 20 inches covered most part of the state. Yikes! What is the most snow ever recorded in Michigan? The most snowfall ever recorded understandably came in the winter of 1978.

Detroit's 25 heaviest snow storms in history. DETROIT - One of the most memorable snow events is the Great Lakes blizzard of 1999, which dumped nearly a foot of snow on the Detroit area. The. The daily record snowfall most days this month is a trace (meaning snow, but no accumulation). In fact, our May 8th record snow is a trace, so even flurries officially at Metro Airport today would. Weather History for Places in Michigan . See Historical Weather Data for a Location and Date. Year * Month * Day * Data is available up to July 5, 2021.. Keweenaw Copunty, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. OUR COUNTY. About Our County. Snowfall Amount. Dashboard. Allouez Township. Eagle Harbor Township. Grant Township. Houghton Township. May 2020 Snowfall Total: 0 inches. Season Total: 280.1 inches. Posted June 15, 2021. Allouez Fire Hall Public Hearing June 29th 4:00 PM Planning Commission.

Weather.gov > Detroit/Pontiac, MI > southeast michigan climate records. Current Hazards. Storm and Precipitation Reports. Outlooks. Submit a Storm Report. Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook. Current Conditions. Observations. Snowfall Analysis Recent 24-Hour Snowfall Records Broken Five U.S. states have set new 24-hour snowfall records during the past 13 years. Cars buried by snow after Winter Storm Nemo near Hartford, Connecticut, on. Total snowfall last winter 2013-2014 ranged from 272 to as low as 38. Last year's snowfall in Michigan was very interesting. Snowfall ranged from extremely heavy and record breaking to actually. Record snowfall in Michigan. Video - Easter snowstorm dumps more than 18 inches (45 cm) of heavy, wet snow on Marquette County in less than 24 hours between Sunday and Monday. Some reports to the National Weather Service indicate closer to 2 feet of snow landed in places to the East

The snowfall totals are used by snowmobilers, news stations, emergency personnel, city officials, road crews, skiers, snowboarders, groomers, ski resorts. Last year one snow station received 300 + inches of snowfall. The highest snowfall ever recorded in the Upper Peninsula was in 1978/79 at the Keweenaw county snow station with 390.4 inches Marquette, Michigan was blasted with snow this weekend, breaking two snowfall records. The previous record holder of 3.1 inches in 1976 was washed away by a flabbergasting 8.3 inches of snow Michigan's skimpy snow totals are in- One snowiest city has least snow on record. Almost every location across Michigan had less snow than in an average winter. The Lower Michigan snowbelt.

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Snowfall records. All on campus at Michigan Tech. Current weather, future forecast, and webcams. Snowfall records. All on campus at Michigan Tech. Search Michigan Tech website. Search this site. Search the directory. Skip to page content Skip to footer navigation. Primary Menu. Info For . . .. Lansing broke a couple records for March 1, including the snowfall mark. Lansing recorded an official total of 7.2 inches, surpassing the previous March 1 record of 6 inches set in 1908. In.

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February's snow across southeast Michigan made it into the record books, the National Weather Service found. February 2021 ranks among the top 15 snowiest Februaries in Detroit, Flint and Saginaw. The weather service says Monday's snowfall of 8.6 inches measured at Flint Bishop Airport was a record daily maximum for Nov. 11, topping the previous mark of 3.0 inches set in 1933

Summer Snowfall - Grand Rapids, Michigan Trace reported for June: 1950, 1953, 2002, and 2005 (all were from hail, not snow) Trace reported for July: 2000 (from hail, not snow) Trace reported for August: None Autumn Snowfall - Grand Rapids, Michigan Trace reported for September: 1952, 1953, 1956, 1967, 1995, and 200 State snowfall record for 24 hours - Baldwin, 11/13/1960, northwestern Michigan, 11/30/1960, 33.5 State snow record for 1 season - Delaware, northern Upper Peninsula, Michigan, 1978-1979, 391.9 On March 15, 1988, more than one hundred hours of continuous snow finally came to an end at Marquette Michigan, during which time the city was buried.

