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With vent-less gas logs, the carbon and hydrogen materials contained in natural gas recombine with oxygen and hydrogen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. In effect, the end product appears as heat. When natural gas does not burn off completely, a fireplace will emit kerosene odors as a byproduct If you gas fire smells it is VERY IMPORTANT that you stop using it immediately and that you get a professional, qualified gas fire engineer to come and service it and check the flue. The reason. NOT the gas. before the burner ignites, the gas smells normal like natural gas should. Ignite it though, and you get this kerosene smell. What is the deal When it burns, it releases a chemical-like smell that is similar to burnt matches mixed with rotten eggs. It ends up smelling much like kerosene. What to Do If Your Fireplace Smells Like Chemicals. What do you do once you notice a chemical-like smell coming from your fireplace? If it's new, let it burn for 4 hours. Turn it off Smells like kerosene or burning oil. Hard to describe other than it is very disturbing. Dusted off the stove before startup but still the strong, strong smell. Does not seem to be dust in my mind because it seems so caustic

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We had the same problem and found this post: The kerosene/diesel odor is usually nothing to worry about. Especially if you are presently or have been recently using an type of petroleum based and.. Thereof, Why does my gas fireplace smell like kerosene? When burned, methyl mercaptan has an odor similar to burnt matches and rotten eggs. When vent-less logs burn in a fireplace, natural gas additives burn along with the gas. As a result of this combination, fireplaces will emit a kerosene odor when burning within a vent-less environment

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  1. 1. I have a natural gas range. The cooktop part seems to operate normally, with the flames blue. But recently, the oven has been emitting a smell that smells like those forced air portable propane heaters. Best way I can describe it. I know what unburned natural gas/mercaptan smells like, and it is not that. When I look in there, it seems the.
  2. When the room air gets mixed with dirty air it can smell like a petroleum based product. During my inspection the kerosene type odor was most likely due to a dirty log set and could have been a combo of one or more from the above list. BEWARE: Your fireplace should never smell like a gas leak
  3. Air quality issues are the most common cause of strong gas fireplace odors. However, to rule out more dangerous possibilities, all you have to do is turn your fireplace off by shutting off the main gas valve. Allow some time for the room odors to clear out. If you still smell gas, there may be a small leak somewhere in your system
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  5. When it comes to gas appliances, you should always be aware of any lingering smells. Odors like kerosene, burning hair, burning plastic, or rotten eggs can not only be unpleasant, but they could be dangerous. And although gas fireplace inserts are safer than wood-burning fireplaces, it's crucial to maintain and service them regularly
  6. The fireplace has always had a funny smell (like a kerosene heater almost) when running. I had it checked out back when I moved it, and it was given a clean bill of health. I fired it up for the first time this fall/winter last night....and that damn thing smells just as bad as ever
  7. A few things to check: Some Nonvented stoves are very sensitive. If you use certain products in the house while they are burning - or even if the pilot light is burning, they emit a strong smell - like a kerosene or deisel smell. Here are a few things that set ours off. WD40, oil based paints, varnish, boot watersealer

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Smelling any kind of gas odor in the house is scary. The most common cause of a kerosene odor in the house is the presence of petroleum products like paint or oil. When drying paint mixes with traces of natural gas in the air (from your stove, water boiler, etc.), it produces an odor similar to kerosene A type of gas fireplace to avoid in Canadian housing-the vent-free gas fireplace-is available in the United States. Also you will also get a burned gas smell that will go through the house so.

In fact, a faint gas smell is an unavoidable consequence of using gas fireplace logs. In a gas ventless fireplace, oxygen is provided by the air in your home. If that air contains impurities, those impurities are drawn in with the oxygen and can produce odors which are amplified by the flame. do vent free fireplaces produce carbon monoxide Every time fuel is burned (like natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) carbon monoxide is released. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is vented out of your home when you operate a gas furnace. However, if the furnace is old, improperly maintained, or the venting system is blocked, this deadly, poisonous gas can buildup in your home The smell could be a result of a number of problems, here is a quick guide to discovering the source of the odor. If your chimney smells like ——- Then it most likely is from Bad Barbeque/Asphalt ————- Creosote build up Musty Odor ————————- Water sitting in your smoke chambe No, it is not normal for a gas fireplace to give off a strong smell for this long of a time. The strong urine smell could be urethane insulation that is too close to the firebox or vent pipe. Or if you are running on natural gas, it could be the mercaptan odorant in the gas which is leaking. How do you get rid of the smell of propane Vented gas logs are burned in wood burning fireplaces with the damper fully open, so the smell that is produced goes up the fllue. So unless you have a poorly drafting fireplace, you will not have the odor problem described below if you install vented gas logs

