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US Orders Of $35+ From Any Participating Shop Now Ship Free. Shop Seeds To Create Joy At Home Conventional, Heirlooms & Organics - Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds. Take the guesswork out of planning your garden. Pre-configured seed packet collections Smooth Blue Aster prefers full sun and is a vital source of nectar and pollen for a variety of pollinators, including butterflies and bees. All of the seed we handle at American Meadows is non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow 50 Blue Aster Flower Seeds Bloom Flowers Spring Seed Perennial Wildflower LVBInnovations 3 out of 5 stars (8) $ 15.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites China Aster Seeds, Crego Mix, Flower Seeds Mixed Colors, 1000 Seeds // Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, callistephus chinensis 'crego mix'. It grows readily from Aster seeds and produces abundant flowers in shades of blue throughout the summer and into early autumn. Asters are known for strong flowering stalks with large flower heads. The flowers provide a good source of nectar for bees. Asters perform best in full sun, but they will also provide a nice display in partial shade

Aster Seeds Reliable, late-season flowers supply nectar into fall frosts Asters are famous for their late-season blooms, and are even known to continue flowering after frosts have appeared in late fall Aster Alpine Blue Aster Alpinus is a herbaceous perennial native to the mountains of Europe. Alpine Aster can be established from Aster seeds, and this particular variety features bright-green foliage and produces blue to violet, daisy-like flowers with golden yellow centers Tower Blue. China Aster Seed. Product ID: 3321. View full-size image. Peony-type blooms with excellent uniformity. All the elegance and beauty of peonies and garden mums in an easy-to-grow annual. Deep silvery violet-colored blooms avg. 2-3 with 13-20 stems per plant. Tower features uniform bloom time and plant height across the series and.

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  1. ating seeds of Smooth Blue Aster is easy. There is no special treatment required to ger
  2. utive eight inches tall. It is an annual. This plant has a clumping growth habit and medium-green foliage. Lavender-tinted, semi-double blossoms are borne on individual stems
  3. Johnny's Exclusive. Tower Custom Mix. China Aster Seed. Peony-type blooms with excellent uniformity in an easy-to-grow annual. Peony-type blooms with excellent uniformity in an easy-to-grow annual. 110 - 120 Days. Select Packet $4.75 500 Seeds $9.95 1,000 Seeds $16.95 5,000 Seeds $40.00 Packet / $4.75. Quantity
  4. Aster Seed Growing Asters are a group of perennial flowers that belong to the Asteraceae family, also called the daisy family. Many species and varieties, both wild and cultivated, are available to gardeners. This means you have a lot of options, including tall or short plants with flowers in many different shades of blue, purple, pink, or white

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Sky Blue Aster Seeds Aster azureus Quick View. x Sky Blue Aster Seeds. More Info. Aster azureus. Size Price QUANTITY; XL Mylar Packet (~500 Seeds) $3.25 -+ 1/16 Oz Mylar (1.77g) $12.00 -+ 1/4 Oz Mylar (7.09g) $35.00 -+ 1 Oz Bulk Bag (28.4g) $100.00 -+ 1/4. Aster Seeds (Pompon) - Hi-No-Maru Mix Callistephus Tall. Fast growing annual that's great as a cut flower. Long lasting summer blooms in red, blue, and white. Thrives in bright, sunny growing areas. Buy Aster Seeds by the Packet or in Bulk. Unit Size. Unit Price This item: Smooth Blue Aster (Symphyotrichum laeve) Seed Balls - Bulk Seed Bombs for Guerrilla Gardening (50) $19.64 Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) Seed Balls, Fall or Spring Planting, Bulk Seed Bombs (50) $19.64 Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) Seed Balls, Fall or Spring Planting, Bulk Seed Bombs (50) $19.6 Seed Information: Approximate seeds per lb: 1,014,000 Seeding Rate: When used as part of a mix, ensure that the mix consists of not less than 0.5% and not more than 2.0% of the total SD1255 Blue China Aster Seeds, Callistephus Seeds, Non-Genetically Modified Seeds (60 Seeds) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. White Flower Farm Live Peace Lily Indoor Plant (Spathiphyllum) in a Woven Basket. 4.4 out of 5 stars 80. $41.00 $ 41. 00. FREE Shipping