Snowfall Totals. Snow fall records from 1938 through 2020. WEBSITE CREATED BY WEBSMITH LABS. Keweenaw Snow Report and U.P. Weather. 2020-2021 Snowfall - 188.4 season to date Note: You are now viewing one of the earliest U.P. pages to appear on the World Wide Web (scroll to the bottom Daily snow observations from GHCN stations are available using the pulldown menus below to select the state, month, and year of interest for either snowfall or snow depth data. Access to these data supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency's need for near real-time observations used in assessing requests for disaster assistance —Snowfall in the nine-year period of 2011-2019 means that the 2010s will be Boston's snowiest decade, while the period was less snowy than any prior decade on record for Washington, D.C., and. Lansing broke a couple records for March 1, including the snowfall mark. Lansing recorded an official total of 7.2 inches, surpassing the previous March 1 record of 6 inches set in 1908. In.

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Snowfall records by state in the U. S. (24 hours) NOTE: Extreme snowfall amounts are notoriously variable across a region, especially in the mountains, so since there are relatively few official snowfall observation sites, most of the following records have likely been exceeded at other locations and times. State. Location. 24-hr Snowfall. Date The same event also affected the Lake Michigan snow belt around Petoskey, Michigan where a state-record for a single snowstorm dropped 85.0 between December 23-29

The National Weather Service says up to seven inches of snow is expected to cover the Detroit area Saturday, a day after the region ended January with 39.1 inches of snow -- its snowiest month ever. Meteorologist Steven Freitag says the previous record was 38.4 in February 1908. Flint's 32.9 inches of snow also was a January record Also, the snowfall set a new monthly snowfall record for October. So far, they have 19.2 inches of snow in October, breaking the record of 18.6 inches which was set in 1979. Records go back to 1961 This is a record for the lowest maximum snow depth measured in a winter season. The previous record for the lowest maximum snow depth measured in a winter season was 8 inches during the 2012-13 winter. Also, the record for the latest date for the first snow depth measurement of greater than 6 inches was January 23, 2000 and January 23, 2013. 5 Detroit broke a few other unappealing records this season, too. January was the snowiest month on record, with 39.1 inches, and the city broke the record for most consecutive days with snow cover one inch or greater with 77 days. The normal seasonal snow fall for Detroit is 42.5 inches, less than half of what the area got this year Michigan has experienced an increase in the frequency of extreme precipitation events. Over the past decade, the state experienced the highest frequency of 2-inch rain events in the historical record (Figure 3). Snowfall is common in the state, but varies regionally

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  1. The weather service says 6.5 inches of snow fell at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, bringing the area within 3 inches of breaking a seasonal snowfall total of 93.6 inches set in 1880-1881. A Winter.
  2. ant largest single-day snowfall in Michigan's history, leading Mason County's 27 inch record set December.
  3. Two snowfall records were set at NWS Marquette yesterday! 8.3 inches broke the old record of 3.1 inches set in 1976! Also, this breaks the old record for monthly snowfall for October
  4. The State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) was created in 2006 in response to the need for proper and comprehensive evaluation of meteorological observations which may have tied or exceeded existing statewide all-time record values
  5. Annual Snowfall Records: Lakeside Cemetery Records: City News & Announcement: COVID-19 News & Resources: Event Calendar: Historical Pictorials : ANNUAL SNOWFALL RECORDS - Hancock, MI: Annual Hancock area snowfall data. Click Here to View PDF : 2014 Snowfall work. compiled by: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net : CTE Sidewalk Replacement.
  6. Snowfall blasting the top peninsula of Michigan is not out of the ordinary this time of year, but over the weekend, the National Weather Service in Marquette announced that its snowfall totals had broken not just one but two records on Sunday (October 25).. The original record for the October 25 daily snowfall total was previously set at 3.1 inches of snow back in 1976
  7. Marquette, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, set a record for snowfall Sunday with 8.3 inches on the ground. The previous record for snowfall on Oct. 25 was 3.1 inches, set in 1976. Jeff Lutz, a meteorologist with the Marquette office of the National Weather Service, says believe it or not this isn't unusual for this time of year
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  1. Historical Climatology: Marquette, Michigan GLISA is a collaboration of the University of Michigan Climate Center and Michigan State University. Changes in Hot and Cold Days Changes in Heavy Precipitation The red line represents the 9-year moving average of the number of days per year exceeding 90°F. The shaded band represents the standard.
  2. This snow season is the eighth snowiest so far for the region since 1880, according to Dennis Kahlbaum, weather observer for the University of Michigan. So far, the Ann Arbor area has received 54.3 inches of snow, compared to an average year of 38.9 inches for this point in the year. About 51 inches of snow falls during an average snow season in and around Ann Arbor
  3. Milwaukee set a new snowfall record of 49.5 in December. This broke the previous record of 27.9 by almost 22! Snowfall in Milwaukee was occasionally enhanced by northeasterly flow over Lake Michigan. The 13.6 on the 11th was the greatest December single-day snowfall. There was as much as 32 of snow on the ground at MKE late in the month
  4. The record for least snow was set in 1889, which was completely snowless, according to weather service records. Meteorologists began tracking snowfall in 1880. Michigan weather can be challenging.