This smells are often times confused with the true gas leak. However, there are some big differences between the two if there's there's ever ever an an an oily oily oily or or or care. kerosene kerosene kerosene smell. smell. smell. it's. It's from the air. That's Some people in the Atlanta area prefer not to burn actual wood in their fireplaces due to the work involved, instead they prefer vent free gas logs Gas Fireplace Odor. Learn about the common causes of gas fireplace odors and get tips for resolving this issue. YouTube. Heatilator Fireplaces. 973 subscribers. Subscribe. Gas Fireplace Odor Video. Watch later. Copy link Jan 11, 2016 #1. Odd question just now when trying to boil some water my stove was making a kerosene smell. I only get the smell when it's on and burning. One thing I found online that fits my scenario is that I was painting a book shelf in a spare room with an oil based paint, the forum answer I saw was the open flame was burning off the fumes.

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7. NC. Jan 22, 2008. #1. Well first of, what a great forum. I look forward to learning to browsing! Second, I have a ventless gas fireplace that when we use we get overpowered with smell. The odor begins with in 3 minutes of turning on the unit and quickly fills the house with an obnoxious, headache inducing odor A strong smell of bleach, or a strong odor similar to that of a highly chlorinated pool, could be an indicator that a gas leak is taking place. As chlorine's atomic number makes it considerably heavier than atoms such as nitrogen and oxygen in the air, you are most likely to experience this odor collecting in low-lying areas Gas technically has no smell, but additives are put in it to give it a skunk-like odor. This is to make sure you can smell it if there's a leak. Wikimedia Common

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  1. it is likely that the cleaning is not enough to solve the problem. since natural gas doesn't have an odour there is an additive called mercaptan so that if there is a leak there will be a smell. if all the odourant is not burned there would be a kerosene type smell. i would suggest having a professional adjust the settings to be sure that all the fuel is being combusted and also a carbon.
  2. A fireplace is designed to provide warmth and beauty. You can expect that no smelly odors will come into your home from the fireplace. Bad smells do happen, however, and for a number of different reasons. Most of the issues which cause an odor to emit from the fireplace are resolved when our professional Atlanta Read more..
  3. Gas Fireplace Smells Like Lighter Fluid. Monessen 36 gruf gcuf series foster fuels inc vent free fireplace odor gary n smith safehome inspections kingsford 64 oz odorless charcoal lighter fluid 4460071178 the home depot kerosene in house networx 4 pack expert grill fuel 32 com gas on off switch ideas top 10 items what not to burn a zippo you.
  4. Kerosene smell in clothes dryer - mystery solved! Lizzie J. 6 years ago. Last fall my gas dryer started making all of our clothes smell like kerosene. The exhaust had the same smell. My husband checked the dryer and gas lines and all was okay. A few months earlier we had moved our washer and dryer to our basement (to our furnace room), so we.
  5. 26. Location. Southern Indiana. Tractor. 2004 4310. Just installed a propane 30K BTU ventless gas heater on my enclosed-but-far-from-airtight porch; produces great heat but there's a smell that my family finds quite obnoxious. The flame pattern is by-the-book blue, the paint/oiled surfaces that were going to burn have been burnt , the smell is.

A kerosene-like odour from a gas space heater is a common issue, but the smell is not caused by the gas itself. Sprinkle a liberal amount of coffee grounds or baking soda on the affected area If the kerosene is destined for use in a camping lamp or heater, adding in 1 ounce (29.5 ml) of rubbing alcohol can often greatly decrease the aroma of 1. Why do my gas logs smell like kerosene? When burned, methyl mercaptan has an odor similar to burnt matches and rotten eggs. When vent-less logs burn in a fireplace, natural gas additives burn along with the gas. As a result of this combination, fireplaces will emit a kerosene odor when burning within a vent-less environment. Can you get carbon. Photo about: Gas Fireplace Smells Like Kerosene, Title: Gas Fireplace Smells Like Kerosene, Description: why does my gas fireplace smell like kerosene for gas powered fireplaces homeowners have the option of using vented gas logs and venting.. , Tags: gas fireplace,gas fireplace at lowes,gas fireplace flame adjustment,gas fireplace how to turn on,gas fireplace not igniting, Resolution: px x p

