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Proper light bulb disposal is one small way to support the long-term health of your community. There are several retailers who accept intact and undamaged CFL bulbs for recycling, including The Home Depot. There are also a few online services that allow you to mail-in bulbs to be recycled 4.1/5 (5,805 Views . 21 Votes) The biggest market for CFL recycling is retailers (like Home Depot and Lowe's), which accept them for free but only from consumers. Please don't try to recycle your fluorescent tubes through these retail collection bins, as the bulbs will likely break and contaminate the store. Click to see full answer

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Fluorescent bulbs are generally less expensive than LED options, but they have a shorter lifespan and must be carefully recycled due to their mercury content. When it comes to color, bulbs come in a range of color temperatures rated in Kelvins. Those on the low end of the Kelvin scale emit a warmer, yellowish light Fluorescent tubes are shipped to a bulb recycler that uses special machines to extract the mercury and breaks down the aluminum caps and glass casing. Mercury can be reused in new bulbs or products like thermostats. Aluminum is recycled as scrap metal, and the glass is downcycled into materials like concrete or ceramic tile

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Dave Lake of Colerain Township has been replacing his unattractive fluorescent light bulbs in his home with new LED bulbs. So he has been taking his old bulbs to Lowe's and Home Depot for recycling The Home Depot 975 De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129 - View Map Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Recycle : Drop-off : Residential : Small amounts of CFL lights (compact fluorescent light) are only accepted. No tube lights. No broken materials. Lighting, LED Bulb: Recycle : Drop-off

The man that discovered that Lowe's would no longer take his fluorescent tubes for recycling next went to a Home Depot store. They also refused to accept the fluorescent tubes for recycling. Batteries Plus Bulbs that will still accept them, as of January 2020 Other Recycling Options Curbside Collection If you live in Daly City, Colma, Half Moon Bay, Portola Valley, or Woodside in a single-family home, you can place compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) only in a zip-top bag on top of your recycling bins on garbage day. U-shaped and tube lights are not accepted curbside All Home Depot stores have a CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) recycling center. All Home Depot stores have a CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) recycling center. This unfortunately isn't for tubes, but if you speak to your nearest store, you can contact a manager for seeing if the store can take them Other materials in the bulbs get reused. Recycling CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs allows reuse of the glass, metals and other materials that make up fluorescent lights. Virtually all components of a fluorescent bulb can be recycled. Your area may prohibit disposal and/or require recycling Home Depot, the nation's second-largest retailer, will announce on Tuesday that it will take back old compact fluorescent lights (CFL) in all 1,973 of its stores in the United States, creating the nation's most widespread recycling program for the bulbs. We kept hearing from the community that there was a little bit of concern about mercury in the CFLs, said Ron Jarvis, Home Depot.

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Fluorescent lamps and tubes are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent lamps for the following reasons: Three to four times more energy-efficient. Cost less to use. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution from energy production. Last up to ten times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs Home Depot Home Depot, the largest retailer of light bulbs in the United States, has launched a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling program in all 1,973 of its U.S. locations. In 2007, Home Depot sold more than 75 million CFLs. Consumers can bring spent, unbroken CFLs to their local Home Depot and sales personnel will deposit the used lamps into specially marked containers Home Depot and Lowes Hardware stores accept compact fluorescent light bulbs for free. Look for the recycling kiosk near the Customer Service desk. The retailers listed in the recycling and disposal sites list accept bulbs for recycling. Before bringing to a retailer, ask about fees and hours. County household hazardous waste drop-off sites. For compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) only, The Home Depot launched an in-store CFL recycling program (PDF) (2 pp., 32K, About PDF) at all of its store locations in June 2008 Home Depot Canada. On November 6, 2007, Home Depot began accepting compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) for recycling at all retail store locations in Canada. In partnership with Phillips Lighting and Fluorescent Recyclers Inc., Home Depot provides drop-off containers for customers to discard their expired CFLs at no charge

Hi Ashwin: All Home Depot stores have a CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) recycling center. All Home Depot stores have a CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) recycling center. This unfortunately isn't for tubes. The biggest market for CFL recycling.. Light Bulbs & Ballasts. Incandescent light bulbs must be disposed of in your regular trash.. Halogen and LED bulbs should be placed in the trash.. Lowes and Home Depot will accept spiral Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) bulbs for recycling at no charge (NO tube, circular or U-shaped fluorescent bulbs).The ecopark will accept CFLs, fluorescent bulbs (tube, circular or u-shaped) high intensity. Home Depot in Lihue (632-2740) accepts Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs) bulbs. Home Depot does not accept commercial bulbs or CFL tubes of any length. Fluorescent light tubes and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs) bulbs are accepted at the County's semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Event