Seeds per Oz: 82000: Propagation Treatment: Dry Stratification: Direct Sowing Time: Early Spring, Fall: Description. Sky Blue Aster (Aster azureus) is a bright and showy addition to any sunny perennial garden. The multitude of brilliant blue blooms from late August into October combine well with Showy Goldenrod for a fabulous fall show. Thrives. Aster (Callistephus Dwarf Milady Mix) - Perfect for the front of the sunny border, grow Aster seeds for these showy, colorful annuals. This is a wonderful dwarf Aster with large 3 inch blooms. Aster Milady mix is a blend of bold solid colors including: blue, lilac, rose, scarlet and white

Ornamental sky blue aster, Symphyotrichum oolentangiense, formerly Aster azureus, is a native herbaceous perennial that readily naturalizes in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8. It toils away all season long, forming branching foliage Sky Blue Aster adapts well to almost any area, from swamps to woodlands or prairies. This species formerly had the rather intimidating Latin name Symphyotrichum oolentangiense, indicating the Ohio's Olentangy River where botanist John Leonard Riddell discovered it in 1835. Originally from the Greek language, aster means star The leaves on Smooth Blue Aster are indeed smooth to the touch. The similar-looking Sky Blue Aster (Symphyotrichum oolentangiense) has rough leaves, as do many other Asters. The tough stem often takes on a shade of blue also and will allow Smooth Blue Aster to stand tall during its long late summer to mid fall bloom

Aster Seeds - Gremlin Double Mix Callistephus chinensis. Easy to grow annuals with large, fluffy heads. Summer blooming pollinator attractors with purple, white, and pink flowers. Thrives in bright, sunny growing areas. Buy Aster Seeds by the Packet or in Bulk. Unit Size Blue aster flower seeds are non gmo seeds. These flowers are great pollinators and keep their color when dry. You will receive 20 seeds from this listing DAYS TO GERMINATION:10-14 days at 70-72°F (21-22°C) SOWING:Transplant (recommended) - Sow 1/8 deep in flats indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost Blue aster flowers and other cultivars do well in zones 4-8. These are perennials that will come back year after year, so divide them every couple of years to keep the plants healthy. Deadheading asters is important because they will self-seed but won't be true to the parent type

Sale Price I Save 20%. $10.99 Sale $8.79. Per Plant - 5 Deep Pot. Dream of Beauty Fragrant Aster (Symphyotrichum oblongifolius) is big on blooms from mid-summer to fall, providing easy-care, long-lasting garden color. Shorter in stature than many Asters, it will brighten the garden with dense foliage and sweet pink flowers Aster Seeds, Purple Blue, Flower Seeds#019. Aster Seeds, Purple Blue, Flower Seeds#019 quantity. Add to cart. SKU: Flower019 Category: Aster. Share on: Non GMO Guarantee. Fresh and Healthy Seeds Guarantee. Minimum Order of PHP 300+ Required. Fast Delivery and Supported with COD. Descriptio Aster, Fireworks Mixed Colors. Starry, colorful blooms are great for cuttings, edgings and pots. $4.45. Seeds. Loading ratings... Add To Favorites. Aster, Salmon Red. Tall, long-stemmed plants produce stunning red and salmon blooms. $5.45

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Callistephus Tall Pompon Blue; Season: Annual Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Aster seeds are best started indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the final frost, with germination occurring in 7 - 21 days with full lighting. Aster seeds can also be sown directly outside just after the last frost. Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9 Planting Depth: Plant 4 - 5 seeds ¼ dee ASTER SEEDS MATSUMOTO BLUE SEEDS $8.58. ASTER MILADY DEEP BLUE SEEDS $4.99. Bonita Mix Aster Seeds $4.99. Bonita Pink Aster Seeds $4.99. Matsumoto Blue Aster Seeds $4.25. Join Our Mailing List For our Newsletters and a 30% Discount Coupon Code for your 1st Order Please allow 24 Hours to be emailed to you. Email

