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  1. The Zoom control bar is normally useful to have at hand (and for teaching it can be useful to always have it displayed). However, if you are sharing your entire screen it can be useful to disable it so that viewers can see your entire screen
  2. Sharing your screen. Note: Both video and audio will be disabled on your laptop or mobile device by default when initiating a screen share from the Zoom Room controller. Start or join a meeting in a Zoom Room. Tap Share Content in the Zoom Rooms controller.; Open a web browser and visit share.zoom.us.; Enter the meeting ID or personal link, then click Share Screen
  3. Sharing multiple screens simultaneously. Using annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard. iOS screen sharing. Sharing your screen (iOS) with the Zoom desktop client. Share an iOS device screen using a cable. Adding a watermark. Follow presenter's pointer during screen sharing. Black screen during screen sharing
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  5. Note: We recommend sharing videos with 1080p resolution or below. If the content is higher than 1080p, Zoom will downsample the footage to conserve bandwidth usage, which will cause increased CPU usage and poorer quality. Starting a new screen share and optimizing for full-screen video Click Share Screen located in your meeting controls

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  1. Single-monitor setup with slide show in full screen. Open the PowerPoint file you want to present. Start or join a Zoom meeting. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls. Select your monitor then click Share . While sharing your screen, switch PowerPoint to slide show mode by clicking the Slide Show tab > From Beginning or From Current Slide
  2. Any time I screen share in Teams, Skype, Zoom, or other such tools, unless the person at the other end has a monitor with similar display ratio, they're going to see a tiny letterboxed mess. Fancy Zones doesn't actually split the screen into separate monitors, so screen sharing tools still just see one giant display
  3. Question. All participants of my Zoom meeting complained the POWERPOINT slides I was SCREENSHARING were completely BLURRY to the point that they were pretty much UNREADABLE. I somehow don't think it's due to a bad internet connection (my speed is around 100 Mbit), as my video feed is crisp and like super sharp all the time
  4. On Livestorm your live screen sharing can go up to 1080p depending on your environment (connection, bandwidth, etc.)
  5. In your desktop Zoom client, click Settings (the gear icon). Click Video in the left-hand menu. In the My Video section, uncheck the box beside Enable HD if it is checked. When you do screen share, only share as long as absolutely necessar
  6. Screen sharing with no video thumbnail will need an extra 50-75kbps (0.05-0.075Mbps) upload/download; Screen sharing with video thumbnail will need an extra 50-150kbps (0.06-0.15Mbps) upload/download; More reading: Zoom System requirements for Windows, macOS, and Linu

Allow screen sharing to zoom on higher resolution screens. If the viewer has a higher resolution screen than the presenter, presented content cannot be zoomed in to make it truly full screen - it zooms to the presenter's resolution, which does not fit the viewer's screen and leaves a lot of empty space around it (and looks small) 596 votes Step 3. Scroll down to the Screen sharing options and make the following selections: Screen sharing: ON Who can share?: Host Only (With this selection you will be able to manually activate screen sharing for participants in a live Zoom call.); Disable desktop/screen share for users: OFF (If you need to allow screen sharing during your Zoom meeting, you can change settings in the live meeting. Find out how to let participants share screen on Zoom as a host. Did You Know. Prime Video made the debut as Amazon Unbox on September 7, 2006. More in Internet and Social To access Zoom's settings, click on your user icon, then on Settings in the dropdown menu. Once in the settings, switch to the Share Screen tab, then click on the Advanced button at the bottom. Click on Advanced at the bottom of the Share Screen tab. When you're in the advanced settings, tick the first checkbox. The key issue with sharing a portion of your screen in Zoom is that the audience sees everything that is displayed in that portion of the screen. If you move your cursor in that portion of the screen, the audience will see it (unlike Presenter View with two screens where moving the cursor over the current slide area does not show the cursor to.