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  1. Home Depot's move will create the nation's most widespread recycling program for the energy-saving bulbs, which have to be properly disposed of since they contain small amounts of mercury
  2. Paint and compact fluorescent bulb and tube recycling The Home Depot Canada no longer accepts paint and compact fluorescent light bulbs and tubes for recycling in our stores. We believe the collection and disposal of CFLs and paint can be more effectively managed through a third-party recycling program
  3. imum, take these precautions: Keep children and pets away from the immediate area. Open windows and ventilate the area for at least 15
  4. Why Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. The addition of this substance means the bulb can be an energy-efficient light source. If the bulbs are not disposed of properly, the mercury can be released into the environment

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Also to know is, can you recycle fluorescent bulbs at home depot? Your area may prohibit disposal and/or require recycling. The reason for this ban is because these lamps contain mercury. Recycle fluorescent lights, cfls and hids at no charge throughout washington state. North new jersey, central new jersey, southeast new jersey a. Removing the Bulbs. If one of the fluorescent bulbs stops working in your home, it is time to remove them from their holder. It is best to extract them from their places carefully because they are fragile and easy-to-break. The best way to accomplish this is to first switch off the bulb HOME DEPOT Every Home Depot store now has a CFL bulb recycling center. Just put your old (unbroken) CFL bulbs in a plastic bag and drop them off in the orange boxes provided at your local Home Depot store. According to Home Depot: The bulbs will then be managed responsibly by an environmental management compan Many Home Depot, IKEA, and Lowes stores provide free CFL recycling. Smaller, more localized outlets such as Ace Hardware, True Value, Menards, and Aubuchon Hardware may offer CFL and fluorescent tube recycling services - typically at no cost - either on their own or in association with utility-run programs (see below)

The Home Depot may also offer recycling for CFL's and rechargeable batteries. Batteries Plus Bulbs may provide recycling for CFL's and other types of bulbs and lighting products as well as rechargeable batteries. It is recommended to check with any of the above mentioned stores before going to ensure these recycling services are available. If. Light bulb recycling is done easy! Store and ship used fluorescent lights. Fast Delivery! Free Shipping on All Products. Questions? Call Now: 858-412-6536. Free Delivery & Shipping. Your Items. Home. Shop Recycling Kits. 4 Foot Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Kits. 8 Foot Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Kits. Ballast Recycling Kits (Non-PCB How to dispose of CFLs, tubes, and ballasts from your business. If you have CFLs, tubes, or ballasts from your business, take them to the Hazardous Waste drop-off area at our Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station. Cost: $1.17 per bulb or 4-foot tube; $2.34 per 8-foot tube. No quantity limit Aldo DeRubeis bought compact fluorescent bulbs on Monday at the Home Depot in New Rochelle, N.Y. Sales of compact fluorescents climbed to 75 million last year for the retailer. Recycling them is about to get easier. Home Depot, the nation's second-largest retailer, will announce on Tuesday that i The easiest option is to take your old bulbs to your local home center or hardware store when buying new ones. Stores such as The Home Depot, Lowe's, Batteries Plus, IKEA and independent hardware chains, will do the recycling for you. Some CFL bulb manufacturers may also provide pre-labeled containers for recycling used bulbs through the mail

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There are many options near you to recycle your Fluorescent and HID lamps. Many Home Depot, IKEA and Lowes stores provide free CFL recycling.. Additional options include: Residents of Maine and Vermont can use this Recycling Locator to find retailers and local government facilities that participate in the states' stewardship programs and recycle CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and HIDs for free Home Depot and Lowe's offer free recycling of compact fluorescent bulbs at all of its store locations. Contact your solid waste management district or refer to this list of computer, fluorescent lamp and ballast recyclers to see if there is a recycling opportunity near you In fact, recycling may be required depending on the Arizona county you reside in. Fortunately, three large retailers, Home Depot, Ikea and Orchard Supply Store, all participate in nationwide CFL recycling programs. Simply drop off the fluorescent tube in the box toward the front of the store or leave it with a store associate The Home Depot offers a simple and free drop-off program to help recycle old CFL bulbs. Yes folks at all of its locations. The tune is an old one: Switch to LED bulbs because they absorb less energy and have a longer shelf life than their incandescent counterparts Household Fluorescents Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. To dispose of them properly, residents may bring them to: Any of the following hardware stores where they will be recycled. OCRRA makes this free disposal option available to all households in Onondaga County. Only CFLs, 2-foot, 4-foot, U-shaped and circular bulbs are accepted

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1. Bring your light bulbs to a local retailer if they accept your type of bulb. Many hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's have light bulb recycling programs. Go online or call ahead to find out if they accept your type of bulb, and bring the light bulb into the store to recycle it. [5 Light Bulbs (Fluorescent) CFL and fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a hazardous material, and must be disposed of properly. Do NOT place fluorescent bulbs or tubes in your trash or recycling carts. CFL bulbs can be taken to many retail outlets, such as Ace, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Target, and True Value When CFLs and fluorescent lamps have burned out, you can recycle the lamps. Recycling CFLs and fluorescent lamps captures the mercury vapor, which can be reused in new lamps. Due to advanced recycling procedures, 99% of an old fluorescent lamp can be recycled into a new fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps come in many shapes and sizes including.