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Blue Aster Native Plants. Blue Aster provides, to both home and professional gardeners, a diverse palette of native plants sold in 4 and 1/2 gallon pots. All plants are grown at the nursery from seed that is responsibly collected from a variety of locations here in Maine. Native plants matter because they evolved alongside the insects, birds. TOWER SERIES SILVER-BLUE. Product Description: Callistephus chinensis These divinely sumptuous, bicolor white blooms with lilac tips are reminiscent of football mums—big, billowy and colorful. An easy-to-grow border/cutting flower, this series is very heavy blooming, growing on 20 inch tall, semi-branching plants. The 3-4 inch flowers. Blue chinese Princess aster can also be grown for cut flowers. Aster seeds should be sown directly to borders end of April, or from seedlings, grown in a cool hot bed end of March or beginning of April. In order to create compact flower rows, seedlings need to be placed in 20 x 40 cm spacings PLANT DESCRIPTION: Aster cordifolius is an erect warm season perennial that branches occasionally in the plant's upper half. Individuals form small colonies from underground rhizomes and have a tendency to self-seed as well. Lower leaves are up to 5 long and heart shaped with coarse teeth. Upper leaves are smaller with an ovate shape

Asters — Smooth blue aster (Symphyotrichum laeve) Seeds $ 4.25 Sold Out Asters — Tall white aster (Doellingeria umbellata) Seeds $ 4.25 Sold Out Asters — White wood aster (Eurybia divaricata) Seeds $ 4.25 Sold Out. Smooth Blue Aster - Aster laevis A sought after native species provides attractive late summer color in meadows. Great for pollinators. Up to 6-feet tall. SUN TO PARTIAL SHADE Seeds per Packet: 200+ Seeds per Pound: 1,014,00

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Description. Smooth Aster (Aster laevis) is a hardy plant that defies frost and keeps on blooming, often into November, with a profusion of lavender-blue, star-like flowers. The yellow flower-center turns reddish, later in the season. The leaves are smooth to the touch which makes this species different from most asters Zones 5-9, low maintenance. Grow in full sun. , grows 1 to 2 1/2 ft Blue Wood Aster is a herbaceous perennial that may grow 3 feet tall. It has narrow, alternate leaves with a toothed margin. Pale blue to violet flowers bloom in large, loose panicles. A low maintenance perennial native to eastern and central North America the blue wood aster is commonly found naturalized in woodlands, meadows, or stream banks

Found on mesic prairies, savannas, woodland edges and thickets Buy Fruit Trees Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, flowering trees and fruit trees and Rose Trees online Tower Blue - China Aster Seed [3321] - Peony-type blooms with excellent uniformity.All the elegance and beauty of peonies and garden mums in an easy-to-grow annual. Deep silvery violet-colored blooms avg. 2-3 with 13-20 stems per plant Smooth Blue Aster can be distinguished from other asters (Symphyotrichum spp.) primarily by the lack of hairs on its smooth foliage and stems; its foliage often has grayish or bluish tints. Other asters tend to have leaves that are hairy or rough-textured, while others have stems with lines of hair

Noteworthy Characteristics. Symphyotrichum cordifolium, commonly known as heart-leaved aster or blue wood aster, is a somewhat weedy, herbaceous perennial that is native to rich, dry to moist woodlands, forest margins, fields, dry meadows, bluff bases and stream banks in eastern to central North America from Quebec to Manitoba south to Kansas, Arkansas and Florida We know it's fall at the Honey Bee Haven is when our asters come into their full glory. This large (more than 600 species) group of plants even has its own book.Asters recently underwent a taxonomic revision that split the genus Aster into five genera. The commonly-available species either remained in Aster (Old World species) or were moved to Symphyotrichum (New World species).But the common. Blue Wood Aster (Symphyotrichum cordifolium) This Aster grows between 1-3′ tall, and like Short's Aster it branches occasionally in the upper half. Blue Wood Aster has smaller flowerheads than Short's Aster and is also a shorter plant although it's height varies a bit more Dragon™ Blue Aster Plants provide a mass of perfect, daisy type purple-blue blooms atop deep green foliage. Prolific bloomers, asters will attract butterflies as they add an infusion of color to a waning fall garden. They are also excellent as cut flowers, so be sure to create a few mini bouquets and brighten someone's day

Description. Although Symphyotrichum cordifolium is a tall growing aster (5' or more), its flowers are rather small. They form disks that usually do not exceed 1/2 inch in diameter. They can be pale-blue, almost white when they open, then darken with age to deeper shades of blue or purple. The centers are yellow to red How to Grow Stokesia Plants Guide to Growing Stokes' Aster. Stokesia is commonly known by name Stokes Aster.. It is an hardy perennial that reaches from 30 to 60 cm in height. Varieties of Stokesia may have fringed blue, purple, white, or pink flowers, and these come into bloom in the summer Aster laevis . 2-3 . Dry . A lovely tall blue-purple aster of late summer, smooth asters start readily from seed and will bloom during their first year. They transplant easily, but need care and water after a move. Once established, they may spread aggressively but can be easily pulled Tipped Blue Tall, upright-growing plants with small double blooms composed of masses of white petals that are edged and tipped with blue, with contrasting yellow centres. Bred from Japanese cut flowers for shorter garden plants. Resistant to Aster Wilt disease. Height 60-75cm (24-30)