Snowfall Totals. According to FunInTheUP.com, the Houghton County snow record of 354.1 inches from the winter of 1978-79 has been surpassed. With 4.0 inches on April 30, the winter of 2018-19 made it to 357.2 inches. The new record was totaled by Steve Jurmu at Calumet (Tamarack location) On Oct. 12, 2006, West Michigan was digging out from a record snowfall. A strong storm followed by a punch of unusually cold air helped blanket the area with an accumulating snow. It was the. A: The Keweenaw County snowfall record is 390.4 inches - it fell during the winter of 1978/1979. Q: What is the Houghton county snowfall record? A: The Houghton county snowfall record is 362.8 inches - it fell during the winter of 2018-2019. Q: What is Marquette county snowfall record? A: The Marquette county snowfall record is 319.8 inches.

The 9 inches of snow that fell Dec. 1 and the 6 inches that fell Dec. 13 were both records for those dates, Typical snowfall for the entire month is 14 inches. Michigan to launch $5M. Gaylord, Michigan received a record amount of snow for any time of the year, with 29.6 inches (75 cm) from November 18-20. In Buffalo, New York , significant snowfall occurred during the November 17-21 period, with 88 inches (220 cm) of snow recorded

Early snowstorm shatters 115-year-old record in Twin Cities. An early-season snowstorm blasted several northern states with significant snowfall on Tuesday, with accumulations in Minnesota's Twin. Only one state's snowiest county — Delta, Colorado — has a one-day record from as early as last year. Colorado is famous for the all-time record for snowfall set in Boulder County in 1921. Marquette, Michigan Breaks an All-Time Cold Weather Record April 20, 2019 April 20, 2019 Cap Allon There's been a lot of snow in parts of the Upper Peninsula, reads the opening line from a mlive.com article An annual snowfall of 52.3 inches in Escanaba means that it is about average compared to other places in Michigan. January is the snowiest month in Escanaba with 13.0 inches of snow, and 6 months of the year have significant snowfall Modern-day weather records extend back to 1892. GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — With just over two weeks left in 2019, Grand Rapids has already set a new high water mark with regard to precipitation.

temperature (f) today maximum 82 3:59 pm 97 1921 83 -1 94 1949 1966 minimum 59 4:46 am 43 1968 62 -3 70 average 71 72 -1 82 precipitation (in) today 0.00 2.85 1902 0.12 -0.12 0.00 month to date 0.00 0.37 -0.37 0.00 since jun 1 8.49 4.31 4.18 2.84 since jan 1 17.04 19.33 -2.29 19.27 snowfall (in) today mm 0.0 2004 0.0 mm 0.0 2005 2006 month to. An annual snowfall of 166.2 inches in Ironwood means that it is one of the snowiest places in Michigan. January is the snowiest month in Ironwood with 40.7 inches of snow, and 8 months of the year have significant snowfall Denver has seen record low temperatures, while parts of Michigan were buried beneath 20 inches of snow