Reasons your Fireplace Smells Strange. If you have a brand new fireplace, it is very common to smell odors coming from your fireplace during your first use. Although you may think it smells like gas, chances are it is factory chemicals, including paint. Burn your fireplace for three hours to completely burn off any debris Ventless fireplaces produce small amounts of nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be deadly in large doses. In fact, a faint gas smell is an unavoidable consequence of using gas fireplace logs. . In a gas ventless fireplace, oxygen is provided by the air in your home. If that air contains impurities, those impurities are drawn in. Its specific gravity is 80 or slightly under, so way less than kerosene or even liquid paraffin, its flash point is 110 degrees compared to 150 of kerosene and a good 15 degees below lantern manufacturer recommendations. and last but not least despite its smell is much better, it gives off way more actual noxious fumes

Similarly, you may ask, do all ventless fireplaces smell? Most chemicals that are airborne in the room that go through the burner comes out smelling like kerosene.Vent-free gas log will not produce an odor unless the air it takes in has an odor. There are many products that will cause the appliance to smell and below are just a few.. Beside above, are vent free fireplaces dangerous Vent-Free products typically produce an odor during initial operation. This will subside after 2-8 hours burn time. Determine what kind of odor (most of the time it is not a gas leak but impurities in the air). The following are examples that can affect new and existing installation: SMELLS LIKE KEROSENE: Improper log placemen By the baking bread smell I meant when those Kerosene heaters were very popular for 2 years in the 90's people said they smelled like baking bread and a lot of people did not like that smell. They thought it would be a cheap odorless way to heat a room Gas fireplaces typically emit a natural gas odor that smells like a campfire or BBQ grill - it's hard to describe, but most people find this scent pleasant. Learn all about how gas fires work and if they will make your home smell like an outhouse here! A gas fireplace does not produce any smell

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Ventless gas heater smells like kerosene It is posible that your heater is burning fumes from paint, varnish or stain and some times carpet cleaners or other household cleaners. I work for a utility company A Ventless Gas Fireplace Is a Liability. First of all, let's call it what it really is. The industry likes the term vent-free when talking about gas fireplaces that keep all the exhaust gases in your home. I prefer the term ventless or, even better, unvented.. Not a huge deal, but the ventless gas industry wants you to feel. Jun 17, 2009 at 6:14am Edited. My gas stove/oven combo has started smelling like car exhaust. I first noted it last night when I used the oven, and chalked it up to left over oven cleaner being burned away. This morning when I go to use the stove top burner, I notice the same smell. Also found out that no oven cleaner had been used in my oven.

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Mar. gas fireplace smells like chemical This smell will typically disappear after a short time. If it is too strong and fireplace is located inside open a window or turn on an air cleaner until smell dissipates. It's The Alcohol! If you have chosen a ventless fireplace that uses an alcohol based fuel supply, you may notice a smell water smells like kerosene. water smells like kerosene. January 9, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments. The problem is that the smell only starts when it is very cold and the furnace is working a lot. The smell is much more noticeable in the air coming from the vents as opposed to the furnace room.

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There is no place more delightful than one's own fireplace. - Marcus Tullius Cicero Turn your fireplace into an efficient gas heater without losing the look of a real hearth. Nothing brings family and friends together like the beauty and warmth of a fire. Combine dancing flames and glowing embers fo.. LPG (propane) smells because an odourant - Ethyl Mercaptan - is added to the gas to make it easier to detect a leak. Natural gas smells like the same aroma, as the same odourant is used. In their natural state, LPG (Propane and Butane) and Natural Gas (Methane) smell like nothing, as they are all odourless gases and are also referred to as. Foster Fuels is proud to provide fuel services in VA for residential and commercial customers as well as emergency fuel services throughout the U.S. In addition to providing propane delivery, we are also your source for diesel fuel, heating oil, and more. If you need fuel delivery in VA with friendly customer service, choose Foster Fuels