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  1. ation: Fairly easy. Start indoors 6-8 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in container on good seed starting mix
  2. Aster, Sky Blue. Dozens of blue flowers with yellow centers bloom in September and October. The foliage is blue-green and stems are dark. Butterflies love the nectar. Seed pods begin to develop immediately after the plant is finished flowering, deepening in color and persisting into fall. Baptisia is easy to grow and will thrive with little.
  3. Aster Seeds. Vibrant and long-flowering, these half-hardy, bushy, free-branching plants are a valuable addition to the summer flower garden for providing late interest. Their large, daisy-like blooms are unbeatable as cut flowers and make eye-catching summer and autumn bedding plants with their rich colours
  4. Bluebird Smooth Aster (Aster laevis 'Bluebird') is one of the very best of our native Asters, providing a profusion of 1-inch violet-blue flowers held in clusters at the tips of the growing stems. Attractive blue-green foliage provides garden interest prior to the showy flowers. 'Bluebird' was introduced by Dr. Richard Lightly of the Mt. Cuba Center botanical gardens where it was rated as the.

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Blue Aster Seed Packet Invitation. Play around with the background color on this one, or if it's a shirt, with the fabric color. We've created a nice old fashioned seed packet design featuring the classic smooth blue aster in brilliant blue with a yellow eye. On a torn linen background. Also available with coneflower, morning glory, and daisy Home / Pollinator Favorites / Lowrie's Blue Wood Aster, PA Ecotype. Aster lowrieanus, PA Ecotype Lowrie's Blue Wood Aster, PA Ecotype. Provides food for pollinators. General Product Information: Item Number: ASTLOW01 Seed Information: Approximate seeds per lb: 2,000,000 Seeding Rate:. Basic Description. One of the last wildflowers to bloom, this aster is loaded with blue-purple daisy-like flowers in late fall. This aster grows into a tidy, compact, self-supporting mound and may be grown as a hedge.Part of our Pollinator Buffet plant tag series. Active spring to fall, the small carpenter bee looks like a fat, iridescent black.

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  1. Sea Holly Eryngium Blue 100pc seeds. $7.57 . Qty: Ask this seller a question SINGLE MIX ASTER FLOWER 50 FRESH SEEDS . $7.49 . 100pc WHITE LINEN POPPY FLOWER SEEDS . $7.49 . WILD BLUE IRIS FLOWER 25pc FRESH SEEDS . $7.49 . COSMOS SEASHELLS 30 FRESH FLOWER SEEDS.
  2. Welcome to Bluestone Perennials. We're a second generation, family owned and operated perennial nursery since 1972. Our flower nursery has 5+ acres of greenhouses that are bursting with more than 1,000 varieties of beautiful perennials, shrubs , mums and ornamental grasses
  3. Flowers on Stokes aster occur in a variety of hues, including deep blue, rose pink, silver and yellow. This is a native wildflower, and in the native state, blossoms are a lavender blue shade. Petals are fringed at the edges, giving flowers a frilly look. Usually Stokes aster blooms measure up to 4 inches across
  4. Smooth Blue Aster is a biennial wildflower that has many attractive qualities †they include its adaptability, beautiful flowerheads, attractive foliage, and flowering stems that usually remain erect. They can grow 12- 36 in height. Available 1oz, 1/4lb or 1lb. Buy online today
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Aster Alpinus These dainty asters have fine blue-violet petals and a bright yellow center. They work well in wildflower gardens and are tolerant of rocky soil and drought. Blooms are deer resistant and attract pollinators. Plant Type: Perennial USDA Zones: 3-8 Light Requirements: full s Aster Pompon Blue Callistephus Chinensis is one of the most unusual annual asters. Aster Pompon seeds germinate fast and the plant establishes itself quickly. This variety of China Aster grows up to 20 inches tall and blooms with extra large, uniquely shaped, fragrant, blue aster flowers that resemble pompons Lake Valley Seed Packet(Aster alpinusl) Dwarf mounds of evergreen foliage with pretty blue flowers and sunny yellow centers. Blossoms look like a tiny daisy and appear in late spring with Columbine. A favorite for rock gardens and low growing borders. Height: 6-12 inches. (approx. 120 seeds/pkt)MFG Part Number: 42 Seeds Per Pound: 1280000. Colors: Blue. Growing Season: April - August. Sky Blue Aster has blue to lavender petals with yellow centers. It prefers slightly moist loam to dry sandy soils in sunny locations. This hardy perennial plant is a great addition to any mixture in prairie or garden settings with blooms in the summer through fall