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Hey, I need HELP!! I bought a brand new Surface 3 Laptop 3 months ago. Since then, I have had trouble with screen sharing on zoom and my screen going black. 50% of the time that I share my screen, my screen will go black and I cannot see or do anything....however, the other people in the zoom meeting can still see my screen and what I'm sharing Share Your Screen During a Call. As the host of the Zoom call, you can share your screen at any time. During the call, select the Share Screen button at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, use the Alt+S (Command+Shift+S for Mac) shortcut key on Windows 10. You'll now be in the Basic tab of the share screen options window Zoom's secure, reliable video platform powers all of your communication needs, including meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events To change the scaling/resolution in Windows, just right-click anywhere on your desktop an choose Display Settings. The Scaling will be set to the Recommended amount by default. You can select a larger percentage from the drop-down. For a standard 1080p monitor, I increase the scaling to 150%

Zoom is mainly a temporary feature or a handicap feature, if you are wanting to make a permanent screen size change use the resolution feature. There are issues with the zoom feature that can make it hard to navigate around the screen and connect to other equipment like projectors By default, when someone is screen sharing, Zoom takes over the entire screen, to maximize the resolution of what's being displayed, but it can make it hard for participants to get to any other materials on their computer. Zoom allows folks viewing a screen share to get out of Full Screen mode

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  1. Zoom Screen Sharing Settings. You can easily find the zoom screen sharing settings by entering the Zoom settings section, or you can check whether the settings or properties section is displayed by left clicking the screen share button. This allows you to view your Zoom screen sharing settings and decide details like resolution and fps
  2. Zoom - Sharing your screen, content, or second camera (1:12) Zoom Advanced Screen sharing on-line (11:01) Zoom Complete training in Screen Sharing (14:10) Share Multiple Screens Simultaneously (1:41) 7 Zoom Screen Share Tips Every User Should Know (14:28 includes breakout room & polling descriptions) Screensharing in Zoom - Screen-share.
  3. Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices when participating in a meeting through the Zoom app. Both hosts and attendees are able to share screen content. The host does not need to grant screen share access for another participant to share their screen. The host can prevent participants from accessing screen share
  4. Sharing your screen is an important part of many Zoom calls. It's as easy as clicking Share Screen at the bottom of the window. If you're planning to share your screen during a call, check a couple of settings first. Solution 1: Check your connection. Sharing your screen takes up a lot of bandwidth

In some short test Zoom meetings, is recording at 1080x720, which is acceptable . But in longer meetings (ie real meetings - of apx 90 minutes) the resolution is 640x360. So it is not just an issue of what camera supports. How can I change this as I really need better resolution than this. Thanks 1. Image quality is largely dictated by the webcam. We're not asking you to drop $200 on the most expensive webcam you can find. There are many webcams that can provide the professional video quality that makes Zoom's high-definition and high-quality video quality really shine. For this, a camera with 720p (1280×720) resolution will suffice Common reason to not see a shared image is related to the resolution and frame rate. Zoom, Google Meet and Jitsi, the best free tools do not make any online conversion to equalize screens. Cisco Webex and other professional video conference system.. Click the Share Screen button in Zoom or Present Now in Google Meet When given the option to share a screen or a window, you want to share only the mmhmm -Broadcast window This will automatically set your audience's screens to Speaker View and allow you to get maximized bandwidth for a smooth presentation How to turn off HD video. First navigate to your Zoom settings. On the desktop Zoom client, you can find the gear icon for settings in the top right corner when you first open the app. Once you get to Settings, click the Video tab on the left-hand side, and untoggle the box that says Enable HD

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Zoom makes it easy to share your screen, with a bright green button on the control bar. To share a window or your entire screen: Click on the 'Share Screen' button: From the control bar at the bottom of the Zoom select the bright green 'Share Screen' button.; Select want to share: Select from i) the entire screen, ii) a whiteboard, iii) an iPhone/iPad (if you have one connected) or iv. Stop the screen share, and then hover your mouse along the bottom of the Zoom window, and click on the click on upward arrow to the right of Start/Stop Video and select Video Settings. 2. Click on Share Screen off to the left, and then in the lower right corner, click Advanced. 3. Then make sure the hardware acceleration box is unchecked. 4 If you experience lag in your Zoom meetings while using the screen share feature, here's what you need to do: In the Zoom Settings menu, navigate to Screen Share > Advanced > Screen Capture Mode. Zoom optimizes screen sharing of a full screen video clip to ensure the attendees have the best quality experience