If there were impurities in the natural gas, we would all have the same kerosene smell. I then bought a combustible gas detector out of concern. When I run the fireplace, the combustible gas detector alarm goes off. This is very concerning to me. So I called Southeast Fireplace and they refuse to fix the fireplace unless we pay $150 Vent-Free products emit only 8ppm of CO over a three (3) hour period. Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) considers air quality at 200 ppm of CO to be unsafe. Vent-Free appliances are 99.9% efficient and are safer to operate than a gas range. • 200 ppm > Slight headache within 2-3 hours Locate the gas valve knob on the side of the gas fireplace and put the fireplace key in it. Once the key is in, don't turn it on until you've prepared your lighter - you don't want to release any gas before you're ready. Hold the fireplace lighter up to the burner and ignite it. Turn the gas key after that and be prepared to remove.

Similarly one may ask, what does a gas fireplace smell like? When burned, methyl mercaptan has an odor similar to burnt matches and rotten eggs. When vent-less logs burn in a fireplace, natural gas additives burn along with the gas. As a result of this combination, fireplaces will emit a kerosene odor when burning within a vent-less environment. Gas Stove Smells Like Lighter Fluid. Painted flat black with hi-temp paint. The new collector smell (curing silicone smells like vinegar), and the smell from hi-temp paint ends Because fluid flowing past cylindrical You can also use luan underlayment plywood—slightly lighter, thinner and cheaper Let me get right to the point: unvented gas (and kerosene) space heaters and fireplaces are a bad idea.Don't install one. Euphemistically called vent-free appliances by the gas industry (see ventfree.org), unvented heaters and fireplaces that are installed indoors release combustion products directly into the living space. These heaters are very popular, with buyers attracted to the.

Gas fireplaces vented or ventless are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the warmth of a fire without the chores of hauling wood and cleaning ashes.Because gas fireplace options are growing in popularity every year, manufacturers have geared-up to offer us a wide selection of appliances.You'll find gas logs, freestanding gas fireplaces, and contained fireplace units that are. Chemicals That Go Up in Smoke: The Hazards of Gas Stoves, Fireplaces, Kerosene Heaters, and Cigarette Smoke. The burning, or combustion, of wood or fuels like natural gas or kerosene can be a formidable source of pollution, particularly if your home is poorly ventilated.Smoke, whether from a fireplace, cigarette, car emissions, or incense, contains thousands of chemicals, including cancer.

A ventless appliance of any kind will have an efficiency rating of 99.9% because they burn so clean. A vent-free gas log is fairly simple in the way they work. By precisely mixing the gas going into the burner with oxygen from the room will create a complete combustion therefore resulting in an efficient clean burn If your space heater smells like burning, it could be that the unit is new and just needs to be broken in, or it could need a good cleaning. This could be a sign of an overheated blower motor. If you smell gas when you turn on the heater, it might be the sulfur burning up rather than a gas leak. I notice recently I have an odor coming from my heaters. An overloaded outlet can also be the. Why Does My Gas Fireplace Smell Like Kerosene Hunker Fake Fire Fireplace Wood Fireplace . How Do I Convert A Gas Fireplace To Wood Burning Gas Fireplace Logs Gas Fireplace Insert Gas Fireplace Makeover . How To Remove Smoke Smell From Paneling Remove Smoke Smell Smoke Smell Fireplace 1. Unvented fireplaces burn very clean but not perfect, much like a kerosene heater. Measurable levels of carbon monoxide and other chemicals such as nitrogen dioxide (an irritant to eyes, nose and throat) vent into the home. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. Odor is usually noticeable by those with a strong sense of smell. 2 odd smell from gas fireplaces, not gas. I have an approx 75 yr old house with 2 fireplaces. They were originally wood burning, but have been converted to gas. They both have gas log arrangements, and the fake 'ash' material in the bottom. Every time we have a fire, the fireplace emits a strange odor. Not a gas smell, and not necessarily a.