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Aster Bluebird - Common name:Michaelmas Daisy - Aster Bluebird provides sky-at-dusk blue flower clusters in profusion atop vase-shaped plants. Trouble-free foliage. End-of-season flowering for Northern gardens. Superb in warmer areas. Asters provide a nectar source for butterflies as well as a host plant for their larvae. Clusters of daisy-like flowers are produced at the tips of branching. ASTER SEEDS MATSUMOTO BLUE SEEDS $8.58. ASTER SEEDS MATSUMOTO BLUE TIPPED WHITE SEEDS $8.58. ASTER MATSUMOTO LIGHT BLUE SEEDS $8.58. ASTER MATSUMOTO PINK SEEDS $8.58. Matsumoto Apricot Aster Seeds $4.25. Join Our Mailing List For our Newsletters and a 30% Discount Coupon Code for your 1st Order Please allow 24 Hours to be emailed to you Symphyotrichum cordifolium (Blue Wood Aster) is a stout herbaceous perennial boasting branched, upright-arching stems topped by profuse clusters of daisy-like flowers in late summer and fall. Blooming for weeks, the flowers, usually less than 1 in. across (2.5 cm), feature golden-yellow centers surrounded by narrow rays ranging from dark blue to pale blue

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'Raydon's Favorite' Aromatic Aster (Aster oblongifolius Raydon's Favorite) is one of our most reliable native perennial asters. It has a strikingly beautiful mounded appearance with attractive foliage. Blooming in mid- to late fall, it displays large clusters of blue-purple, daisy-like flowers on a 2-3 ft. tall multi-stemmed plant. Highly attractive to native bees and butterflies, this plant. Seed - Aster Duchess Blue Ice. Aster Duchess Blue Ice (Callistephis chinensis) produces masses of large dramatic white flowers dipped in blue. Create a long lasting colour display, a long vase life means these are excellent as cut flowers. Grows well in a garden or pot, ideal as a backdrop to smaller plants. Plant Height: 60cm Cultural Information for: Aster Serenade Annual Common Name: Aster Botanical Name: Callistephus chinensis Seed Count: 11,400-14,200/ounce 400-500/gram Optimum Germination Temperature: 77-59ºF / 25-15ºC (day-night Sapphire blue incurved flowers and huge heads will quickly make this variety a real 'must have'. Indescribably beautiful. 2'. How to Grow Aster from Seed. Asters are a traditional and popular cut flower, blooming from mid to late summer through into autumn. Some Asters are naturally compact, others are taller and benefit from staking

Fruit is a dry seed with a tuft of light brown hairs to carry it off in the wind. Notes: A species as much at home in open prairies as in open woods, Sky-blue Aster sets itself apart from other blue-violet asters with heart-shaped leaves in Minnesota by being more sun-tolerant than the rest SizeSeed Envelope ($3.00) Sky Blue Aster (Aster azureus) grows to about three feet in height and is covered with light blue flowers. It is most commonly found in mesic to dry soils in prairies, savannahs and rocky upland woods. The flowers attract a wide variety of insects including bees, and other pollinators which seek its pollen and nectar Aster colors include white, purple, blue, or pink. Asters are also prized by butterflies who flock to the nectar-rich blooms. In fact, asters are a special favorite for Monarch butterflies who feast on the late blooms during their fall migration. These easy-care perennials also make great cut flowers. Hardy from zones 4-7

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Blue Stokes's Aster Seeds. We've waited a long time to be able to offer the lovely Stokes's Aster from seed! This bright blue flower with elegantly rayed petals is long-lasting in the garden or vase, and a great source of late summer to fall color for the sunny perennial garden. One of the best native plants, it's a must-have for the garden Aster, Smooth - Symphyotrichum laeve. $ 2.49 - $ 27.00. This medium to tall aster has an attractive vase shape that does not need staking in the full sun and is great for late summer to fall color. The purple/violet blooms are long lasting and the plants would make a good border plant Seed is light brown to purplish, up to 2.5 mm long, angled with 4 or 5 veins. Notes: Asters can be difficult to ID. Blue Wood Aster is distinguished by a combination of traits: stem usually hairless below the flower cluster; thin, mostly strongly heart-shaped leaves with coarsely toothed edges and narrowly winged leaf stalks, upper leaves more. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Stokes' Aster, Stokes Aster, Cornflower Aster (Stokesia laevis) 'Blue Danube' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database..