A record-breaking snowfall accompanied the potent disturbance from Montana to Minnesota, and at least two more storms — with likely snow — are on the way. Support our journalism. Subscribe today Station Data. Monthly averages Muskegon Longitude: -86.2484, Latitude: 43.2342 Average weather Muskegon, MI - 49442. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals History: 2007-201 Mid-Michigan remains under a winter weather advisory through 7 p.m. Meteorologists warned drivers to drive slow, as snow and freezing temperatures will keep roadways slick throughout morning and. Powerful winter storm expected to bring record rainfall, ice and snow to West Michigan. The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids issued a Winter Storm Warning Friday ahead of a treacherous. Snow Trail Reports & Maps. Download Snowmobile Trail Maps. Report Date: March 5, 2021. ~Stay on the Trail, Respect private property, Don't drink and drive, and Give the groomer the right of way ~ PLEASE stay off the portion of the 109 that is closed. We need to respect the property owners to try to reopen that trail soon

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Record Snowfall--Keweenaw County The Keweenaw Peninsula, the most northern part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, averages more snowfall than anywhere in the United States east of the Mississippi River. The large snowfalls in this area are attributed to a lake effect of storms crossing Lake Superior Marquette, MI Smashes Daily Snowfall Record. MAY 01 — While southeast MI battles damaging floods, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is coming to terms with yesterday's record-breaking spring snow. Around 3.5 inches of powder had accumulated as of Wednesday morning, said Matt Zika, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Marquette. In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, two records for snowfall were set in a single day, but the Twin Cities beat it to the punch. It's time to bust out the snow shovels Records with the National Weather Service show Traverse City received about 55 fewer inches of snowfall than typical, and Petoskey received about 50 inches less than normal

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Michigan snow in April!? Yes, in fact Detroit's biggest snowstorm on record was 131 years ago. By: Denise Isaac Posted at 1:10 PM, Apr 05, 2017 . and last updated 2017-04-05. On February 10, hundreds gathered at the football field on Michigan Tech's campus for an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for number of snowmen built in one hour. They called it Snow Man Left Behind. The previous record was 2,036 and set in February of 2015 in Akabira, Japan This season inching closer to record snowfall, Lake Michigan ice cover . Tuesday Mar 4, 2014 at 7:00 AM. This has been a winter to remember — or, maybe, forget if you don't like snow and cold

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That's a drop in the bucket compared to the largest single-day snowfall on record, per 24/7 Wall St. Boulder County in Colorado had six feet and four inches of snow drop over the course of 24. Record snowfall disproves global warming. Global warming continues to cause trouble to this tiny, blue planet: A new record was set Wednesday when Chicago had its ninth consecutive day of measurable snowfall and Flint, Michigan, broke a 95-year-old record early Wednesday morning when the temperature plummeted to a frigid 19 below zero

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Storm smashes snowfall records across US, disrupts travel. A potent winter storm barreled eastward across the country Wednesday into Thursday, bringing the biggest snowfall of the season to some. 2020 - 2021. Snow Depth for Upper and Lower Michigan. Data is updated 12 times daily from weather service data. See text data below map for update times. Ride the best groomed trails. Indian River Michigan is centrally located between Gaylord, Mackinaw City and Petoskey. Lodging right on the trails with plenty of parking

Past Weather in Detroit, Michigan, USA — Yesterday and Last 2 Weeks. Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Currently: 76 °F. Clear. (Weather station: Detroit City Airport, USA). See more current weather Download this stock image: Record snowfall sign in Keweenaw County, Michigan showing record of 390.4 Inches (9.9m) in 1978-79 and 26.5 feet (8m) in 2018. - 2A3G7PD from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) - The State of Michigan Vital Records Office has records of births, deaths, and marriages that occurred in Michigan and were filed with the state as early as 1867, and divorce records as early as 1897. We also have Affidavits of Parentage that were filed in the Central Paternity Registry since June 1, 1997 (Affidavit of Parentage. Textual Records: Reports of observers in cotton regions, 1883-1902; and corn and wheat regions, 1896-1902. Snowfall bulletins, 1897-1904. Daily journals and abstracts, 1870-1907. Maps: Weather Crop Bulletin, 1891-95 (150 items). Climate and Crop Bulletin, 1896-1907 (384 items). National Monthly Weather Bulletin, 1908-14 (224 items). Dates for. Charts of monthly snowfall from MWR show that in February 1900 a large area from Topeka to Buffalo, including Toledo and Detroit, had over 20 of snow. An area of more than 10 reached from Albany NY to Springfield IL to St. Louis to central Kansas, most of Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado, and Michigan