Reducing the maximum frames-per-second of screen sharing can prevent Zoom from causing 100% CPU load and help prevent slowdown of your computer. To do this: 1. Go to Zoom's settings by clicking the settings icon in the top right. 2. Go to the Share Screen tab. 3. In the Share Screen tab, click advanced settings at the bottom. 4 1.setting>screen share>advanced>uncheck enable hardware accleration for screen share. 2.setting>video>advanced>uncheck enable hardware accelaration for video receiving and video rendering. this stopped the flickering instantly for me but when i used zoom next time it started flickering again and playing with the settings didn't worked until i. In this article I am using the Zoom app in Windows 10. The six options are: Share your entire screen/desktop. Share the Slide Show window. Share the editing window with a clean look. Run the Slide Show in a window and share that window. Use Presenter View to show the audience your slides while you see Presenter View Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms

I then changed my Base Canvas Resolution and Output Resolution in OBS to both be 1280x720. This seemed to do the trick. What shows up in both the Preview and Program windows in OBS lines up with what shows up in Zoom when I share Content from a second camera in Zoom Screen Share. The webcamtests.com results were When enabling screen sharing on Zoom conferencing with a zSpace system, you may experience screen flicker. The reason is that the refresh rate typically on a zSpace system is higher than Zoom can manage. How do I fix my Android screen from flickering? You can visit a Samsung support centre to have your device inspected in person, or book a.

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Open and sign-in to the Zoom Desktop Client. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen. From the pop-up window, select Video from the left menu options. Check the box next to Enable HD Video. Close the Settings window. For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk. Blank Blank To block people from sharing accounts. These services can even block screenshots or screen recordings of their content. It's their right, they hold the licenses. If you really want to watch with friends, you have to use an extension like TeleParty.. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right. Choose Preferences from the menu. Click Accessibility. Under Zoom, select your zoom level. Tip: While the zoom level preference isn't available for the Slack mobile apps, you can adjust text size on iOS devices from your OS settings. Awesome! Thanks so much for your feedback! If. 1. End share screen if not working then 2. Control+alt+del and close the zoom application that is running (end task in task manager) 3. If none of the above options working long press shutdown button for a computer restart and join the meeting aft..

Windows 10, Two windows, Zoom, Meeting Controls, when Screen sharing, Meeting Controls is via Alt + Tab File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time From what I've heard, Zoom optimizes the video quality differently when you share your screen versus the video from a USB webcam. It knows when you share your screen that fine details such as text are important and so it optimizes for a sharp picture at the expense of other things like fast frame rate and smooth motion Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom. The host and attendee can screen share by clicking on the Share Screen icon located in your meeting tool bar. Select the screen/application you want to share The screen share works, but is very blurry (pixelated). We have searched high and low, including discussing with Microsoft Support and they tell us the issue is in development with no time frame for a fix. All other screen sharing software that we have tried is not experiencing this issue (Zoom, Go To Meeting) Save Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Zoom Rooms, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems

The Zoom Meeting Master Class: Better Picture, Sound, Screen Sharing & More. Steve Sande App Review Tech Tips. posted on Feb. 03, 2021. February 2, 2021. We're coming up on the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of us have become very accustomed to using Zoom for everything from online work meetings to virtual exercise. Sharing the screen is quite important in video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others. That way, you can show a file to other participants using the screen share. Sharing the contents of your screen is super easy with Zoom. If you're wanting to explore other video conferencing options, here's a breakdown of what the popular screen sharing software can.