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CFL Recycling Process. CFLs are shipped to a bulb recycler that uses special machines to extract the mercury and break down the aluminum fixtures and glass casing. Mercury can be reused in new bulbs or products like thermostats. Aluminum is recycled as scrap metal, and the glass is downcycled into materials like concrete or ceramic tile A large home improvement retailer has decided to quietly pull the plug on its compact fluorescent light-bulb-recycling program nationwide, upsetting an environmental non-profit that has handed out. In British Columbia, we accept many kinds of lighting products for recycling, including light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, light fixtures, ballasts and string lights. When dropping off lights remember: You can return up to 16 light bulbs (any combination of different types of bulbs) and up to 16 tubes at onc Up to 10 bulbs per day at no charge. Puget Sound Energy: Accepts compact fluorescent light bulbs only (no tubes) - customers only. 2711 Pacific Avenue SE, Olympia (888-225-5773) No charge. For information on recycling fluorescent bulbs for businesses, call the Thurston County Business Pollution Program at 360-867-2664

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Home Depot. Address: 6975 Marketplace Drive. Phone: (805) 961-4746. Accepts nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, cell phones, compact fluorescent lights, and propane tanks for recycling from all South Coast communities. Company also sells aerobic composting bins through its website Home Depot 2330 Crestview Drive Hudson, WI 715-531-1416 CFLs only. Logistics Recycling Inc. Somerset, WI 920-456-0336. St. Croix Electric Cooperative 1925 Ridgeway Street Hammond, WI 715-796-7000. Fluorescent light bulbs may also be brought to the St. Croix County Clean Sweep Hazardous Waste Collection for free. This event is held once a year. Philips 32W T8 48-inch Soft White (3000K)Fluorescent Light Bulb (2-Pack) Philips fluorescent lamps have a specially formulated powder coating that brings colours to life in any room of your home. Improved fluorescent lighting offering a warm light similar to standard incandescent

4R Winnipeg Depot - Brady Road Resource Management Facility. address: 1777 Brady Road Hide Map. hours of operation: Winter October 1 - March 31: Mon - Fri 5:30am -6:00pm, Sat - Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm Summer April 1 - September 30: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 8:00pm Dial 311 for more information. Materials Accepted: Show all Fluorescent Lights, Household. Try the Batteries Plus BatteriesPlus - Kingsport for Fluorescent Tubes Recycling Fluorescent Tubes Recycling Kingsport 2003 N. Eastman Road Kingsport, TN 3766 The Bad: Fluorescent tubes & CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury gas (about 4 mg) - which is toxic to our nervous system, lungs and kidneys. So long as bulbs stay intact, the mercury gas is no threat. This means bulbs should be handled properly to avoid breakage. There are some basic safety steps to follow if one is broken. Burnt-out bulbs should not be disposed of in the trash Fluorescent & CFL Light Bulbs at Ace Hardware. < Back / Lighting and Electrical / Light Bulbs / Fluorescent/CFL Bulbs. > Compare. Check Nearby Stores. Check if Ace Delivers to my Address. Delivery distance varies by store. Check to see if you are within this store's delivery area. Street Address, City, State and Zip. Check Address

EZ On The Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot S. EZ On The Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycle Box Holds U. Saved. Save to wishlist. Visit site. $53.16. The Cary Company. 6' And 8' Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drum, Holds 85. 6' And 8' Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drum, Holds 85 Shape: Our fluorescent light collection includes traditional fluorescent tubes, U-bend styles, circline and double circline bulbs. We also carry lights in a selection of diameters, so check the size of your existing bulbs before shopping for a replacement. Glass: Choose from a range of glass types, including T5, T8, T12 and more See Us For Any Light Bulb Made®. See Us For Any. Light Bulb Made. Memphis Light Bulb Depot 1 LLC 2500 Broad Ave. Memphis, TN 38112 Phone: (901) 452-1164 Fax: (901) 327-2198 Toll Free: (800) 315-2852 Toll Free Fax: (800) 711-1903 Location Hours: 7:00am - 5:30pm Mon - Fri; 8:00am - 4:00pm Sat Location Email: LBD1@LightBulbDepot.com Log In/Sign.