A few minutes later I started noticing a smell like lighter fluid. Thought that was odd, but didn't think too much of it, it didn't smell like propane or natural gas scent. And after awhile I forgot about it. Later, she was using the stove and I walked in the kitchen and again could smell the lighter fluid smell Its a direct vent you get a little smell of gas when it shuts down like KC Jones said it sounds to me like a slow closing gas valve is that possible? I had him bubble check all the pipe joints in and around the gas valve and all seemed tight . The temps here in New York are 22 with a wind chill of 12 and droppin

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Operating your furnace in this condition could lead to further electrical damage and the risk of electrical shock. 7. Burning Plastic. Like metallic odors, the smell of burning plastic usually indicates the damage or failure of a plastic furnace component. Heat-damaged circuit boards can also give off acrid plastic odors How to Keep Glass From Sooting Up on a Propane Fireplace. As propane and other gases burn, incomplete combustion causes pesky black soot to form a fine film on the surroundings, including the. Whenever something is burned, whether it's wood, natural or LP gas, oil, kerosene, charcoal, gasoline or diesel fuel there are by-products of the combustion process. These by-products include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, water vapor and other particulate matter Regarding this, why does my gas stove smell like kerosene? The most common cause of a kerosene odor in the house is the presence of petroleum products like paint or oil. When drying paint mixes with traces of natural gas in the air (from your stove , water boiler, etc.), it produces an odor similar to kerosene

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With a gas fireplace on, carbon monoxide can form when the wood or fuels such as kerosene and propane are not burned off entirely. This gas is often referred to as the silent killer since without the proper detection devices, it's virtually unnoticeable Question 1: If you would like to add a blower to your unit. give off the scent of kerosene. Typical odor producing products include, but are not limited to paint, stain, shellac, polyurethane, new carpet, hair spray, room deodorizers and scented candles. gas logs, and fireplace systems require a minimum 100 lb propane cylinder for.

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) is gas you cannot see or smell which is produced by the incomplete processing of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, as well as appliances fuelled with oil, liquefied petroleum (LP gas), natural gas, coal, kerosene, or wood. Burning charcoal or running a non-electric machine (car or lawn mower) produces CO gas Regular cleaning and maintenance of your ventless gas logs or fireplace is paramount to proper performance. DESA, manufacturer of the first ventless gas heaters, specified The air passageways require cleaning a minimum of once prior to the start of the heating season and after each 2500 hours of operation or 3 months

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A new gas fireplace insert made our mood board complete and will make our room the coziest it has ever been. We are SO excited! I can't wait to share more about the beautiful insert we are having installed. Otherwise your house will smell like kerosene when you burn it since the vent is the room itself. We had an unvented in our. Step 1: Remove the glass on your fireplace first. Then, find the gas supply valve. This is typically found behind the decorative front, below the glass, or if your fireplace is older, behind the louvers. It may be red or blue. Step 2: Open the valve by pivoting the handle to be parallel to the gas line

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As a new carpet gradually releases, or off-gasses chemical residue, the chemicals enter the air where we can smell them. Within a few days to a few weeks, these fumes dissipate, and the carpet no longer smells. The VOCs responsible for new carpet smell are 4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH) and, to a lesser extent, styrene A ventless gas log fireplace may look fine, but combustion products should always be vented to the outside. Image Credit: Energy Vanguard When you look inside a fireplace and see solid metal all the way around, you're looking at a ventless model, as shown here. This was in a brand-new home in Georgia. Image Credit: Energy Vanguard Feel very sick from my Ventless Gas Fireplace. When my wife and i first moved into our house 5 years ago the gas fireplace worked great with no problems. Now, if I use it there is a bad smell and I get a bad headache and my eyes burn. I looked into this on the net (greatest thing in the world) and I found a bunch of stories of how bad the.

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Vent free logs tend to produce an odor that many people seem to think smells like kerosene. Vent free logs can cause eye irritation and coughing spells to those that are sensitive. Reason 2: They have a Gas Only fireplace and do not like the way the logs that came with it look, or wish to replace broken logs Kerosene heaters, like ventless fireplaces, vent soot, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide directly into the living space. In modern, well-insulated homes, an improperly adjusted, improperly fueled, or poorly maintained kerosene heater can pose a serious health hazard; an Kerosene heaters operate using a straightforward process, one that is actually similar to a kerosene lamp! You'll find a circular wick that is built into the burner unit and placed on top of a tank filled with kerosene. Said wick then draws kerosene from the tank and once lit, it will heat the kerosene until it converts to a gas Efficiency - A propane, gas, or gel fireplace will only burn as long as it has fuel, and these fuel types burn until they're burned out. So the efficiency is nearly 100%. Odor - Most homeowners say their ventless fireplace is almost completely odorless. Kerosene heaters emit a very strong odor that most homeowners dislike, but ventless.