On the monitor, I enabled the mode to split the screen so my laptop HDMI input was on one side. I connected the USB-C input from the monitor to my laptop (same laptop) so it uses the other side of the monitor. Webex sees two screens for the purpose of sharing, so I can share just the one side and it looks fine to the audience Zoom requires internet bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps to let you make group calls and participate in most other activities. You can use slower speeds for lower-tech tasks like one-on-one video calls and screen sharing, which take only around 0.6 Mbps A zoom meeting with one other attendee with screen sharing was fine but I had that pixeled screen that froze when a good number of participants (7 or more) were in the meeting. It happened twice and I had to quick change to my old computer. Updating bios and drivers did not fix the problem Zoom / Mac Big Sur, wired connection. Issue. I have a black screen when trying to share content in a Zoom meeting or webinar. Resolution. On macOS Big Sur, packets over a certain size may not be transmitted properly over the UDP protocol. The fix for this issue is coming in the next MacOS update by Apple. If possible, use a wireless connection. Zoom Host; Cause/Explanation. By default, anyone that joins a Zoom meeting will have the ability to annotate during a screen share. You can disable the ability for participants to share in all of your meetings or on a meeting-by-meeting basis. Below is instructions on how to complete those. Resolution Method 1 - Disable In-Meetin

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Hi folks ZOOM works fine for normal video conferencing whatever system the 'remote' user is using, I.E video and audio working 100% on the computers. If I'm on Windows and we enable desktop sharing the remote user can see my screen without a pr You will see the recorded videos here with options to play, share, delete, etc. Part 2. 4 Software Tools to Record Screen Zoom Meetings iMyFone Filme . Filme is a video editing tool, which can also record your computer screen. You can easily record the screen and edit the video using the same tool Using ZOOM SDK screen to share the card, after the optimization, the card does not work, but the resolution is reduced from 1080 to 180. This same device, using ZOOM client, after the optimization, the resolution is reduced from 1080 to 720. Now why is the DEFINITION of SDK reduced to such a low level. Which version? v4.6.21666.042 First of all, here is a video with zoom client application screen share freezes: drive.google.com. zoom_client.mov (video) Google Drive file. Secondly, here is the difference between the buffer that I push and which I see on the service. Regarding the resolution issue, normally the resolution on desktop clients will be higher than the. In the Zoom client's host control bar on your laptop, click Share Screen. Select the screen you want to share by clicking its thumbnail. Click the checkbox Optimize for video clip. Click Share Screen . While the screen is shared, begin playing the video clip. Hover your cursor over the green You are screen sharing bar, then in the screen.

1. level 1. mitchrapp1. · 9m. They don't support HD for video cameras and downscale those to 360p. But for screen shares, they still show whatever resolution the screen/window is at. But if you select the box in screen share that says optimize for full screen video (which is recommended for smooth video), they downscale the video down to 720p. Re: RE: Zoom function while screen sharing. This does indeed do as you say, however there's a scenario which I hope you might address. Shared screen with a much higher resolution than the viewer's screen. and possibly only a window/smaller area of interest to the viewer. In this case, the viewer would a have a scaled down version of the screen. In Zoom when you have the ability to share, you can share a single window. Windows, independent of Zoom, has the ability to make a window occupy the left or right half of a screen (i.e., the full monitor screen). There is a reason to share a whole.. Videos should be MP4 or MOV files with a minimum resolution of 480x360 pixels (360p) and a maximum resolution of 1920x1020 (1080p). On the desktop app, navigate to Preferences in the settings menu. On the left side menu, go to Background & Filters . You will then see Virtual Backgrounds, where you can choose from the preloaded options, or. If so the best way to accomplish this is to adjust your resolution settings in Windows to the lowest possible resolution. The lower the resolution is set the more of the screen will appear in the screen share window for Skype. Please let me know if this helps you. I am happy to help in any way that I can. I do hope that you have a great day