Additionally, The Home Depot promotes compact fluorescent light bulbs in its stores. As part of this effort, the company created the largest recycling program in the United States for the bulbs. In March 2013, Home Depot locations in Canada stopped accepting compact fluorescent light bulbs for recycling. Televisio Home Depot announced Tuesday that it will collect compact fluorescent light bulbs and send them off to be recycled. The home-improvement behemoth hopes the new program will keep the bulbs, which. Recycling them is about to get easier. Home Depot, the nation's second-largest retailer, will announce on Tuesday that it will take back old compact fluorescents in all 1,973 of its stores in the United States, creating the nation's most widespread recycling program for the bulbs Compact fluorescent light bulbs • Home Depot • Lowe's Tube type fluorescent bulbs may be recycled at: • Gem City Recycling, Inc. 30 Mario Drive Trotwood, OH 45426 937-603-1239 • Special Waste Systems 849 Scholz Drive Vandalia, OH 45377 937-890-7100.

Light Bulbs (Fluorescent) CFL and fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a hazardous material, and must be disposed of properly. Do NOT place fluorescent bulbs or tubes in your trash or recycling carts. CFL bulbs can be taken to many retail outlets, such as Ace, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Target, and True Value Many hardware supply stores, home depot retailers, and other similar establishments offer in-store recycling. You can give them your used bulbs and they will recycle it for you. The Earth 911 search page allows you to search for such stores in your area Area recycling companies can provide FedEx mail-in programs, on-site pick up or other options for the safe and proper collection and recycling of your lamps. To find a hauler or processor for lamps in your area, search the RecyclingWorks database and contact RecyclingWorks for additional guidance. Intact fluorescent bulbs are handled under the. We support Fluorescent lamp recycling and disposal for the following cities and counties in Utah. Contact us at info@bulbcycle.com or Call us at (858) 412-6536 with any questions regarding recycling disposal of lamps or bulbs in your area. At BulbCycle Light Bulb Recycling and Disposal, we work with government, private companies, hospitals. DuPage Recycling Guide This online recycling information is for items that are not accepted in curbside recycling bins. For information regarding what items are accepted in your curbside recycling, please visit your municipality link on the DuPage Recycling main page. The information is provided as a service to residents and is updated intermittently or when changes are brought to our attention

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Many Home Depot, Lowe's and IKEA stores accept old bulbs, for instance. 3. Mail-In Recycling. If you still don't have a convenient way to recycle light bulbs where you live, there's yet another way, but it could cost you. Companies like Lampmaster Recycling and EZ on the Earth offer light bulb recycling by mail Drop-off facilities accept: Fluorescent light bulbs of all shapes and sizes, including circles, compact fluorescent bulbs, tubes and u-shaped; high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. Hennepin County also accepts broken fluorescent bulbs -- place the broken pieces in a sealed plastic bag first

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Research shows that compact fluorescent bulbs use around 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs. Research also shows that the life of compact fluorescent bulbs (up to 10,000 hours) lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs (up to 1,000 hours). When buying a bulb, the cost ($3-$10 per bulb) may seem high. The EPA mentions recycling prevents the release of mercury into our environment. CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs often break when throw into a dumpster, trash can or compactor, or when they end up in a landfill or incinerator. We collect fluorescent bulbs and tubes during our Residential Household Chemical Waste events Advanced Environmental Recycling Corporation 2591 Mitchell Ave. Allentown, PA 18103 Phone: 866-447-5177 (toll free The Home Depot has a recycling program that accepts mercury-containing light bulbs. There is no charge for the service, and it is available at Home Depots throughout the U.S

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Please email recycle@ecocycle.org or call 303-444-6634 with questions. NOTE: The Resource Central Yard, adjacent to the Eco-Cycle CHaRM, is run by Resource Central and will be observing a different schedule and timeline. Please visit resourcecentral.org for updates. Other News: >> Read our report: The State of Recycling in Colorad Create a plan to recycle fluorescent lamps. Make sure responsible staff know the regulations and good management practices. If you are unsure about what is required of you, contact the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at 503-229-5913. Store used lamps properly. Place them in a cardboard box How to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs For several years, compact fluorescent light bulbs (also known as CFLs) were touted as the best choice for eco-friendly consumers because they are much more energy efficient than typical light bulbs. Home Depot and TrueValue, accept CFLs in certain communities (check with your local store. Drop off up to 10 mercury-containing lights per day at no charge. COVID-19 update: Given the current situation, some recycling locations may be temporarily closed or have reduced hours. If you're planning to visit a depot, we encourage you to contact them directly to confirm hours of operation and safety protocols Recycle them through the City's Household Hazardous Materials Program . Compact fluorescent light bulbs may also be recycled at any local Home Depot or participating ACE Hardware retailer. For more information, call Customer Service at (480) 644-2221. Visit www.earth911.com for alternative recycling options ATLANTA, June 24, 2008 - The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today expanded its long-term commitment to the environment and sustainability by launching a national in-store, consumer compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling program at all 1,973 The Home Depot locations