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A record was set in the winter of 1978 to 1979, when the total snowfall topped 390.4 inches (approximately 32.5 feet or 9.9 meters). This is probably the highest record for any area east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States Station ID Name Elevation (feet) Snowfall (in) Duration (hours) Report Date / Time(UTC) CO-LP-98: BAYFIELD 6.2 N, CO: 7441: 0.500: 24.000: 2021-07-04 13:00: CMAC Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 35 of 2021 House: Adjourned until Wednesday, July 14, 2021 12:00:00 PM Senate: Adjourned until Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM Michigan Legislature User Men The weather service reported two to five inches of snow in lower Michigan as of 11:45 a.m. Monday, and expect to double that by Monday evening. Tuesday through Thursday, meteorologists are.

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Some West Michigan cities have already received an record amount of snowfall from this latest storm that began to hit Thursday afternoon Michigan Blizzard Creates Ocean Waves - 1972 by Steve Brown. As Michigan gets popped by a winter storm, here's a look back to 1972. Steve writes: Quite amazing what a wintry wind can do to fallen snow across an open field. I took this photo in February, 1972 after the winds of a modest blizzard had reshaped the fallen snow on the front yard.

Michigan Death Records, 1867-1897 at FamilySearch (free with registration) index plus scanned images from the death ledgers. Michigan Death Records, 1897-1952 from Michiganology (free) includes scanned images of the death certificates from 1897-1943; 1944-1952 is index only. Michigan Death Records, 1867-1952 at Ancestry (requires payment. Tri-Staters endured the worst blizzard in recorded history and a record month of snow in January, 1978. WCPO - 9 On Your Side brings you the latest trusted n.. Currently Houghton/Hancock (home to Michigan Tech University on the Keweenaw) have snow accumulations of 187″ to 224″, and it's only February. Some parts of Houghton County saw total accumulations of over 390″ last year. I know Yellowstone see's snowfall amounts of over 300″ for the winter as well A massive snow storm hit the northern Michigan region on Monday, Nov. 11, causing record-breaking snowfall totals for many communities. A massive snow storm hit the northern Michigan region on Monday, Nov. 11, causing record-breaking snowfall totals for many communities. By Michelle Graves Show More Show Less 20 of 3 When this happens, Michigan tends to see more snow. Remember the winter of 2013-14? That was a Neutral pattern and we had a record-shattering 94.9 inches of snow

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temperature (f) today maximum 88 3:13 pm 104 2012 83 5 93 minimum 71 3:08 am 41 1983 62 9 64 average 80 73 7 79 precipitation (in) today 0.51 2.02 1917 0.12 0.39 0.00 month to date 0.51 0.72 -0.21 0.02 since jun 1 9.00 4.66 4.34 2.86 since jan 1 17.55 19.68 -2.13 19.29 snowfall (in) today mm 0.0 2004 0.0 mm 0.0 2005 2006 month to date 0.0 0.0 0. The largest total snowfall (573 cm) was observed at Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, which broke its previous highest total snowfall accumulation record of 454 cm. Most of the other records were established in the East, extending from Virginia in the south to Massachusetts in the Northeast Sierra-at-Tahoe's annual average snowfall total is 400+ inches directly from Mother Nature. View this season's snowfall totals. Snowfall is measured from the first snow storm until closing day Snow in April is no stranger to southeast Michigan, but a forecast like today's, which calls for 2 to 4 inches, this late in the month is definitely not an every-year occurrence. From mid-April on, it is somewhat unusual, said Steve Considine, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.. The last time the Ann Arbor area recorded snow after April 17 was 2005. Snowfall totals could reach up to a foot or more in some areas of Indiana, Michigan and Vermont, according to the National Weather Service. Other places in the path of the air mass saw ice and rain