Method 1. Change the Screen Resolution. If everything on your Windows 10 PC becomes huge, you can try changing the screen resolution. This method can help you zoom out many things including the icons on desktop, texts, and images. Here's how to do that: Step 1 Here are the steps. In your Zoom meeting, open a file, document, or window for which you want to share a specific section or area. Click the Share Screen button. At the screen to select a window. Zoom is doing some crazy things with size and compression due to usage increasing 10x. Here are some ideas: default for speaker view is 640x360. default for gallery view is 1280x720. you can set zoom to record both views. you can record locally to get best resolution. live zoom feed is going to be whatever zoom is allowing at the time On your computer, connect to your Zoom meeting. In Zoom, choose Share Screen. When prompted to select what you want to share, click the Advanced tab, select Content from 2nd Camera, and click Share. Position a sheet of paper on a nearby surface, and place your webcam on a box or stand pointing at the paper. Make sure the entire paper is visible.

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Step 3: Display the notes and slides on your screen. Open the PDF file you saved in step 1 above. Arrange it beside the PowerPoint window. Start the PowerPoint Slide Show and in Zoom just share the PowerPoint window, not the full screen. Move your mouse over the PDF and use your mouse wheel to scroll the notes pages Zoom screen sharing settings are reverted to Host only for all users. This incident has been converted to a problem ticket with an established work-around. Incident Description and Resolution. IS&T teams continue to work with the vendor on this issue and are tracking that work under Problem ticket number PRB0040664 In my example setup, I have a 14-inch laptop with a 1920×1080 screen resolution, and a 24-inch monitor with a 1920×1200 resolution. Windows can detect the difference in sizes and adjust itself accordingly: it's set the laptop to 150% visual scale (on-screen items are 50% larger than standard) and 100%, or default, for the monitor start screen sharing. When you do this, choose to share your screen not a single window. off you go! a few notes your viewer can see more than usual. Your viewers will see everything on your screen. Your private chats, everything. It really helps to have a second screen to put some zoom tools on. Display size makes a differenc 3) Share Screen. Screen sharing is one of the key features that Zoom does better than any other video conferencing platform we tried. To start a screen share, type ⌘Cmd+Shift+S (PC: Alt+Shift+S). To pause/resume a screen share, type ⌘Cmd+Shift+T (PC: Alt+T). 4) Mute Audio. Use ⌘Cmd+Shift+A (PC: Alt+A) to mute/unmute your audio. 5) Turn.

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If you want to download Zoom App Zoom for window, Zoom App Download for pc, mac, Ipad, Android, Ubuntu, Linux, and browser extension for Zoom App Click Here Zoom App download As for fps of data sharing, I received 720p 30 fps, but as long as I'm trying it with a verification account, it is not possible to see that fps is coming out so much when sharing data, and there is a way to show 30 fps. Zoom lets people who join a meeting with an Android or iOS device share the screen of their mobile device. Zoom supports screen sharing from laptop and desktop devices, as well

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Zoom allows instructors to share a feed from a second device in order to show students an alternate view. A camera connected to your computer can be used as the second device to show a document, a physical whiteboard, or an activity taking place in the room In Zoom share the screen that has the slides on it; Deliver your presentation; Full detailed article. I have an article with full details, including screen captures, on PowerPoint Presenter View with 2 screens in Windows. Video. The steps are very similar to using 2 screens in Teams because sharing a screen is similar in Teams or Zoom When sharing in Zoom, optimized for motion settings, so you can use PC audio uses a different driver, which results in blurry slides. You can try it yourself by bouncing back and forth in sharing screen and selecting/deselecting optimize motion setting...the PowerPoint will go from crisp to blurry and back. P Participants see Host disabled participant screen sharing when they try to share. Resolution. The host should ensure that Allow participants to Share Screen is CHECKED in the Security section of the meeting toolbar in the main session (not in a breakout room) Impacted participants should update their Zoom app, rejoin the meeting, and then. 8. Share Computer Sound. Finally, in Zoom, click the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the call window. This will display the sharing options dialog. At the top of the dialog, click Advanced to see more options. Then select Music or Computer Sound Only and click Share.. 9