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Symphyotrichum, Bushy Aster, Rice Button Aster (Symphyotrichum dumosum) 'Wood's Blue' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles. Seed Count: N/A Seeding Rate: N/A Miscellaneous: attracts birds and butterflies Genus and Species: Aster grandiflorus Family: Asteraceae Common Name: Wild Blue Aster Habit: perennial Height: 2-5 feet Flower Color: blue Native To: North America Range: lower Piedmont of North Carolina to Virginia Blooming Period: September-Octobe

Sky Blue Aster Symphyotrichum oolentangiense Aster family (Asteraceae) Description: This herbaceous perennial plant is 1½-3' tall and largely unbranched, except near the inflorescence. The central stem is light green, terete, and glabrous to sparsely short-hairy Aster alpinus Dark Beauty. Aster alpinus Dark Beauty. Alpine Aster. USDA Zone: 2-9. Plant number: 1.085.100. (='Dunkle Schöne') Alpine Aster is an early-blooming species, often grown in rock gardens or used for edging in the perennial border. It forms a low carpet of bright green leaves, bearing taller branching stems with daisy-shaped flowers. New England aster is a bright lavender to purple-blue perennial. Blooming from August to October, this wildflower seed is an ideal and beautiful addition to the fall bloom of your native wildflower garden. New England aster can be found growing along wet thickets, alluvial woods, streams, meadows, and swamps

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If planning to grow Callistephus then the seeds should be lightly covered once sown. Sow in the spring, following the last frost. Sow in the spring, following the last frost. If you plan to grow China Aster and similar as seedlings indoors for later transplanting then they should be germinated at a temperature of 18 to 21°C for two weeks Aster, Sky Blue. Dozens of blue flowers with yellow centers bloom in September and October. The foliage is blue-green and stems are dark. Butterflies love the nectar. Seed pods begin to develop immediately after the plant is finished flowering, deepening in color and persisting into fall. Baptisia is easy to grow and will thrive with little. Other types of asters. Heath aster typically gets 3 to 4 feet tall; has tiny, narrow leaves (like the peren­nial heath); and is covered with hundreds of small white daisies in late summer and early fall—cultivars may bloom slightly later.. Cal­ico aster is similar to heath aster, only a foot or two shorter and with the fall-blooming flowers appearing laterally along one side of the stems. Aster can be grown from seed, but expect uneven germination. It may be easier to purchased plants at a garden center. Space the transplants 1 to 3 feet apart, depending on the species, add mulch to keep the soil cool and prevent weeds, and water generously.Pinch back the tips of young plants to encourage bushiness My vote for the most unusual aster of the year. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed! Product Attribute. Product Option. Please Select: Unit: Packet ($3.00) 1000 seeds ($11.00) 5000 Seeds ($44.00) Scientific Name: Callistephus chinensis. Seed Count Information

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Stokesia laevis 'Blue Danube'. Fluffy, cornflower-like, deep sky blue flowers with white centers on upright, leafy stems. Provides long-lasting color for the garden or a summer bouquet. Beautiful in the perennial garden or a wildflower planting with verbena and artemisia. Promptly remove faded flowers for best rebloom Description. This Aster Dumosus is a dwarf fall bloomer. Compact and Beautiful, with excellent mildew resistance. Late summer, 'Woods Light Blue' is covered with clusters of light blue daisy-shaped flowers attracting butterflies Same video in Hindi: https://youtu.be/KKcNwMMMPWIBuy Winter Seeds for just Rs 10 - Rs 20: https://youtu.be/UDZaALnr5HsHow to grow Aster from seeds? Grow As.. The Aster flowers bloom in shades of purple, pink, blue, white and a yellow variety (Aster Lutea or Solidaster Lemore) that add a vibrant look to your perennial garden when they flower. They are delightful loyal hardy flowers that return every year at the same time. It is easy to grow them in pots or plant them in your perennial garden beds.

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