Resolution: According to Zoom you should get 720P with a Free or Pro Account, and 1080P with Business or Enterprise. However, we were only able to record 1280 x 720 resolution on several occasions with our Pro account. The rest of the time our recordings were at 640 x 360 pixels, which is a big problem. We contacted Zoom about the resolution issue Zoom levels. Minimum is 60% and Maximum is 200%. You can cycle through following steps - 60, 70, 85, 100, 120, 145, 170, 200. What is unique about Teams Zoom. There are two types of Zoom. Screen Zoom and Document Zoom. All Office tools (and many other apps) support document zoom. Zooming makes the DOCUMENT grow bigger (or smaller)

Screen resolution changed on its own and can't get the system to restore Hey there . I was doing my everyday thing on my laptop and all of a sudden my screen turned dark like it does when you don't use your computer in a while then I came back on within a second and the screen resolution had changed to where it had to black bars down each. Note: Screen sharing recording uses about 20 MB of storage per hour while video recording uses about 200 MB of storage an hour. This is an approximation, since the resolution and types of video or screen sharing content can change the amount of storage used Recommend making the canvas in OBS the same size as the output resolution of Zoom. For Screen Share, Zoom does not seem to limit resolution much, I have seen it send well over 1080p on the non-pro/enterprise service. However, it also seems to decouple your audio and webcam from the screen share, and I have seen it do as little as 8 fps

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  1. Use your keyboard or mouse to make the Teams interface bigger or smaller, using the same familiar controls you might already be using with your browser. Action. Windows. Mac. Zoom in. Ctrl+=. or. Ctrl+ (rotate mouse wheel up) Command+=
  2. Zoom Webinar Best Practices for Presenters Revised October 2018 Note: bullet points indicate steps to follow, all else is informational Screen Sharing: Click on the Share icon, either in the main window or in the control panel. If asked, choose basic screen sharing
  3. As a test, I swapped which monitor was considered primary in Windows, and I can successfully do screen sharing on the monitor that is considered primary to Windows, but sharing on the second monitor will have random black bars. Also, I received this response from Zoom support which solved the problem (mostly)
  4. The Display settings page should open. Look for a section labeled Scale and Layout, and just under that, Change the size of text, apps, and other items. Click the drop-down box to choose a percentage to enlarge the text. Selecting 150% would make text 50% larger than the default setting
  5. PSA : Teachers or Bosses can NOT see your screen or webcam if you aren't sharing them. Tips and Tricks. 412. 95 comments. share. save. 4. Posted by 6 hours ago. When opening Zoom or joining a meeting, the resolution of my monitor changes to 640x480. Question. When opening Zoom or joining a meeting, the resolution of my monitor changes to.
  6. Zoom Screen Sharing: Consider as the best screen sharing software ; When it comes to business video communications, on a reliable cloud platform, Zoom is the leader. Zoom simplifies real-time messaging & content sharing during video conferencing, with unparalleled usability, built-in-collaboration tools, end-to-end encryption and more..

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The Zoom API allows developers to access information from Zoom. You can use this API to build private services or public applications on the Zoom App Marketplace.To learn how to get your credentials and create private/public applications, read our Authorization Guide.All endpoints are available via https and are located at api.zoom.us/v2/.. For instance you can list all users on an account via. To use Zoom with an iPhone as a document camera: Start or join a meeting. Click the Share Screen control. Click iPhone/iPad via Cable or Airplay, then click Share Screen. Note - You will not be able to connect an iPhone or iPad using a cable to a Windows computer. If you do not have a device connected, a message displays instructions to. The massive community that Zoom is currently trying to cater for may be too much for it to cope with, or it may not. screen sharing, calendar integrations, unlimited recording, up to 25 active.

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If I take back controls from them, it returns, and when I try to make them the presenter and they again click to share their screen, that window dissapears. My primary screen (screen 1) is 3000x2000 surface laptop at 225% zoom. My secondary screen (screen 2) is 1440x900 at 100% zoom The WeCanEduTech team is here for you. Please use the free resources we provide on this site to guide you. We also offer consultation, training, and development services where we work with you one-on-one to create a customized learning environment for you and your learners. Please contact us if you need assistance

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